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<codygman_work> home-manager has been hanging for me after the 'Read them by running the command 'home-manager news'.' message lately. Any idea what's causing this bug? I don't think it's my config, but I'm using this config with the `imports = mylib.loadPrivate...` commented out:
<codygman_work> After I read the messages with `home-manager news` the hanging stopped :D
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<codygman_work> but then I added back my import line and it hangs again :S
<codygman_work> maybe my loadPrivatePersonalOrWorkEnv function is problematic:
<codygman_work> Interesting. When I import a nix file like `{ programs = { vscode = ... } }` home-manager hangs. It doesn't happen with git though, only vscode. If I set vscode.enable = false no hangs are present. That leads me to believe something about the vscode derivation causes this hang.
<codygman_work> I'll just disable vscode for now, hopefully I
<codygman_work> can make a bug report later
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<tristan[m]> Hi, I'm currently running NixOS 20.03 and home-manager on the 20.03 channel. I'd like to use some options that aren't present in the 20.03 channel so I was wondering what would happen to my system if I changed to the home-manager 20.09 or unstable channels while leaving my nixpkgs channel on 20.03.
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<rycee> codygman_work: Your setup is pretty non-standard with importing your own nixpkgs. But generally the imports field is a bit sensitive since it is evaluated quite early and must happen to find the module fix point. So attempting to use config values in the expression assigned to imports will cause an infinite loop. I can't immediately see whether that is what's happening in your case, though.
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<rycee> tristan: Unfortunately, your configuration will most likely not even evaluate is you use HM master or 20.09 on Nixpkgs 20.03.
<rycee> tristan: The most straight forward alternative is to make a fork and cherry-pick the commits you want. It is unlikely that we'll do any major merging into the 20.03 branch at this point.
<tristan[m]> Alright, thanks.
<cyphase> ah, home.file.<name>.recursive can be used to "unpack" a directory of files over the home directory
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