<mkg20001> requesting re-review/merge https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/86069
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: gotcha
<worldofpeace> I'll look it over, and tbh, if there's anything that needs changed I'll try it myself and push it
<worldofpeace> so u can just have it merged already
<mkg20001> thx 😃
<worldofpeace> np, today was a good day to ask for me 👍️
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: that extra wrapProgram seems to be uneeded now, since I see :/nix/store/6chanalyazpj245z20x0xna53kvwnrg1-cinnamon-screensaver-4.4.0/lib/girepository-1.0 in the wrapper without it. we did a lot of fixing to the hooks recently
<worldofpeace> do u know what provides org.cinnamon.keyboard?
<worldofpeace> * the schema
<mkg20001> cinnamon-settings / cinnamon-control-center
<mkg20001> possibly
<mkg20001> or cinnamon-common (to be packaged)
<worldofpeace> okay, will look.
<mkg20001> worldofpeace: no, it's packaged on mkg20001/nixpkgs branch cinnamon-mess as cinnamon-common
<mkg20001> should I push my current expression to that PR?
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: yep
<mkg20001> ac0a4c3294b it's on the branch, also libcroco needs to be brought back from the dead
<mkg20001> croco is now added aswell at 80e73b8e3e0
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: thx. omg Maciej, I think we talked about cinnamon-common before. Just know I'm shedding a tiny tear 🤣
<mkg20001> "linux mint, brought to you by the people that use 'build.sh' as a build system" 🤣
<worldofpeace> to the point and true. But this makes me scathing as a code style https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon/blob/be7fd9da9173221bd8a6280f7499edd695f03059/files/usr/share/cinnamon/cinnamon-settings/modules/cs_default.py#L7. Like, lol, how will anyone figure out what's going to be used below.
<mkg20001> "which dependency does this project use?" "yes."
<worldofpeace> every comment on youtube ever
<mkg20001> is it so bad with dev tutorials there?
<worldofpeace> perhaps we should send cinnamon a link to one
<mkg20001> xD
<mkg20001> still, it works. sortof. sometimes clipboard copying images doesn't work because idk.. cinnamon?
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: still better than deepin. we had to kill that thing
<mkg20001> holy crap, what was wrong with it?
<worldofpeace> they stopped public dev on all their apps and created a hybrid distro that wasn't opensource!
<mkg20001> tf...
<worldofpeace> granted, the company is in wuhan china.
<worldofpeace> so they made a bunch of decisions once covid was a problem
<worldofpeace> btw, just pushed a fixup commit. the only other thing is getting cinnamon-common good
<mkg20001> <worldofpeace "so they made a bunch of decision"> could also be gag order for backdoors... when people are busy stuff like that gets pushed through - still, were they selling anything before? otherwise that's the worst model for a commercial company...
<mkg20001> <worldofpeace "btw, just pushed a fixup commit."> doesn't have metadata but besides that it has been running well on my laptop
<worldofpeace> <mkg20001 "doesn't have metadata but beside"> I'm just not sure, from the comment, that all those dependencies are needed. especially a few of the python one's
<mkg20001> there's also this issue list in here https://hackmd.io/KMTtYypsQEGUFXZlG7Nxew?both but idea would be to get 2.4 out first, then fix the remaining bugs with the 4.6 upgrade which is going to require testing anyways
<worldofpeace> <mkg20001 "could also be gag order for back"> they had a deal with huawei (speaking of backdoors) for having deepin on hardware. and I think the government also had interest in the distro
<mkg20001> <worldofpeace "I'm just not sure, from the comm"> the problem was that stuff was failing with deps missing - I added some of them to cinnamon-common, but might also be better to add some of those directly to the apps that are needed, they get passed arround via env variables so it's a big mess
<mkg20001> meaning to test some command sepeartly I'd have to do it on a clean vm with just xterm and the cmd, also some stuff isn't testable without the whole session so... ugh..
<worldofpeace> yeah, in the case of stuff not being testable without the whole session is just some of the global impurities.
<mkg20001> pushed metadata for c-common
<worldofpeace> also adding a patch to not use dbus-glib, but it's still sad that it needs dbus when there's gdbus
<mkg20001> what's the difference?
