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<clever> samueldr: ive seen 9p and zfs get inodes cross-wired
<clever> samueldr: and ls inside a guest, gives totally different contents from the host
<clever> it even persisted between reboots of the guest
<clever> but not reboots of the host
<samueldr> nice
<drakonis> this is nice.
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<gchristensen> http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/setarch.8.html personality supports arm for limiting to 32b
<samueldr> setarch --list // uname26 linux32 linux64 aarch64
<gchristensen> -B, --32bitLimit the address space to 32 bits to emulate hardware.Supported on ARM and Alpha. Turns on ADDR_LIMIT_32BIT.
<samueldr> setarch linux32 uname -m // armv8l
<samueldr> so I think it's all the drawbacks of 32 bits addressing, without actually being armv7 :/
<samueldr> wonder what it would do to aarch32 builds
<matthewbauer[m]> Oops! I did not mean to push that branch to staging! Is anyone able to reset it? It was suppose to go to my fork's staging!
<matthewbauer[m]> It's not a big deal because we don't have hydra building staging, but that was really a mistake on my part
<gchristensen> like a force push?
<gchristensen> how can we reset it?
<matthewbauer[m]> I dunno... I guess reverting is the best option now? I thought the reset might be okay - it's protected though
<gchristensen> reverts would be very ugly
<matthewbauer[m]> yeah that's what i was thinking
<gchristensen> I'd be +1 for a force push.... imo :) any other opinions
<matthewbauer[m]> last good commit is 2d381653e280c9b4907620b7dfa5e036edd143b7
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<matthewbauer[m]> the ones i pushed are "okay" but not meant for staging until some more testing
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<gchristensen> ok done
<matthewbauer[m]> thanks so much!
<gchristensen> can you make sure to coordinate with https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/53760 which appears to be the only thing targeting staging?
<{^_^}> #53760 (by fpletz, 3 weeks ago, merged): [WIP] Build nixpkgs with gcc 8 by default
<fpletz> oh, hehe. I was wondering why that branch got merged ;)
<matthewbauer[m]> yeah i would reopen it but github doesn't let me
<fpletz> no worries, I'll try... maybe we have to rename that brnach
<matthewbauer[m]> For reference I am using https://github.com/matthewbauer/nixpkgs/commits/mb-staging to coordinate some of the biggish PRs
<matthewbauer[m]> But these are all meant *after* release-19.03
<matthewbauer[m]> I pushed accidentally to staging instead of my staging
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<sphalerite> gchristensen: done
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<domenkozar> thanks!
<Taneb> domenkozar: this is a subjective thing but would an actual strike-out be better than ^W in a rich-text format?
<Taneb> Although I guess samueldr did that
<Taneb> Other than that it looks good to me!
<gchristensen> domenkozar: maybe we could write some more words for some of those
<domenkozar> too late for this time :)
<gchristensen> no worries :)
<domenkozar> Taneb: sure
<domenkozar> gchristensen: I mean you have like 5min if you want to suggest corrections
<domenkozar> can make it 10min :)
<gchristensen> for Contributing to NixOS/Nixpkgs: Matthew Bauer makes great recommendations on non-programming ways you can help make 19.03 the best NixOS release yet.
<gchristensen> f,r NixOS Foundation participating in EU's Next Generation Internet initiative: Grants are available to make your privacy-enhancing or search-and-discovery project.
<gchristensen> for Is NixOS image binary reproducible?: Initial testing shows NixOS's minimal ISO image is already over 98% reproducible, thanks to the great effort of many contributors.
<gchristensen> how about that? :)
<domenkozar> gchristensen++
<{^_^}> gchristensen's karma got increased to 72
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<globin> domenkozar: we should add a section on RFCs (currently open for nominations & new RFCs, FCPs and accepted/rejected RFCs) since last weekly
<globin> and maybe shepherd announcements
<gchristensen> ooh a great idea
<domenkozar> I think that should be produced as part of each meeting
<domenkozar> and then it can also be published on weekly
<gchristensen> +1
<domenkozar> besides other channels
<globin> but then not as a link but the full text :)
<domenkozar> need to write RFC meeting script :)
<domenkozar> (not as in bash)
<domenkozar> globin: unfortunately I don't have time today to collect what RFCs are in what state so we'll have to sort that out for next weekly
<globin> ok :)
<domenkozar> if someone wants to check again :)
<etu> domenkozar++ :)
<{^_^}> domenkozar's karma got increased to 18
<gchristensen> domenkozar++
<{^_^}> domenkozar's karma got increased to 19
<domenkozar> o/
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<Profpatsch> domenkozar: wait a few minutes, the “Mapping a universe” article might need a different description.
