<worldofpeace> ^ mkg20001 so now we have to backport it 😸
<mkg20001> how does that work? release-20.09 pr?
<mkg20001> staging-20.09?
<worldofpeace> git cherry-pick begin_ref^..end_ref on a checked-out branch from release-20.09
<worldofpeace> and pr
<worldofpeace> no staging-20.09 needed because it's not a mass rebuild
<samueldr> cherry-pick -x # or else!
<mkg20001> I did git rebase -i origin/release-20.09 and removed all non-pr commits
<mkg20001> that fine?
<worldofpeace> lol, how could I forget the -x
<worldofpeace> this is a first for me
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: nah, u "need" the "-x". but doing a range cherry-pick make it one command
<mkg20001> ah ok I see it changes the commit
<samueldr> the -x with cherry-pick adds a "git comment" (text to the commit body) explaining which commit it comes from, and AFAIK some commands from git knows about it and can end up doing different things
<samueldr> and, it's also a human thing, where we can see "oh, that's _that_ commit"
<mkg20001> ok, magic applied
<worldofpeace> is ofborg even working at all?
<worldofpeace> I can't even tell anymore
<mkg20001> dunno
<mkg20001> using my machine for testing, "localhost is the new ofborg"
<worldofpeace> yup
<worldofpeace> so I guess just waiting for the checks. mostly to avoid stank looks "who does worldofpeace think they are merging stuff before it's green"
<mkg20001> xD
<worldofpeace> sometime somewhere someone thinks they're going to let me have it "someday"
<mkg20001> omg xD
<mkg20001> what's with ofborg anyways? lack of resources?
<worldofpeace> umm, I think it probably could do with more resources. but currently the main thing is wait_for_ofborg fails when it's pending because of internal ofborg reasons
<mkg20001> "because of internal ofborg reasons" sounds a bit like "because the bot isn't in a good mod right now/hates you in general and decided to randomly fail"
<worldofpeace> lol, that would be the case if it were sentient...
<worldofpeace> I swear I've written lol like 100+ times today. the level cringe
<mkg20001> I love how matrix IRC bridge doesn't work if the chanop is a matrix user and it's actually you but you can't verify it's you..
<worldofpeace> that's kinda weird, what? I guess that's ur situation here
<mkg20001> I'm setting up solar, I'll leave this room IRC controlled for now
<mkg20001> I'm actually there with a sockpuppet that has op
<mkg20001> on my phone it says room is not public.. I've hit the jackpot... but I'd prefer it working
<mkg20001> Currently packaging blueberry for cinnamon https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/97446
<mkg20001> I'm getting (blueberry.py:9081): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 14:51:53.737: Settings schema 'org.blueberry' is not installed
<mkg20001> The schema is in share/gsettings-schemas...
<worldofpeace> I think the postFixup can be dropped entirely. wrapGAppsHook does that automatic
<mkg20001> wondering tho why it doesn't find blueberry schema tho?
<mkg20001> * wondering tho why it doesn't find blueberry schema?
<worldofpeace> I also don't see gtk3 in buildInputs, it should probably be there?
<worldofpeace> I also think u might have an $out/usr from the installPhase, which is probably the issue?
<mkg20001> added
<mkg20001> nope... the mv happens before $out is created so usr becomes $out
<mkg20001> a little known and dirty way of doing it I guess
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: just got word from domenkozar and he wanted me to nominate you in the issue since it's more transparent. But he's still going to add u
<mkg20001> yay
<mkg20001> one step closer to being a demigod
<mkg20001> while we're at bad god jokes.... is there a #nixos-olymp channel for admin discussions? xD
<mkg20001> so I still got the same issue, what do I need to do for it to find the schema?
<worldofpeace> lol, that's in an invite only channel
<mkg20001> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/97446 still has the issue that it can't find schema org.blueberry
<worldofpeace> cool, I can look at them now
<mkg20001> lol, blueberry was already packaged
<mkg20001> I just didn't notice
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: the issue was the schemas weren't being compiled as a part of the build
<mkg20001> should I leave blueberry in tools/bluetooth or move to desktops/cinnamon ?
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: I would just leave it there
<mkg20001> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/83125 mostly works, haven't got another machine to test sharing but app launches and searches for devices
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: can u add glib to buildInputs?
<mkg20001> done
<worldofpeace> u put it native, it seems
<mkg20001> fixed
<mkg20001> when jumping prs the cache for where variables are somtimes doesn't get cleared in the brain :P
<worldofpeace> oh wait, I think xapp is just a python thingy
<mkg20001> gio xapp comes from xapps
<mkg20001> gdk - also need that? or is it part of the other stuff?
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: if u look at ${gtk3.dev}/lib/pkgconfig gdk is one of the libs in gtk
<mkg20001> ok - so pr's good now?
<worldofpeace> neat, just tested it
<mkg20001> ah yeah. when IU first packaged it it was 2
<mkg20001> fixed
<worldofpeace> oh wait, u need strictDeps = false. though it seems to have worked... wonder if that's even an issue anymore
<mkg20001> maybe it's not?
<worldofpeace> I don't recall being pinged on a PR for the fix, so I'd assume not
<mkg20001> hrm..
<mkg20001> the application works so uh..
<mkg20001> idk
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: reviewed
<mkg20001> * fixed
<mkg20001> fixedf
<mkg20001> * fixed
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: we broke eval
<mkg20001> uh oh oof... should be gpl3Plus.. fuck
<worldofpeace> if u push it to that PR I can merge it
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: okay hopefully it's all good now