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<samueldr> oops
<gchristensen> there you go samueldr
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<tilpner> Yay, another #nixos- channel! I'm going to run out of buffers eventually...
<gchristensen> hehe
<tilpner> Did you/Are you going to reroute the alerts here?
<gchristensen> probably should yeah
<tilpner> They could be a little more verbose... I've been meaning to do that for my own alerts
<gchristensen> I don't know how :P
<gchristensen> want to figure it out and send a PR? :D
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<tilpner> There's no trick to figure out, you just... rewrite the formatting part of the script that passes AM messages to your message thing
<tilpner> ._.
<gchristensen> yeah but ... I have other things on my list :x
<tilpner> If I ever do that for my own server, I'll make sure you get the changes. But I probably won't for a while
<tilpner> I just don't like how AM doesn't keep a log of alerts
<gchristensen> thanks :)
<garbas> niksnut: ok here is what i figured out so far. most likely the problem is not with packages|options.json and lack of gzip.
<garbas> the default netligy cache-control header are "max-age=0, must-revalidate, public"
<garbas> which mean all content will be should be cached but also re-validated. the idea behind this is that it tries to serve content in an instant.
<garbas> and this means the same for all the static assets.
<samueldr> nixos-homepage#353?
<garbas> i havent found a clear answer but i think that internal CDN traffic is also counted against this 100GB. few people noted in their discourse that traffic reported came down after a month of usage.
<garbas> samueldr: there was the email from netlify that says we used 50% of the traffic already
<samueldr> oof
<gchristensen> I've talked to Bonsai and they're interested in providing free elasticsearch hostin for us
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<niksnut> garbas: okay, so we should set max-age to a higher value then?
<garbas> niksnut: one solution would be to put cloudflare infront of it
<garbas> kinda like cdn for cdn
<garbas> that just sounds wrong as an idea
<gchristensen> oof
<gchristensen> I feel the real solution is to have a proper search, no?
* garbas hopes the idea is not taken seriusly
<garbas> oh i forgot to mention. since we just spoke with samueldr
<garbas> we will generate options.json and packages.json in mirror-nixos-channel.pl script
<garbas> and upload it to releases.nixos.org
<garbas> then also create a redirect to latest channel in channels.nixos.org
<garbas> like we do for other stuff in channels.n.o
<garbas> then we can stop serving it from netlify
<gchristensen> does that solve the problem?
<garbas> niksnut: gchristensen: ^^^
<gchristensen> (of it being slow)
<garbas> yes, since it is begind cloudflare
<garbas> ups. cloudfront
<gchristensen> hmah
<gchristensen> ah
<tilpner> Someone mentioned it also applies to css files
<tilpner> So just fixing those two paths may not be enough
<gchristensen> it seems to me that is a fine idea, but a proper seearch would be better, no?
<garbas> gchristensen: ofcourse. this is actually a first step towards a proper search
<gchristensen> ah
<garbas> then we injest the json files into elasticsearch and code up the front end
<garbas> inject*
<garbas> but we also solve the problem in the short run at least a bit
<garbas> tilpner: for the css and other css libraries i will try to pull it from other cdn to also reduce bandwidth on netlify
<tilpner> Huh?
<tilpner> What's the point of using netlify then?
<garbas> i should have said that i would first wait to see the impact of packages.json change
<tilpner> Please don't make the user connect to >2 CDNs to load the package search
<garbas> packages.json and options.json will be on s3 ... and website on netlify.
<garbas> tilpner: if you can find a nice static page service that does previews, and supports letsencrypt, has a big enough free account, we can consider moving to it.
<garbas> tilpner: now that we decoupled it from other infrastructure the move should be easy
<gchristensen> what CDNs are you prposing we use? that is what I'm confused about
<samueldr> I don't think the CSS is actually hampered by slowness, we don't have enough data from their network tab screenshot to know what's up with the 1.4 minutes there
<garbas> niksnut: in summary. we'll move packages.json/options.json to releases.nixos.org and then we don't have to serve them from nixos.org (netlify). i think this should be done this way from the start anyway
<gchristensen> it'd be nice to store them with the channel they came from
<samueldr> that's what will happen
<samueldr> the data is going to be as fresh as the channel, and updates the same time
<samueldr> rather than on a cron
<gchristensen> exactly :)
<samueldr> this also removes one of the last bit requiring cron
<gchristensen> I should have said, "it'll"
<samueldr> the last one will be planet
<garbas> +1
<garbas> niksnut: we might need to setup (if not already) cloudfront distribution to compress automatically
<samueldr> we have two choices I guess
<samueldr> pre-gzipping and not
<garbas> if service can handle it i would use the service.
<samueldr> unless it causes issues to compress on the fly like netlify seemingly has
<gchristensen> it is a pretty big difference, why wouldn't we gzip ahead of timte?
<samueldr> I was going to say, the size of the data is non-negligeable
<samueldr> 20x reduction iirc
<garbas> anybody else on webmaster@nixos.org and can check if an email from bonsai.io?
<garbas> arrived
<niksnut> including packages.json/option.json in the release sounds good
<niksnut> btw instead of gzip we could use brotli
<niksnut> that's what we also use for the build logs in cache.nixos.org
<niksnut> it just requires setting the Content-Encoding on the S3 object
<niksnut> quick test: packages-nixos-19.09.json with gzip is 3974377 bytes, with brotli -9 is 2563249 bytes
<samueldr> sounds good to me
<niksnut> and for reference, zstd -19 is 2567286 bytes and much slower