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<timokau[m]> What's the current status of the transient vm test failures? Last I heard the backdoor revert didn't entirely fix it right? But the test matrices are looking really good right now
<timokau[m]> samueldr^
<ivan> kernel was reverted to 4.14
<timokau[m]> So we found the actual root cause?
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<gchristensen> I thought it was the backdoor? I guess we'll have to wait for samueldr :P
<domenkozar> my backdoors are perfect
<gchristensen> :)
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<samueldr> ivan, timokau[m], kernel 4.14 / 4.19 is unrelated to the backdoor,
<samueldr> I haven't taken a deeper look since the channels *do* advance more frequently recently
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<samueldr> and uh, I'm also out of ideas :/
<samueldr> but last time I looked after removing the backdoor, there still was weird failures with the VMs, like the VMs hanging before the kernel (so no backdoor there) or "hardware" not showing up in the VMs... maybe the backdoor was just exacerbating the issues?
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<simpson> From #nixos: Somebody wants a GCC with Ada support. AFAICT this causes a bootstrapping problem. Has anybody looked into this?
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<simpson> PyPy 7 just came out, and we could have both up-to-date numpy *and* pypyPackages.numpy.
<simpson> Hm. fridh isn't here. Maybe I'll just Do It.
<Profpatsch> backdoor? oO
<gchristensen> Profpatsch: the test infra has a "back door" to control the VM for test purposes
<gchristensen> it is not nice to call it a backdoor, it triggers lots of scared reactions
<Profpatsch> Ah, kk
<simpson> If only English had a name for the opening on the back of a hand puppet where one places the hand.
<gchristensen> what is it?
<simpson> I don't think English has a name for it!
<gchristensen> oh I thought you were making a sly joke
<simpson> Nope, just agreeing with y'all that there's no better word.
<simpson> At least we didn't go the Docker route and call it something bland like 'exec'.
<samueldr> simpson: what would be that name in another language?
<samueldr> might as well borrow it
<samueldr> even if silly like puppetteerhandflappen
<simpson> samueldr: http://vlasisku.lojban.org/glupreselkei is pretty silly indeed, but if we take away -glu- for "glove" and -pre- for "person", then it's just {lo selkei} "the thing that can be played with" or "the plaything".
<gchristensen> we could call it ansible ;)
<Taneb> Hand-hole?
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<gchristensen> X)
<averell> maybe postern is less sinister than backdoor. except nobody uses that word.
<Taneb> Control hatch?
<gchristensen> postern is fun
<Taneb> averell: so it's educational, too! :D
<Profpatsch> simpson: lujvo get silly pretty quickly
<simpson> Profpatsch: I blame the youth of nintadni. I have yet to enter a single lujvo or fu'ivla into the dictionary.
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<Profpatsch> simpson: Once they are in there, can they be revoked again?
<Profpatsch> Because they are technically words which one has to learn by heart, like gismu, right?
<Profpatsch> ehehehe, we should probably take that discussion to query
<Profpatsch> Or #ckule
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<gchristensen> fpletz: ping?
<gchristensen> globin: ping?
<gchristensen> sphalerite: you'll have to rename to a 6 character nickname to follow Mayf~1 rules
<gchristensen> (also, sphalerite ping)
<sphalerite> gchristensen: pong
<gchristensen> sphalerite: can you rustle up fpletz or globin for me please, I have a fairly urgent question
<sphalerite> gchristensen: from an unreliable internet connection
<fpletz> gchristensen: pong :)
<sphalerite> oh lol fpletz was faster
<gchristensen> thanks :)
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