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<samueldr> I hesitate to link here
<samueldr> since I think something is not totally accounted for
<samueldr> but I have a list of contributors ordered by the count of possibly-direct-to-master commits count
<samueldr> I say something must not be right as it includes names that are not Nixpkgs committers
<samueldr> ooh... staging
<samueldr> I have to fix that, but it will reduce the amount of commits to master possibly by a third!
<samueldr> might not be staging, but rather big diffs that the github API can't cope with
* samueldr sighs
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<endocrimes> cole-h: it got bumped again a few hours later
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<jtojnar> sphalerite: sure, I can shepherd rfcs#0075
<{^_^}> (by doronbehar, 11 weeks ago, open): [RFC 0075]: Declarative wrappers
<eyJhb> in this build it fails to apply a patch for 5.6.16 to 5.6.18, what should be done in such a case? Patch the patch?
<eyJhb> Nvm, it got fixed. Anyone able to start the new queued build?
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<manveru> any ideas why `import (toFile ...)` is not allowed in flakes?
<manveru> or, to be more accurate, `(import (readFile (toFile ./something))` :)
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<Mic92> Ericson2314: do we really want this MMIX architecture?
<Mic92> I see value in the architectures but what is mmix useful for. It does not appear to have any ambitions to be a real target.
<domenkozar[m]> morning
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<ehmry> Mic92: sure, we'll run it in webassembly
<ehmry> seriously though, I don't see a reason to stop adding platforms, and if we did, it would be good to make it possible to define platforms externally
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<roberth> domenkozar: morning! you might be interested in
<{^_^}> #103008 (by roberth, 10 minutes ago, open): ghc*: Increase build timeout to 1 day
<domenkozar[m]> CI seems to be failing
<roberth> oh it does, but that's not the bit that needs attention
<domenkozar[m]> otherwise looks good to me
<ehmry> making nixpkgs useful to researchers is good for us and good for them
<Mic92> ehmry: make it possible to define them externally also sound like a good idea to me
<Mic92> I am also doing research but I am not adding everything I do to nixpkgs if it is not useful for a wider audience.
<ehmry> true
<ehmry> I guess then if we have a small working set of exotic platforms then we have a baseline to test external platform definitions against
<roberth> I should have called this the TimeBomb Bug
<{^_^}> #102946 (by roberth, 18 hours ago, open): tzdata: revert to fat format
<roberth> review very much appreciated
<roberth> dusty unix alert though
<gchristensen> I think those tests are useful to us to see it is packaged correctly
<roberth> the go_boot stuff isn't "production" code though, so it didn't quite feel right to bother the go maintainers with that. Perhaps we should duplicate it and call it go-tzdata-canary?
<roberth> idk how often the tzdata default format changes, but it seems quite rare
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<Ericson2314> Mic92: I would say no but for it using stack gcc newlib binutils etc. That minimizes the footprint. There's still the emulator, but someone might legitamately want that for teaching
<Mic92> Ericson2314: would it not be better than to have a way to define those platforms outside of nixpkgs?
<Mic92> This allows those platform maintainers also to pin nixpkgs and update it in their own speed.
<Mic92> I mean nixpkgs also supported hurd for some time but at some point I removed it again because it was broken and abandoned and it took time to refactor expression because of conditionals based on hurd
<Ericson2314> Mic92: well hurd had a lot more conditionals than this does?
<Ericson2314> (and I don't really seeing them growing since very little software will compile with it?)
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<supersandro2000> > someone might legitamately want that for teaching
<supersandro2000> Who? Is this a real person?
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'someone' at (string):345:1
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<endocrimes> Fix for xorg, annoyingly seems like the aarch64 passthru tests are backed up, but there aren't any for this package:
<{^_^}> #103018 (by endocrimes, 1 hour ago, open): xorg.xf86videointel: Fix build
<gchristensen> it is building both the package and its tests together
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<endocrimes> ahh
<endocrimes> guessing there's just a p big queue then?
<gchristensen> not sure endocrimes maybe ask in #nixos-borg. usually I'd look but I'm pretty out of pocket today
<endocrimes> I'll check back in a bit - about to head into E_TOO_MANY_MEETINGS that are too late for a friday xD
<gchristensen> I hear that
<Mic92> endocrimes: merged
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<endocrimes> Mic92: thanks
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<samueldr> I'll be extremely blunt: I don't like the slow takeover approach from the discord users with the bridge over the IRC channels
<gchristensen> +1
<samueldr> two facets, first the technical side: the bridge sucks... that could be solveable, but is non-issue considering the other facet
<samueldr> which is that... discord is not good to engage with as a proprietary platform
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<ryantm> cc @zimbatm
<hexa-> totally agreed, where is a slow takeover happening?
<gchristensen> #nixos-wiki #nixcon #nix-community
<ryantm> Only places where people have requested a bridge be made: I think nixos-wiki, nixos-java, nix-community nixcon
<samueldr> outside of #nix-community, #nixcon, and recently #nixos-wiki, that I'm aware of
<samueldr> who requested it for #nixos-wiki ?
<ryantm> Maybe we can encourage people on Discord to use Matrix. I've been using Element and Discord in parallel and it is about the same user experience.
<ryantm> samueldr: Hm7 on Discord
<samueldr> hm
<samueldr> (heh)
<ryantm> Scrollback on Element on my phone is much worse than Discord.
<samueldr> it's relatively annoying: my goal is not to cut avenues of communication, but rather as a community to not endorse that kind of platform
<samueldr> if the bridge were individual IRC users being connected, and joining channels, I wouldn't have much of an issue other than the endorsing thing
<samueldr> but the "one user is all users" kind of bridge is a big opaque wall for irc and matrix users
<samueldr> it makes the experience markedly worse
<samueldr> I've been in bigger channels with a bunch of traffic from such bridges and it was hard to bear with on the IRC side
<ryantm> I'm not sure you can have it both ways: not cut communication with people and not endorse other platforms.
<ryantm> Yeah, I agree that the bridge sucks technically. We should look into other options.
<ryantm> There's 258 people online on the Discord server, with 48 people regularly active.
<samueldr> yeah, that's exactly why it's annoying; since you end up cutting an avenue of communication if you don't allow it to be bridged... but they are not two sides of the same coin
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<ryantm> Oh, it's #nixos-jvm not #nixos-java, and also #nixos-ruby is being bridged
<ryantm> If Matrix were the central/official, I suspect the user experience could be better. For example, there is a supposedly a Matrix-Discord bridge that supports "Puppeting"
<ryantm> were the central/official chat platform*
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<ryantm> Thinking about it more, you'd probably have to establish credentials with all the "spokes" to make it work seamlessly, which seems like a big pain.
<ryantm> samueldr: I referenced a link to your logs about your objections to the bridging in the Discord admins chat.
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<ryantm> Rather, the objections, not just yours.
<supersandro2000> ryantm: Only Elements is slower and uses a lot of battery