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<pumpy> i got it a little more isolated. when i modify home.nix and run home-manager switch, home-manager is removed from ~/.nix-profile/bin/. is that because my home.nix doesn't have home-manager in it or?
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<KarlJoad> Has anyone else been getting a compilation problem with the message "error: attribute 'formats' missing, at /nix/store/38ccl7w0l7094lvxs6iki2gny6f4l56h-master.tar.gz/modules/programs/pet.nix:9:12"?
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<tristan[m]> Yeah I had the exact same error on my mac at some point but I forgot about it and I can't reproduce anymore.
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<pumpy> got it. guess i needed to add programs.home-manager.enable = true; to my home.nix
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<nicolas[m]> nah that's unrelated
<{^_^}> nix-community/home-manager#1516 (by footearth, 4 weeks ago, open): error: attribute 'formats' missing
<pumpy> my issue nicolas[m]?
<nicolas[m]> Sorry, I meant to reply to Karl
<pumpy> ah
<nicolas[m]> rycee: Would you accept a tree-wide PR replacing `types.attrs` with `types.attrsOf types.anything`?
<nicolas[m]> According to the NixOS manual, `types.attrs` will be deprecated in the future
<nicolas[m]> And there is a lot to gain from it
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<rycee> nicolas: I think most remaining uses are waiting for something like a general mergeable recursive attrs type. But if you can replace some or all of them then that would be great. Make one commit per module.
<nicolas[m]> That's what I had in mind
<infinisil> Actually
<infinisil> These is a usecase of types.attrs that's not covered by types.anything yet
<infinisil> Namely things that shouldn't get evaluated at all, because evaluating it might fail
<infinisil> E.g. boot.kernelPackages
<infinisil> You can't use types.anything for that, because that would strictly evaluate the whole set (well at least down to the packages)
<rycee> I imagine it might be safe for the cases in HM?
<infinisil> So I think there needs to be another type like types.rawValue that explicitly says "I don't even look at the value"
* infinisil looks for types.attrs in HM
<infinisil> For just program config it's perfect
<infinisil> misc/lib.nix is a case where types.anything is not appropriate
<infinisil> All other uses of types.attrs should be replaceable with `types.attrsOf types.anything` though (or something more specific)
<infinisil> nicolas[m]: ^
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<rycee> Great, thanks infinisil :-)
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<pumpy> if i want to install home-manager systemwide can i do that in a file that configuration.nix imports?
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