<{^_^}> nix#3984 (by roberth, 6 days ago, merged): never use /var/folders for TMPDIR on darwin (2.3 backport)
<abathur> LnL do you have a straightforward way to build my branch and host the installer as before? No worries if not, but I could use a build if so? :) My main system is single-user and it sounds like I'll need to figure out some other way to run builds to test this since reinstalling as multiuser would be a bit disruptive atm
<abathur> and my big sur system is getting failures downloading xcode CLI tools, so it's gimped at the moment, too :)
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<joebobjoe> hi I installed nix and ranted about it when it broke for the umpteenth time
<joebobjoe> can anyone help me figure out why it's broken?
<joebobjoe> /nix exists but it is empty
<joebobjoe> I tried doing sudo mount -a
<joebobjoe> I get two errors
<joebobjoe> diskutil says my Nix Store is mounted at /Volumes/Nix Store
<joebobjoe> fixed it by reinstalling
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<abathur> meh, got my mojave system set up on nix-daemon and it made it a good bit further, but still fell over in tests/nix-channel.sh
<abathur> but it failed on one of those EOF errors, so I'm hoping they're as non-deterministic as they are in CI and re-building
<antifuchs> hrmp, I fell into a trap with the nix-darwin install process on a new machine: it activated multi-user mode in the default configuration; I thought it would not have any wide-reaching consequences, but that is kinda wide-reaching /:
<abathur> lol, it built; nothing like, "try it again" :)
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<nextloop> Can i somehow achieve emacs-mac-app with nixos? so emacs is bundled as an app and in the proper directory so i have it on the dock?
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<W1lkins> `/usr/libexec/lsd` is constantly running at 100% cpu on my machine, how can I figure out what is causing it? I've tried lsof and some `sudo sample <PID>` things but didn't really see anything noticable
<W1lkins> and has anyone encountered similar when running Applications installed through nix? maybe I'm looking in the wrong place
<antifuchs> nextloop: the emacs package ships a Application/Emacs.app on macOS. I have a little module to set the dock accordingly here: https://gist.github.com/antifuchs/10138c4d838a63c0a05e725ccd7bccdd#file-dock-nix-L33
<__monty__> W1lkins: Can you share your firefox expression?
<W1lkins> __monty__: this is what I'm using right now http://ix.io/2wX0
<__monty__> Hmm, the default unpackPhase gives me "unpacker produced multiple directories." You don't run into this?
<W1lkins> hmm, no I don't
<LnL> oh maybe your issue is that something like cpio or xar isn't in path while undmg is trying to use it?
<__monty__> LnL: Do I need to do more than just have those in buildInputs?
<__monty__> Both seem to be on the PATH.
<LnL> that should be enough, just a thought about the segfault since that expression works
<__monty__> LnL: The default unpackPhase seems to be able to deal with dmgs just fine so maybe I don't need undmg. Problem is the dmg "produces multiple directories." Is there a way to specify a directory to unpack into?
<LnL> that's what the sourceRoot = "." is for
<__monty__> AH! Brilliant!
<LnL> and it's not really the default unpackPhase, adding undmg to the inputs is what adds support for unpacking
<LnL> also if this doesn't segfault anymore we should probably propagate cpio or xar in undmg so it just works
<abathur> LnL Hmm; maybe a better question is whether the process you used to build a tarball still works? I did get multiuser installed on another macbook and did a successful nix-build in the Nix repo, but I'm not sure how to build the darwin release tarball since it looks like release.nix is gone, presumably squashed into flake.nix?
<LnL> oh right, don't think I have since the flake merge
<abathur> hehe
<LnL> I know the useClang flag is gone, but I would assume the rest is there somewhere
<LnL> nix build .#checks.x86_64-darwin.binaryTarball
<LnL> isn't that the thing?
<mjrosenb> __monty__: I mean `open -a Some.app`. Having it installed as a build dependency doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless there's a reasonable way to run it :-p
<__monty__> Maybe you can come up with a shell hook that uses /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -R to register the app with Launch Services?
<__monty__> LnL: Fwiw, when using the default unpackPhase I don't need to include cpio or xar in buildInputs.
<LnL> oh so that already works fine?
<__monty__> LnL: Yep, the only thing I was missing was sourceRoot = ".". Not the most obvious hack from reading the manual.
<LnL> ah cool
<LnL> most archives contain sources in a subirectory like foo-0.1/...
<LnL> so the unpack phase tries to figure out what directory it should enter before starting the build
<LnL> that means with an archive that contains multiple toplevel things you need to specify what the root should be
<abathur> LnL not sure; first adventure with flakes; it starts building when I run that but it also emits warning: unknown setting 'experimental-features'
<W1lkins> __monty__: Yeah I only have cpio and xar in there for pkg downloads that require xar to unpack and gunzip/cpio to turn into an .app
<abathur> LnL I did manage to use `nix flake show .` to get the outline of the flake's outputs, so it seems like I've got flakes set up OK
<abathur> LnL letting it run despite the warning; will report on what happens :)
<LnL> abathur: hmm, are you running unstable or just using the client for flake support
<abathur> I'm invoking it with the unstable because I was hoping it would get me out of fiddling nix.conf, and I just haven't tried the same command in the installed 2.3.7 yet
<LnL> yeah, flakes is client side only so that works fine
<LnL> but he daemon also reads nix.conf so that's where the warning is coming from
<__monty__> Yeah, I understand for an abstracted function. I only needed them when I was explicitly running undmg though.
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