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<matthewbauer[m]> Does anyone know what's going on with the build machines?
<matthewbauer[m]> The mac builds seems to be really slow lately
<gchristensen> yes
<gchristensen> s/UTC/EST/ oops
<gchristensen> apparently, bigmac doesn't have enough build users for its number of cores, and that was bodged on the prior boot. I'll fix it
<gchristensen> ps, it feels crazy good being able to actually conclusively answer that
<simpson> Well done.
<matthewbauer[m]> thanks! that is definitely helpful
<gchristensen> if you notice, do check out the various dashboards there
<gchristensen> if you notice problems*
<gchristensen> a little sad, though, to see the queue not processed so fast :P
<ekleog> Reading https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#sec-overlays-definition I'm wondering… why do we say `callPackage` must come from `super`? Doesn't it take as default dependencies the deps from its parent set, which would mean `{ dep-of-foo = someOverride; foo = super.callPackage ./foo.nix; }` would fail to get the overridden `dep-of-foo`?
<ekleog> guh and nbp isn't there
<gchristensen> new reproducibility data https://r13y.com/
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<gchristensen> let's patch bash to sort globs
<domenkozar> it's not enough
<gchristensen> it isn't
<domenkozar> pretty sure that debian would do that instead of patching 100x of software :)
<gchristensen> just dreading fixing all the things like https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/55296/files
<domenkozar> probably has huge performance impact on some scripts
<domenkozar> gchristensen: let me try fixing ninja
<domenkozar> hmm, what does stat() block size differing mean?
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<Mic92> gchristensen: thanks for the 10.rebuild-linux: 501-1000 label !
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<Mic92> globin: meeting is in 1/2h ?
<domenkozar> today is Wed
<globin> Mic92: tomorrow
<Mic92> globin: mhm. shlevy recently changed it to today
<Mic92> I got an invite via Email
<Mic92> I assume the consense is that we have to tomorrow then. Fine to me
<globin> hmm, afaics all I have is for tomorrow
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<ckauhaus> ...which reminds me that we have still that RFC39 meeting to do
<ckauhaus> is there a new date set?
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<gchristensen> I poked sphalerit / sphalerite earlier today and asked about that
<sphalerite> yeah really sorry about that
<sphalerite> would tomorrow 2000CET work for you?
<sphalerite> qyliss: qyliss^work: ^
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<ckauhaus> Thu 2000 CET would be great for me
<gchristensen> Thu 1900UTC works for me
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<gchristensen> sphalerite: can you send out invites?
<gchristensen> infinisil: I've been considering an experiment of applying all those wacky systemd service security options to my system and "seeing what happens". I figure it is probably a safe system to do it with
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<infinisil> Neat
<infinisil> You probably just have to go through every service and fix what doesn't work
<gchristensen> I also might (if clever sends me a config :P) set it up with disorderfs...
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<clever> gchristensen: got distracted yesterday
<gchristensen> no worries
<arianvp> I see we have job builds for rpm packages and Deb packages for nix
<arianvp> But do we actually publish those anywhere?
<gchristensen> no, I don't think they really work properly
<gchristensen> but nix just got in to debian
<arianvp> \o/
<janneke> congrats!
<gchristensen> thanks, janneke!
<ekleog> \o/
<thoughtpolice> whoa, cool
<thoughtpolice> gchristensen: BTW, I noticed this the other day -- 2.2 enables Linux sandbox by default, right? But it seems the multi-user installer turns that off? Curious, is that just an oversight or intentional?
<gchristensen> I would say that probably isn't intentional, however a good thing for darwin
<LnL> the default in nix itself is only true for linux
<thoughtpolice> Ah right, only daemon mode for Darwin
<matthewbauer[m]> Could anyone on linux look at this error: https://hydra.nixos.org/job/nixpkgs/trunk/thunderbird.x86_64-linux
<matthewbauer[m]> ? That would help with nixpkgs-unstable
<srhb> matthewbauer[m]: Mic92 already identified that. It's llvm + rustc bump
<srhb> There's a patch in staging-next iirc
<Mic92> srhb: it was not me though
<srhb> Oh, sorry!
<matthewbauer[m]> ok nice
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<gchristensen> dang, my efi-image_eltorito reproducibility patch didn't fix i.t
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<gchristensen> new r13y.com report published
<samueldr> gchristensen: http://www.r13y.com/
<gchristensen> lol
<gchristensen> okay, not sure whats up there but I'll fix it up
<samueldr> might be "default vhost"?
<srhb> Maybe we should just revert the rust bump for now.
<srhb> Otherwise unstable channels will all be stuck until staging is merged in.
<gchristensen> how close is staging? :)
<srhb> Checking.
<srhb> staging-next is about 60% and looks reasonable so far..
<srhb> staging is.. wat.
<srhb> :)
* srhb goes to bed instead
<gchristensen> lol
<drakonis> gchristensen: have you dropped that on the reproducible builds irc yet?
<gchristensen> not yet
<gchristensen> have you? :)
<drakonis> i'll do that right now
<gchristensen> cool
<drakonis> it is done
<gchristensen> =)
<drakonis> i feel that it would be much more accurate if the big green letters also mentioned it is just the install iso
<drakonis> i feel cheated now, you're already there
<gchristensen> drakonis: want to send a PR making it clearer?
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<drakonis> where do i fire it to?
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<drakonis> gchristensen: tbf does it make sense to do this change? since there'll be a point that you won't be tracking just the install iso, but the entire package set
<gchristensen> up to you! it might be more honest for now, until it is expanded
<gchristensen> fwiw I did try to be clear about the scope, but the green text does skip it
<drakonis> "x out of y (z%) of the minimal installation image is reproducible"?
<drakonis> paths rather
<gchristensen> sure
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<drakonis> gchristensen: sent in
<samueldr> first time I've heard about virtio-fs; https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/20181210171318.16998-1-vgoyal@redhat.com/
<samueldr> nothing in the logs here
<samueldr> might be interesting to see if it also fits as a 9p replacement for us
<samueldr> >> Virtio-fs is under development and suitable for early benchmarking and testing.