<worldofpeace> see https://developer.gnome.org/gio/stable/ch35.html but essentially it's deprecated and no code should be using the implementation
<worldofpeace> the at a glance difference is gdbus is the implementation in glib
<worldofpeace> it appears it has code to use both dbus and gdbus
<mkg20001> so we could patch it to use the glib one?
<worldofpeace> I don't think we should make any change. it's just an observation. an interesting one, though
<worldofpeace> it appears that cinnamon-screensaver uses gdbus. So I'm going to change that to native since it's needed for some paths in configure.ac (it will be the same one you change to meson build in the future)
<worldofpeace> okay, force pushed to fixup history
<worldofpeace> lol, why do I feel this is as pretty as I can get it.
<mkg20001> been there already - let's see if it get's better with 2.6, the only thing left before the upgrade is the desktop module
<worldofpeace> do you mean cinnamon 4.6?
<mkg20001> yeah
<worldofpeace> oh right. no problem to me. we can iterate since it's not ready and those components aren't being used yet
<mkg20001> if you say the pkgs are good to merge then prob we should do that now and the module in a seperate pr
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: we have a whitespace issue 🙂
<worldofpeace> fixed
<worldofpeace> didn't notice the editorconfig changes
<mkg20001> what changed exactly?
<mkg20001> Ah now whitespace gets auto-validated, thought some codestyle changes
<worldofpeace> lol, remember codestyle changes on a pr-to-pr basis since no one agrees
<mkg20001> codestyl
<mkg20001> codestyle: 'whatever the reviewer says'
<mkg20001> One day prob somebody is going to make an auto-enforced standard and start a flamewar that will last until the end of time...
<worldofpeace> lol, I think nixpkgs-fmt which is zimbatim's thing. He seems to value peace so I hope that could be avoided
<samueldr> there are already two competing formatters :)
<worldofpeace> isn't that nixfmt then?
<samueldr> I don't remember
<samueldr> I also wonder: how come the editorconfig check isn't dogfooding?
<worldofpeace> samueldr: dogfooding in which way exactly?
<samueldr> using a nixpkgs-built editorconfig checker binary
<worldofpeace> yeah, editorconfig-checker. I think from a different PR zowoq said it would be very slow
<samueldr> hm?
<worldofpeace> oops, wait that was a different thing. So I think that is a good question
<samueldr> not saying it should be a nix-built dockerTools, (though it probably should), but at the very least from nixpkgs
<samueldr> (the issue I see with dockerTools is hosting the docker image, I guess)
<samueldr> I guess what you had in mind was: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/87853#issuecomment-628969084
<mkg20001> <samueldr "(the issue I see with dockerTool"> docker hosting could work out with a gitlab mirror for ci which would host it on that repo's registry, unless github also has docker registries now
<samueldr> mkg20001: or let me rephrase: trustable host for the project
<samueldr> it wouldn't be necessarily good to have to use dockerHosting.potato/zowoq/that-docker-image (or whatever format that actually uses)
<samueldr> so ideally it'd have to be something under the umbrella of either nix community or the nixos foundation, and that bring up more work :)
<mkg20001> Gitlab has docker registries under the namespace of the repo, I think github has something like that, too... so it wouldn't be really arbitrary - rebuild job could run via a flow on master
<samueldr> sure, but please understand: that means more work :)
<samueldr> and, more importantly, the "social" kind of work, getting other people involved to get things going
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: okay, I merged the thing
<mkg20001> yay, finally, after 10 months, cinnamon-common has hit master
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: it's a new record on punctuality really
<mkg20001> makes me wonder... how long did the other DEs take?
<worldofpeace> hmm, let me think...
<worldofpeace> pantheon was maybe 6+ months to cook, and when it was merged (in one code bomb monster PR) it cooked some more
<worldofpeace> and from that I learned to tell people to not make code bombs because u can't review it well :D
<worldofpeace> I feel like we're forgot something
<mkg20001> currently I'm rebasing cinnamon-mess, the diff might reveal it
<worldofpeace> oh, it was me somehow related the old spidermonkey mess as the libcroco thing. so no action needed
<mkg20001> I did find stuff I forgot actually. A patch for the arc theme to support cinnamon
<mkg20001> Also now that common is merged and the desktop works, I can finally git prune in peace. Git's already shouting at me for causing a mess..
