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<domenkozar[m]> hummm
<domenkozar[m]> I can't login into hydra anymore :o
<cole-h> I can login via Google, FWIW.
<domenkozar[m]> cole-h: could you restart
<cole-h> I don't have restart permissions, sorry :P
<domenkozar[m]> :(
<domenkozar[m]> ah it works in chromium
<domenkozar[m]> but not firefox
<domenkozar[m]> one thing I never understood around hydra is that it shows most mac clients as idle
<domenkozar[m]> shows everything except mac6 as idle
<ikwildrpepper> domenkozar[m]: lemme check if I can kick them
<ikwildrpepper> there's a number of mac's that don't seem to accept the ssh key atm
<ikwildrpepper> gchristensen: was there a way to login to the MacOS VMs on the mac minis, other than ssh?
<gchristensen> ssh + -L port forward + vnc but I forget what port
<ikwildrpepper> thnx
<ikwildrpepper> deploying something to mac2 to debug the issue now
<domenkozar[m]> thanks ikwildrpepper
<domenkozar[m]> I look forward for the Sunday labor bill :D
<ikwildrpepper> domenkozar[m]: given they are pulling power from my house, they better start building soon
<domenkozar[m]> hehe
<domenkozar[m]> yeah big sur is waiting for staging rebuild for about 2 weeks now
<ikwildrpepper> will nix work on big sur?
<ikwildrpepper> didn't they remove the libSystem* libraries from disk?
<domenkozar[m]> yeah
<domenkozar[m]> it already does
<domenkozar[m]> I think the new bootstrap is able to provide some stubs that manage to use the cached versions
<domenkozar[m]> at least that's how I understand it
<ikwildrpepper> I gave up on MacOS already :d
<ikwildrpepper> :D
<ikwildrpepper> (also with the coming ARM stuff)
<domenkozar[m]> heh
<domenkozar[m]> well if you get macs to build again it should start working next week
<domenkozar[m]> installer has already been fixed
<domenkozar[m]> so it just needs nixpkgs staging merge
<MichaelRaskin> Including exemption from having each new binary discussed with an Apple server?
<domenkozar[m]> what's that about?
<MichaelRaskin> I remember the discussion that some configuration magic was needed to avoid waiting for a few seconds for the first run of each new binary while macOS checks with the server that the binary doesn't have its hash in known-malware list
<domenkozar[m]> that doesn't seem like a blocker for big sur support
<MichaelRaskin> True
<ikwildrpepper> domenkozar[m]: looks like the macs were using some old channels somewhre which weren't compatible with nix-darwin
<ikwildrpepper> hopefully have 9 macs up soon
<domenkozar[m]> \o/
<LnL> ikwildrpepper: oh, did I break something?
<ikwildrpepper> LnL: no, I think we were just using an old channel
<ikwildrpepper> it was using 19.09
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<LnL> ah, I removed some old nix 1.x compatibility stuff a while back maybe that caused some problems with releases further back
<ikwildrpepper> domenkozar[m]: looks like mac1/mac9 are still having some issues, will check those on tuesday
<LnL> what release are they using now? I can keep that one in my tests so I have an idea if the infra could be impacted
<ikwildrpepper> also, have an extra macmini laying around here that I can add on tuesday (assuming I have enough power outlets)
<ikwildrpepper> LnL: I moved it to 20.09 now
<ikwildrpepper> nixpkgs-20.09-darwin
* ikwildrpepper thanks gchristensen again for setting up this nixos-macos-vm thing
<cole-h> ikwildrpepper on IRC == rbvermaa on GH?
<cole-h> (Just trying to put names to other names :P)
<ikwildrpepper> cole-h: yep
<domenkozar[m]> ikwildrpepper: thanks! that allowed me to release cachix-0.5.0 :)
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