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<__monty__> W1lkins: Can I take a look at your firefox expression? If I leave out my unpackPhase I get an error "unpacker produced multiple directories."
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<FRidh> darwin stdenv is broken on staging next due to a texinfo change. Could you please tell me whether the following builds? `$ nix build -f https://github.com/FRidh/nixpkgs/archive/texinfo.tar.gz texinfo` Just building `stdenv` would likely be sufficient.
<{^_^}> #97218 (by FRidh, 2 minutes ago, open): Revert "texinfo: patch cross-build in non-interactive build mode"
<infinisil> FRidh: Could possibly use https://nixos.wiki/wiki/OSX-KVM
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<antifuchs> hah, I made a little module that sets up the pinned apps in the Dock in a particular order (which also takes care of pinning the latest versions of app bundles installed by nix); happy to share if anyone is interested - there are a few TODOs but it works remarkably well for me (:
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<antifuchs> one thing that eludes me, how can I define an option (a listOf submodules) that may be defined only once?
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<infinisil> antifuchs: Either `mkOption { readOnly = true; }` or `mkOption { type = types.uniq (types.listOf ..); }`
<antifuchs> oooooh, uniq! Thanks!
<spacekookie> error: opening lock file '/nix/store/vbbaz4fvbiqhynhi3gwxgcwn9k3igkxh-hello-2.10.tar.gz.drv.lock': Permission denied
<spacekookie> I think I broke something in my pretty new install and I'm not sure what. I'm trying to just do a nix-shell -p hello and it's giving me the error:
<clever> spacekookie: what user owns the files in /nix/var/nix/db/ ?
<antifuchs> spacekookie: I’m new to this all but something change about the daemon vs single-user mode?
<spacekookie> I just added myself to the nixbld group and now it works again
<spacekookie> which makes sense. I'm wondering why I wasn't in that group to begin with. Or why it worked before
<clever> spacekookie: never add yourself to the nixbld group, that will forcibly log you out
<abathur> hmm, odd
<abathur> I assume the presence of the nixbld group means it's a daemon install; on single-user I'm used to seeing that error when I or a script or something accidentally runs nix as a root user and leaves root-owned cruft
<abathur> I don't know if/why/how nix-daemon would mess up the store permissions on its own?
<spacekookie> clever: it...didn't?
<clever> spacekookie: when nix decides to start a build, it will pick a random member of nixbld, then kill -9 every pid in that user
<clever> spacekookie: if you happen to be the unlucky winner, your sent back to the login screen
<abathur> <3 clever good to know :)
<{^_^}> clever's karma got increased to 499
<spacekookie> I've been doing a bunch of builds
<spacekookie> so idk
<clever> spacekookie: then youve just been lucky and it hasnt picked your user yet
<clever> or nix-daemon isnt running, so it cant sandbox anything
<abathur> IIRC the default number of nixbld users is 32, so unless you fiddled with that the chance wouldn't be super high per build
<abathur> clever maybe the daemon not running would explain the perms issue in the first place? is it just falling back into single-user mode and then running into perms issues with the root-owned store?
<clever> abathur: and /nix/store might be owned by root:nixbld, yeah
<abathur> I've only run multi-user on a second system that I was using to test out the syspolicyd performance penalty, but I can't readily confirm it behaves like this since that device is currently near-bricked because of a failed install of big-sur until I find time/energy to fix it :[
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<__monty__> Another apple update that requires recovery? Glad I'm stuck on Sierra.
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<antifuchs> infinisil: it's weird - I just tried `readOnly = true;` and that refuses to build because apparently the option gets set multiple times... it's only set once though /:
<antifuchs> if I try to declare it a `uniq` type, I get complaints that options in the submodule (which have `default`s) are unset
<antifuchs> here's how I use it: https://gist.github.com/antifuchs/10138c4d838a63c0a05e725ccd7bccdd#file-dock-nix-L33 (and that's also my dock updater code) (:
<antifuchs> (also, if somebody knows a function to parse file:// URLs in nix derivations, I'm all ears! be great to get rid of that duplication)
<infinisil> antifuchs: default = [ ];
<infinisil> That's a definition
<antifuchs> oh damn
<antifuchs> That makes a whole lot of sense, thanks (:
<antifuchs> updated the gist, and this works. yay!
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