<worldofpeace> hahaha. I should probably git prune also
<worldofpeace> I just submitted the first review on the module
<worldofpeace> just surface stuff
<mkg20001> <worldofpeace "hahaha. I should probably git pr"> Try git gc --aggressive
<mkg20001> ` [network@cinnamon.org]: Requiring NMA, version none: Typelib file for namespace 'NMA' (any version) not found`
<mkg20001> anyone knows which package provides that?
<worldofpeace> networkmanagerapplet
<worldofpeace> that means something that uses gobject-introspection is wrapped improperly because it's missing nma's typelibs in GI_TYPELIB_PATH mkg20001
<mkg20001> <worldofpeace "networkmanagerapplet"> added from gnome3 no effect - but have to check if common depends or subdependency
<mkg20001> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/97256 also pr now has 4.6
<worldofpeace> I'm not seeing anything packaged that is doing python stuff. so I think this is a gjs application
<mkg20001> correct
<mkg20001> btw, mint-themes / mint-y-icons DON'T EVEN USE TAGS
<mkg20001> result/share/cinnamon/applets/network@cinnamon.org in cinnamon-common
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: I think it's cinnamon-common
<mkg20001> locally I have it added, still crash - the error occurs on startup and is in journal - any cinnamon vm should do
<mkg20001> could that be the cause?
<worldofpeace> oooh, this is a different thing entirely
<mkg20001> what do you mean?
<worldofpeace> I forgot that we now have libnma https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/libnma
<worldofpeace> that is the thing you need ^
<mkg20001> test is running
<mkg20001> let's see
<worldofpeace> also, really nice room photo on matrix. Do u have the source file to send? I'd want to change the team image to this :D
<mkg20001> created in the dirtiest way possible... just draged random images from google
<mkg20001> for nixos just some random t-shirt png, but works anyways :P
<mkg20001> not aligned either
<worldofpeace> lol, I can see at a glance it wasn't very aligned. But it should do
<mkg20001> nma fix works
<mkg20001> I have the module and the updates in one PR, but I guess I should split it
<worldofpeace> well actually, I don't think that's too bad
<worldofpeace> because we're at the point where everything is packaged, but it needs to be verified working with the module
<worldofpeace> so they're like mutually dependent
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: when u start cinnamon does it have proper setting/theme and such?
<mkg20001> on my laptop directly where I have the theme setup I would have to test, but if launching a bare vm it doesn't - you talked about some gsettings override file from suse that we would need to copy and apply
<worldofpeace> oohhh
<mkg20001> you have the link to that file? tried searching the pm but too much stuff
<worldofpeace> currently digging
<worldofpeace> It seems they do a custom branding which won't be much help to us https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/X11:Cinnamon:Factory/cinnamon-branding-openSUSE. I wonder if cinnamon has all of this in their distro definitions
<worldofpeace> these are the files for fedora https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/cinnamon/tree/master
<worldofpeace> no idea what they're doing with polkit-%{name}-authentication-agent-1.desktop as a polkit agent. I think they have one builtin for a while now
<mkg20001> hrm... I'll install cinnamon and see if they have any original overrides anywher
<mkg20001> that's how it looks right now btw, mostly works but it sucks... also should include nixOS background instead of t̴̘̗̳̰̱̰̠h̹̲͖̖͠ͅé̱̮̜ ̞̩̗̟̱̭͔v͓͇̬̭͍o̜͟i̸̖̱d̲͓̩͚͇
<worldofpeace> yeah, I had to dig through a vm for pantheon because sometimes they sneak stuff into debian expressions. I was able to find one of their overrides, but it was seemingly useless with just default favorite apps
<worldofpeace> * yeah, I had to dig through a vm for pantheon because sometimes they sneak stuff into debian expressions.
<worldofpeace> I was able to find one of their overrides (cinnamon's), but it was seemingly useless with just default favorite apps
<mkg20001> btw, have you ever studied the black magic behind ubiquity? if you ever want to see what debian-based building with "let's pull in some source packages from debian and re-package them _partly_" looks like that's a great thing to look at..
