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<aminechikhaoui> gchristensen and Sorry for taking too long, blame US elections :D
<gchristensen> no blame :)
<gchristensen> no fault
<aminechikhaoui> :-)
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<roberth> staging-20.09 has only 0.03% scheduling shares. I'd expect more for a branch that supports the stable release. What's the reasoning or method behind this?
<gchristensen> after release I think staging isn't used often for 20.09
<roberth> ok, but then the shares simply don't get used, right?
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<roberth> hydra is having trouble connecting to mac5-guest and mac8-guest, causing many aborts
<LnL> almost all of them it looks like: root@mac7-guest root@mac2-guest root@mac5-guest root@mac4-guest root@mac8-guest root@mac3-guest
<roberth> mac6 is still going, building ghc