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<shandogs> Hi, I am a new NixOS user and I'm a bit confused about how to use home-manager. When exactly do I run it? After my initial system setup via configuration.nix? Should I create my users in configuration.nix still?
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<benkolera> romanofski is here. Excellent. :D
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<romanofski> benkolera: o/
<benkolera> \o !
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<adamantium> Anyone have a home-manager example of how to symlink some of my dotfiles that are not supported by home-manager?
<adamantium> I'm just looking for the nix to create some symlinks, basically
<benkolera> Ja. It's a bit gross tho. :)
<benkolera> Use an activation script that sets the symlink up. It means that the activation script is fragile because it depends on a file outside the nix store, but you're at least after the last bit. :)
<benkolera> For a precise example, I used to do this to be able to commit my custom.el back to the repo and have it writable: https://github.com/benkolera/nix/commit/b9e774d891c22b18fbf286ee674aee1a669aa70b#diff-18810468db6dd9023ad5f20cb5bd7ae9
<benkolera> adamantium: ^^
<romanofski> benkolera: you aware of a way to "template" some of the dotfiles (meaning that you have access to the home manager config from the dotfile)
<benkolera> You'd build up the string in nix instead. Write the file to the store.
<adamantium> benkolera: thanks
<adamantium> what is home.activation
<adamantium> never mind
<adamantium> I get it.
<adamantium> Thanks!
<adamantium> benkolera: I have http://ix.io/1NJz , the first line is working, but the second part (trying to create my .emacs.d dir before making the symlink as you seem to do...) is giving me the error error: attribute 'dag' missing, at /nix-config/modules/desktop/home.nix:157:35
<adamantium> What is 'dag'?
<benkolera> Directed Acyclic Graph, I'd imagine.
<benkolera> Weird that the lib isn't there.
<adamantium> here's my entire home file im working on