<mkg20001> tl;dr it's easier to just port dpkg to nix than to figure out wtf they did
<worldofpeace> hahaha. I think u mentioned that to me once. I don't know what kind of fever dreams inspire that
<worldofpeace> I'm looking at the fedora repo, and it seems they've maintained their own settings since the beginning of time
<mkg20001> curl -L termbin.com/35td | base64 -d | tar xvz
<worldofpeace> So I have no idea how linuxmint has their own settings anywhere. We might have to go to a dev channel and ask someone, or maybe this patch is the secret sauce https://gitlab.manjaro.org/packages/community/cinnamon/cinnamon/-/blob/master/default-theme.patch
<mkg20001> termbin.com/qefd
<mkg20001> the packages each schema belongs to
<worldofpeace> hmm
<worldofpeace> dear lord don't tell me they patch gsettings-desktop-schemas
<worldofpeace> So none of these files seem to be on github... is github a mirror?
<mkg20001> idk, currently apt sourcing mint-artwork to get source location from metadata
<worldofpeace> ah, they have a ppa!
<mkg20001> sorta, not a launchpad one at least. in sources.list they have their own. I deb-src'd that
<mkg20001> sadly network driver is retarded so it only moves at 50kbps
<worldofpeace> hmm, a lot of what's on launchpad seem to just be git imports
<worldofpeace> but oh, that's just the daily one
<mkg20001> do you have the link for the ppa?
<worldofpeace> I looked through it and it was just imports from github
<worldofpeace> kinda looking if there's a super secret package in http://packages.linuxmint.com/list-src.php?release=Ulyana
<mkg20001> where's mint-artwork from
<mkg20001> because that has the override that makes it look good
<worldofpeace> I don't see an upstream to that
<worldofpeace> 😟 I'm not sure if that's something out of line with gpl
<mkg20001> it's the thing we need, technically tho they are publishing sources and we can pull them (look at dpkg pkg)
<mkg20001> one filename, 3 things wrong with that `mint-artwork/usr/share/cinnamon/search_providers/yahoo@linuxmint.com/search_provider.js`
<mkg20001> <mkg20001 "one filename, 3 things wrong wit"> - why tf is a SEARCH PROVIDER in ARTWORK
<mkg20001> oh and it also contains binaries `mint-artwork/usr/bin/Thunar-daemon`
<mkg20001> tell me... am I in hell?
<worldofpeace> possibly, and adding a yahoo search provider in such a secret way is like that shady thing with amazon on ubuntu that people hated for years
<mkg20001> Sep 06 01:43:59 nixos kernel: .cinnamon-wrapp[1071]: segfault at 7fe06d2e6e28 ip 00007fe05375d21d sp 00007ffe56465eb8 error 6 in libc-2.31.so[7fe053626000+144000]
<mkg20001> Sep 06 01:43:59 nixos kernel: Code: 0f 82 27 c9 fa ff 0f 1f 80 00 00 00 00 48 89 f8 48 83 fa 20 72 49 48 83 fa 40 0f 87 9f 00 00 00 c5 fe 6f 06 c5 fe 6f 4c 16 e0 <c5> fe 7f 07 c5 fe 7f 4c 17 e0 c5 f8 77 c3 48 3b 15 e6 50 06 00 0f
<mkg20001> when adding mint-artwork overrides
<mkg20001> <mkg20001 "tell me... am I in hell?"> no doubts left
<mkg20001> pushed a commit to add artwork
<mkg20001> artwork references non-existing background image
<mkg20001> in override
<mkg20001> ah lol just had old version of schema
<worldofpeace> mkg20001: so I think with https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/97256/files#diff-85713d3c3e31a7a8a7b7c8b0048010b8R9, whatever is referenced inside the override will need the package the provides the schema when complied
<worldofpeace> this is what I do for pantheon, which is split it out of the module https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/pkgs/desktops/pantheon/desktop/elementary-gsettings-schemas/default.nix
<mkg20001> NIX_GSETTINGS_OVERRIDES_DIR sounds custom, do I need to patch cinnamon for this?
<worldofpeace> nope, it's patched all the way down into glib
<worldofpeace> schema-override-variable.patch
<mkg20001> ah ok
<mkg20001> pantheons config is so awesome. readable, structured, has a bunch of core features enabled I didn't even know existed (vte integration)
<worldofpeace> aww thanks. I got gnome3`s module to be very structured as well. on that note. u will need to add gnome-terminal into cinnamon. I think there's an override too?
<mkg20001> yes
<mkg20001> there's an override for everything (still looking for sleep.gschema.override though)