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<manveru> any ideas why a shebang on an executable script would be ignored?
<gchristensen> is the thing in the shebang a script?
<manveru> this file
<manveru> even if i `patchShebangs` it, it still gets invoked with bash when running ./configure
<manveru> (within a mkDerivation)
<gchristensen> is the `ruby` in the PATH a script?
<manveru> yeah
<gchristensen> macOS won't exec a script
<manveru> it's a wrapped executable
<manveru> well, fuck
<gchristensen> you have to do a weird contorted rewrapping
<gchristensen> let me see if I can find how I did it
<gchristensen> I'm just about to go to bed
<manveru> so, i guess we'll have to rewrite the way the bundlerEnv works on darwin...
<manveru> like making a C wrapper instead?
<gchristensen> yeah maybe so :/
<manveru> yeah, that might work for this case
<manveru> but it's not a long-term solution i think
<gchristensen> no
<gchristensen> it isn't
<manveru> anyway, thanks for the help :(
<manveru> will try it
<gchristensen> definitely get L-L's input
<manveru> s/:(/:)
<gchristensen> :) tough to parse, that one
<manveru> not used to the mac keyboard...
<gchristensen> g'nighn!
<manveru> sleep well
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<__monty__> I'm on OSX 10.13 High Sierra is it recommended to use master or should I stick to 19.03?
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<__monty__> Hmm, what order should I tackle this in? Install and setup daemonized nix, install and setup nix-darwin, install and setup home-manager? Or should I install all of them first and only then set them up?
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<__monty__> Should I be doing a single-user or multi-user nix install?
<manveru> hmm, what's the name of the apple ICU package?
<manveru> darwin.ICU i guess
<manveru> that worked, nevermind :)
<manveru> it's really crazy how many things differ between darwin/linux, didn't have to care for so long...
<eraserhd> I have somehow messed up my nix darwin... I can't `darwin-rebuild build`, because: error: opening lock file '/nix/store/8ck04pzap9i35pvwz9pwz25ya1yjfzck-org.nixos.autossh-crunch.plist.drv.lock': Permission denied
<eraserhd> And I can't `sudo darwin-rebuild build` because root's $NIX_PATH is getting cleared?
<clever> eraserhd: sudo -E will preserve env vars
<clever> eraserhd: `NIX_REMOTE=daemon` tells nix to contact nix-daemon, so it wont need sudo
<clever> either one should solve the issue
<eraserhd> Not running the daemon, though I wonder what changed. It look like my local user doesn't have permission to /nix/store
<eraserhd> I was able to `darwin-rebuild build` via `sudo chown jfelice /nix/store`; however, I can't `sudo -E darwin-rebuild switch` because it aborts because `The ~/.nix-defexpr/channels symlink does not point to your user channels.`
<eraserhd> success, no sudo, just chown. Something tried to change the store ownership back to root again.
<clever> eraserhd: if your user lacks access to /nix/store, then you must run nix-daemon to modify the store
<qyliss^work> __monty__: probably single
<qyliss^work> Apple keeps breaking multi-user
<LnL> eraserhd: don't use sudo with single-user, is the system profile owned by root?
<eraserhd> it's been prompting me for sudo password, I think I might have just decided that means I should just run it with sudo.
<eraserhd> but it seems like I don't need that?
<eraserhd> Or maybe I did it by analogy to nixos?
<clever> the installer will run sudo for you, and should not itself be ran as root
<clever> it needs to know which user you normally run as
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<__monty__> qyliss^work: Hmm, ok. Guess I'll look into converting a multi-user install to a single-user install...
<LnL> eraserhd: yeah, it runs the proper parts as root for you
<LnL> but not things like nix-build/nix-env if owned by your user
<LnL> unless there's a bug
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<ris> ahem #62843
<{^_^}> (by risicle, 4 weeks ago, open): clickhouse: enable for darwin
<__monty__> Question, I'm running the installer and customizing the default configuration.nix, however, I want to change environment.darwinConfig, will the installer miss this use the unaltered default configuration.nix?
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<__monty__> I'll be back tomorrow with my questions. nn, all
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