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<gchristensen> looking
<gchristensen> full disk, cleared out some older snapshots
<gchristensen> should be fixed
<cole-h> Confirmed; thanks for the quick fix, Graham.
<gchristensen> in "before" there are snapshots taking up a lot of space called rpool/safe/postgres@2020-02-06T03:40Z which is in a different snapshot format from recent snapshots rpool/safe/postgres@2020-11-15T16:30:00Z -- znapzend only pruned the ones matching the recent name, causing lots of very old data to keep a significant amount of disk space.
<gchristensen> up to 335G free
<gchristensen> just from deleting those very old snaps
<gchristensen> cole-h: can you post this summary to the issue?
<cole-h> Sure thing
<cole-h> Ah, I see. Old snapshots had a different name (time) format than new ones, so znapzend ignored them
<gchristensen> note they appear to be small because the data on them is shared among multiple, and the "disk used" is misledingly calculated
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<roberth> hydra has become unreachable for me. It was there ~15 minutes ago.
<roberth> it works now
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