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<ardumont> hello, i'd like to try (well i tried many times already :/) and install nixos on recent odroid-n2 board
<ardumont> i followed the guide https://nixos.wiki/wiki/NixOS_on_ARM with no luck so far
<ardumont> (it's not listed there already so i did not expect miracles heh)
<ardumont> in any case, my understanding of the u-boot bootstrap there (so far) is that it does not support the extlinux.conf yet
<ardumont> it expects somehow a boot.ini describing where to find the initial parts needed to boot
<ardumont> i'm fairly new to this and i'm trying to port it to nixos
<ardumont> each step from easier to hard mentioned failed
<ardumont> the first difficulty (from the first step) is that it's not upstream-uboot which is supported, it's hardkernel (board author) 's fork
<ardumont> and the definition in "current" nixpkgs is not per say overridable (src and patch are kinda hard-coded there)
<ardumont> getting to the point ;) what would be a suitable course of action to try and progress further (assuming there are any interests in this)?
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<THFKA4> seems like your choices would be to either get N2 working with the upstream uboot, or apply the extlinux patch to hardkernel's fork
<samueldr> ugh, BSPs (board support packages) from OEMs are a joke :/
<samueldr> the s992x being extremely recent, but relying on a 2015 era u-boot
<ardumont> ah, so the branch names are really dates
<ardumont> i was wondering
<samueldr> you can use the makefile to know which vintage the u-boot is https://github.com/hardkernel/u-boot/blob/3d9641f2acf212180d11fdc5040b741c8d3af1e3/Makefile#L1-L2
<samueldr> I have never seen that modified by a BSP or vendor
<ardumont> thx
<samueldr> ah, it's recent enough to have the generic bootcm
<samueldr> bootcmd*
<samueldr> though it might be that odroid's build overrides the feature
<samueldr> with that, it should be able to pick up and boot from the extlinux.conf file
<samueldr> (sadly, no uefi since that was ~2017 IIRC)
<samueldr> you could inspect the environment at boot by stopping the boot process
<samueldr> and using `printenv`
<samueldr> there should be a couple variables named like `bootcmd_something`
<samueldr> you could use `run bootcmd_something` to try and boot from that device, though I don't have a N2 around to better help :)
<ardumont> yeah, your code and the supposedly doc entry derived from it helped a bit already (from odroid-c2)
<ardumont> (also the immediate suggestion)
<ardumont> i just groked the 'it might be odroid's build overrides the feature' ;)
<ardumont> i'm not even there
<ardumont> so far, i've played (tried to at least) to make things work with other working distributions's uboot stuff (ubuntu's) and the blinking blue led as feedback
<ardumont> (i've only purchased from a couple hours ago the usb-uart kit to be able to have more feedback ;)
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<THFKA4> you can try diffing the 2015 uboot with the hardkernel for to see what they even changed
<THFKA4> fork*
<samueldr> not much s922x stuff in master, so forward porting the BSP changes could be hard, since it also mean rejuvenating the code so it works with whatever changed
<samueldr> though not impossible
<ardumont> in the very file mentioned by samueldr, there are also commands to scan for extlinux `scan_dev_for_extlinux` or `boot_extlinux`
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<samueldr> yeah, generally you start with `run boot_DEVICE` like `run boot_mmc1` or `boot_usb`
<samueldr> because just `boot_extlinux` won't work since it expects a device set by `boot_DEVICE`
<ardumont> i'm unclear whether those instructions are from the boot.ini or something else though (i need to document myself more)
<ardumont> (from what i already saw in that file, it looks like it)
<ardumont> i keep mentioning that file because that's what the upstream doc mentions https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-n2/software/boot_sequence
<ardumont> (well, not only that but that's what looks like the nearest to what nixos uses)
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<samueldr> cloning their u-boot repo to check, but that's likely to be a custom or semi-custom addition for their needs
<samueldr> or it might be part of the bootloader before u-boot even starts
<samueldr> looks like it is an addition by them
<ardumont> heh lol
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<samueldr> their "ENV_MMC_BOOT_DISTRO" is **not** the generic distro boot from upstream u-boot
<samueldr> so yeah, looks like their default build completely ignores generic distro boot
<samueldr> might be possible to change the previous common file to look more like this https://github.com/hardkernel/u-boot/blob/odroidn2-v2015.01/include/configs/sunxi-common.h#L305
<ardumont> heh, trying to build uboot for now, i'll see how to patch things up after
<ardumont> ~> "nix-build -A pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.ubootOdroidN2" substituting the src from upstream to hardkernel's
<ardumont> as a tryout
<ardumont> which fails naturally
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<ToxicFrog> So, I'm trying to set up nixos on an rpi3b (not b+), and it's not going super well
<ToxicFrog> I dd the install image to an SD card, and it boots up and does the initial partition resize just fine, and if I reboot it at that point it boots back into the installation environment with no fuss.
<ToxicFrog> But once I replace configuration.nix with my own setup and nixos-rebuild, it stops booting entirely.
<ToxicFrog> It finds extlinux.conf and loads the kernel and initrd, but then hangs at "Starting Kernel..."
<ToxicFrog> I'm using HDMI and a USB keyboard (no serial console).
<ToxicFrog> Note that once I nixos-rebuild it stops booting even the original generation that came with the install image, with the same symptoms.
<ToxicFrog> I've checked the extlinux.conf just in case it was somehow clobbering the options for that generation, but it still has the original cmdline and everything.
<ToxicFrog> I've been following the instructions here: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/NixOS_on_ARM/Raspberry_Pi#Raspberry_Pi_3
<THFKA4> what does it say immediately before "Starting Kernel ..."
<THFKA4> it should have three lines from uboot telling you where it's loading fdt, ramdisk, and device tree
<THFKA4> i'm having similar issues on a different board and i think it's because the ramdisk got too big and is trampling over the device tree
<ToxicFrog> I will let you know with my next attempt to boot it!