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<adamantium> maybe i need a new pastebin ...
<adamantium> sorry
<adamantium> Do I need to import it some how
<benkolera> How are you running it?
<adamantium> sudo nixos-rebuild switch
<adamantium> also do i need this bit programs.home-manager = { enable = true; path = "…"; }; # I'm not sure what it really does.
<benkolera> Ahh, I see what you are doing. You are building that with the wrong config (the nixos config instead of the home manager config).
<adamantium> (I'm in the process of converting a previously working, non-home-manager setup to using home-manager for things. I'm doing it piece by piece right now...)
<benkolera> is set to this function
<benkolera> The thing that goes in home-manager.users.<username> is a function that is the exact same shape as the non nixos module way of doing things. You don't just put all of your home manager stuff in your top level nixos config. See https://rycee.gitlab.io/home-manager/index.html#sec-install-nixos-module
<adamantium> I'm a slightly lost
<benkolera> If you are lost, I would suggest using the non nixos-module way until you have a bit more familarity with nix. It keeps the two spaces separate and should be easier.
<benkolera> So use home-manager switch and have your home manager config in ~/.config/nixpkgs/ . See https://rycee.gitlab.io/home-manager/index.html#sec-install-standalone
<adamantium> Argh
<adamantium> I really want it all to work with using home-manager switch
<adamantium> without
<adamantium> I just want nixos-rebuild to do everything
<benkolera> Yeah, I get that and that's how I do it, but it's going to be harder without the underlying nix knowledge.
<adamantium> Reading what you put
<adamantium> it sounds like i need to add the home-manager to my nix channels and then imports = [ <home-manager/nixos> ]; in my top level nix
<benkolera> I normally try to argue that people go the simplest way that works for them and refactor later once they are comfy.
<benkolera> That won't fix how you have your nixos config atm. Having the channel should be no different to the git checkout you have.
<adamantium> nix-channel --add https://github.com/rycee/home-manager/archive/master.tar.gz home-manager
<adamantium> ?
<adamantium> Ok...
<adamantium> The thing is I know that I'm close.
<adamantium> I use a modular config already, and have for quite some time
<adamantium> All i'm trying to do, is embed my home-manager setup into my already working setup
<adamantium> And it all seems to work mostly great so far, I've been happy. But you're telling me to stop what i'm doing and go back?
<adamantium> The 'dag' thing is the first issue I had, could indicate further problems?
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<alexarice[m]> anyone know how to allow broken packages in home manager, neither adding to .config/nixpkgs/config.nix or configuration.nix seems to work
<benkolera> alexarice[m]: https://github.com/benkolera/nix/blob/master/home-manager/default.nix#L19 That's the config inside of home manager for that user, which is different from the nixos config.
<alexarice[m]> benkolera: thanks for the help
<benkolera> No worries! :)