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<benkolera> asymmetric: My setup works alright enough for me: https://github.com/benkolera/nix/blob/master/default.nix#L11
<benkolera> You just IFD rather than <home-manager> .
<aveltras> benkolera: you're cloning this repo in your /etc/nixos directory ?
<benkolera> aveltras: I IFD from a git sha in my /etc/nixos/ https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/abynmxcz/
<aveltras> benkolera: i see, thanks for the example repo, will definitly help !
<benkolera> That way I don't need to checkout something to /etc and it means that I have to commit stuff to get it on my system ( i forgot all the time and got mad when i forgot to commit something from work and then didn't have it at home, etc).
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<aveltras> anyone knows how to set gnome background wallpaper with home manager ?
<aveltras> to answer myself, i can be achieved using the dconf.settings attribute
<codedmart> Is home manager intended to be used for all your bashrc settings?
<infinisil> codedmart: You can use it however you like. I use home-manager for all my shell stuff, but you can also not do that
<infinisil> Or you can have part of your config declarative with home-manager, but do a `source ~/.stateful-bashrc` to include a dynamic part in the config you can quickly change