<Profpatsch> It’s a bit too long for the newsletter format.
<domenkozar> too late :)
<Profpatsch> Ah crap
<makefu> content for the next newsletter :)
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<gchristensen> any insight in to when the next staging-next merge happens?
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<gchristensen> samueldr: so there is an option to generate "consistent" IDs in DocBook, but imo they're worse than the "idxyyyyyyyyy"s
<gchristensen> they use chapter / section / etc. counters, so it'll be like "" -- stable between two builds of the same sources, not stable between two builds of different sources
<samueldr> though the previous idxyyyyyy were just unstable, right?
<gchristensen> right
<gchristensen> but idxyyyy are easier to find and fix -- I consider unspecified IDs a bug either way
<samueldr> grep + error message after build?
<gchristensen> yeah, could be
<gchristensen> we could also write an auto-id-er xslt program :P adds IDs to elements when the direct child has a <title>
<samueldr> you could
<samueldr> :)
<gchristensen> yeah, exactly, you could
<gchristensen> ;)
* gchristensen runs away
<gchristensen> I know it is ridiculous, but I really wish my job could be "just do whatever feels right to make nixpkgs better every day"
<simpson> Maybe for like a week, sure. Sounds easy to get sick of as a daily task.
<gchristensen> maybe so
<Taneb> It's not something I'd want to do alone
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<gchristensen> layus: you're my hero
<layus> ^^
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<matthewbauer[m]> gchristensen: could you look at this pr: https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/2667
<{^_^}> nix#2667 (by matthewbauer, 1 day ago, open): Add armv6l-linux & armv7l-linux as cross jobs
<matthewbauer[m]> This would build binary tarballs for some not-quite-officially supported systems like armv7 and armv6
<matthewbauer[m]> It's been requested to have an easy way to install for Raspbian in https://discourse.nixos.org/t/how-to-install-nix-package-manager-on-raspbian/2035/11
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<sphalerite> qyliss: qyliss^work: can you make it to the rfc39 meeting today?
* gchristensen hopes and hopes
<gchristensen> matthewbauer[m]: canyou remind me th edifference between armv6 and armv7?
<matthewbauer[m]> armv7 is a subset of armv6 so it's safe to use armv6 binaries on armv7 devices. both are 32 bit arm
<gchristensen> something there must be backwards
<matthewbauer[m]> or superset i mean
<gchristensen> oh ok
<gchristensen> how common is armv7?
<samueldr> very
<gchristensen> oops
<gchristensen> how common is armv6?
<samueldr> armv6 in a much less useful manner
<samueldr> the main armv6 platform you'll see is the still popular and sold raspberry pi 1 and zeroes
<samueldr> if the raspberry pi is not a two or a three, it's armv6
<gchristensen> dangit, the zero too
<samueldr> if it's two, it's armv7; three it's aarch64+aarch32
<samueldr> (where aarch32 means "it's complicated" :))
<gchristensen> so, I haven't looked at the code
<gchristensen> (I will)
<gchristensen> but I'm scared of opening the door and then having a rush of people pushing for armv6/7 in hydra :P
<gchristensen> it'd be a pretty crap experience: get nix, oops, you are immediately doomed to compile a gazillion hours of stuff at 1ghz
<samueldr> I haven't looked much, but this is in the *nix* project, right?
<gchristensen> yes
<gchristensen> in that regard, it might be better to not include it by default, and have extra steps required to get the armv6/7 one, purely as expectation-setting
<samueldr> will this make it implicitly available in the curl-install-script?
<gchristensen> not sure
<samueldr> exactly
<samueldr> like, get it from the hydra page yourself
<gchristensen> "why can't hydra build everything else too?"
<gchristensen> anyway, I'll definitely take a look
<gchristensen> these are my concerns, though
<samueldr> hydra can, the nixos.org instance won't due to Nixpkgs lacking the resources (all kind) to support :p
<gchristensen> aye :)
<gchristensen> sphalerite, ckauhaus: are we going to go ahead w/out qyliss? I really wanted her there, but maybe we can make progress the three of us
<samueldr> additional argument for armv6/7 builds of nix (not nixpkgs): makes it easier for industrious contributors to kickstart a refresh of a community effort-led armv7 improvement :)
<sphalerite> we did reschedule when I was ill
<sphalerite> I suppose the main difference here is that I'm the shepherd leader
<sphalerite> but yeah I'd like to have her there too
<ckauhaus> sphalerite: gchristensen: I think we should do the call anyway
<gchristensen> samueldr: hard to disagree with that
<gchristensen> some special circumstances, I think, are she she had vocal dissenting opinions. up to y'all though, I'm ok with having or not having the meeting
<ckauhaus> no audio...
