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<iwq> home-manager switch seems to be getting stuck on "Starting: polybar.service", but the application is running fine, has anyone experienced this?
<iwq> nvm, i had to add "&" at the end of my services.polybar.script
<nicolas[m]1> I would edit the systemd service definition instead
<nicolas[m]1> Yeah, the service is marked as `Type = forking` but your polybar stays in the foreground
<nicolas[m]1> As you said, you can either run it in the background or change ` = "simple";`
<nicolas[m]1> Oops I meant `systemd.user.service` (without the "s")
<nicolas[m]1> ``, wow I'll get right eventually
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<leeola> Can anyone point me towards an example of a stripped down Flakes + Home Manager installation, with the NixOS configuration.nix as well? is a great example of Flakes + HM, but i'm still unsure how to install Home Manager via Flakes. Currently i'm running into quite a few conflicts between what seems to be competing installations of Home Manager
<leeola> Eg, if i use that Flakes example i get a system which seems to partially use home-manager. A nixos-rebuild builds `./home.nix` packages correctly, but program configuration doesn't seem to apply. Home manager is also missing from the installation. If i add HM to the configuration.nix packages, it installs but then `home-manager switch` causes the HM path to change, and break
<nicolas[m]1> When using home-manager has a NixOS module you cannot use `home-manager switch`
<nicolas[m]1> as*
<leeola> Ah hah - well that explains one problem haha. Any idea why something like ~/.gitconfig doesn't seem to be written with a `programs.git = {enable= true, userName = "foo"; };`?
<rycee> leeola: Check `.config/git/config`
<leeola> ! awesome, home manager is apparently working. My test was flawed. Appreciate it :) - now i just need to research how to make this singular config work for both mac and linux. Thanks all, progress :)
<nicolas[m]1> Flakes are still experimental with nix-darwin
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<leeola> Based on some searching it looks like `home.file` is the intended solution to put local `source`s into a spot within the home dir; Does `` also work with inputs? Eg cloning a repo and adding that to the home dir at the specified `home.file` location?
<nicolas[m]1> Best way to know is to test?
<leeola> Been trying, though i think i'm missing some NixPill knowledge on how to inherit the inputs. Just wanted to make sure i wasn't entirely off base :)
<nicolas[m]1> Maybe `home.file.source = toString inputs.your-input;` ?
<leeola> I've seen ` = "${someInput}/foo/bar";` but i think i'm not importing the inputs directly. My gut is lack of Nix knowledge. I think this: confirms it should work
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<leeola> Got it - not sure if it's the best way, but i misunderstood how to include arguments into an expression, so i ended up just wrapping the expression. `home.nix` became `{ my_input }: { pkgs, ...}: {}` allowing me to import it and call it with additional args
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