<sphalerite> ckauhaus: I can hear you fine
<gchristensen> ckauhaus, sphalerite see the meeting chat
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<matthewbauer[m]> yeah, this would not put armv6,7 in the https://nixos.org/nix/install script, but you could get the tarball directly from hydra here: https://hydra.nixos.org/build/88330119
<matthewbauer[m]> replacing x86_64-linux with armv7-linux
<matthewbauer[m]> we could make the install script recognize it, but I would agree that's a little too close to making the support official
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<gchristensen> these RFC shepherd meetings are awesome!
<globin> \o/
<ckauhaus> the process seems to be workable ... a good thing
<ckauhaus> one year ago I'd said that the NixOS project suffers from a lack of decision making
<ckauhaus> but not anymore
<gchristensen> oh man
<gchristensen> ckauhaus: can I quote you on that? :P
<gchristensen> also, see PMs ckauhaus, sphalerite :)
<ckauhaus> sure
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<gchristensen> new r13y.com report just finished up. 98.47% -> 98.55%
<infinisil> gchristensen: It might be interesting to see this number change over previous nixpkgs versions. Or it might not
<gchristensen> for example, how it changed over the last 3 reports I did?
<infinisil> I mean like much older nixpkgs versions, like monthly over the last year
<gchristensen> ah
<gchristensen> could be interesting, for sure
<gchristensen> I think it'd be super duper cool to let people submit their own hashes
<gchristensen> next thing I want to do with it is get it off my laptop. the laptop starts to smell funny about 900 packages in
<infinisil> Heh
<gchristensen> ckauhaus: still here?
<qyliss> Oh no sorry
<qyliss> I didn’t realise we were going today
<gchristensen> we met without you, and didn't come to any conclusions or make any final decisions -- I hope that is okay
<gchristensen> I expect you've received an email from sphalerite with meeting notes?
<qyliss> Last message I received was “works for me” from you
<ckauhaus> re
<ckauhaus> (was afk)
<gchristensen> ah, then I expect he'll be sending notes soon -- I think he went to get dinner
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<qyliss> Could I ask for more than a day of notice next time? (Or did I miss something?)
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<ckauhaus> qyliss: yeah, would probably be better
<ckauhaus> we thought about getting together again next Wednesday 2000 CET
<ckauhaus> would that work for you?
<qyliss> I’m afraid I’ll be giving a talk then
<qyliss> And the following day
<qyliss> Any evening (European time) other than those two would work for me
<ckauhaus> sphalerite is on travel Mon/Tue, I'm on vacation starting at Thu... it's a bit complicated
<ckauhaus> it would be fine for me to finish the shepherding group's task without me and enter the FCP quickly
<qyliss> Is the weekend out?
<qyliss> I could also find time earlier in the day on Wed
<ckauhaus> probably yes as far as it affects me - I'll be on travel
<ckauhaus> but perhaps better meet without me than not meet at all :-)
<gchristensen> I could also do this weekend
<gchristensen> I'm sorry, qyliss, I didn't realize notice was so short
<ckauhaus> I'm quite constrained on Wed afternoon - between 1430 and 1530 CET would be ok, next not before 1900 CET
<ckauhaus> plenty of time in the morning though, but that's not nice for Graham
<gchristensen> I can make anything after 1000UTC
<qyliss> 1430 CET would be perfect for me
<infinisil> gchristensen++ for using UTC
<{^_^}> gchristensen's karma got increased to 73
<gchristensen> or if you want to go the opposite route, I can make anything before 0500UTC
<ckauhaus> seems like you don't need much sleep :)
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<gchristensen> I don't sleep from 0500utc to 1000utc, but they are sufficiently close to my sleep schedule that I can make it if that is the time to do it :)
<gchristensen> (my normal sleep schedule is roughly 0300utc -> 1100utc)
<ckauhaus> anyway, let's see what sphalerite has to offer
<ckauhaus> <- out for today
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ckauhus[afk] is now known as ckauhaus[afk]
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<qyliss> heh, UTC is my local time zone (currently, anyway), and here I was trying to use CET to be accommodating
<infinisil> Ah nice, I'm either UTC+1/UTC+2 (summer/winter time.. not sure which way)
<gchristensen> UTC is life, UTC is love
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