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<ldlework> I updated emacs and I get,
<ldlework> Anyone know what's happening here?
<aterius> Are you still using a LIBRARY_PATH wrapper?
<aterius> You don't need to do that anymore for native compilation
<ldlework> aterius: I am using latest commit on emacs overlay and just installing emacsGCC
<ldlework> aterius: what do you mean?
<aterius> Oh for awhile for native compilation we had to use a library_path wrapper, but (I think it was antifuchs?) changed it to inject the libraries directly with libgccjit see here:
<aterius> (it affected the build process for everything
<aterius> but that library_path reference stuck out to me
<ldlework> aterius: so i updated the overlay to the latest github commit, and rebuilt, do i need to do anything else?
<ldlework> there do seem to be some LIBRARY_PATH mentions in the emacs stacktraces
<aterius> What nixpkgs checkout are you using?
<aterius> The overlay uses a lot of the nixpkgs infra
<ldlework> I am using a channel, and I forgot how to check what commit it is on
<ldlework> 20.09pre239318.c59ea8b8a0e ?
<adisbladis> That's probably it then
<adisbladis> We've not backported any of the emacsGcc changes to 20.09 iirc
<adisbladis> It's just too much work for a moving target
<ldlework> adisbladis: oh so I'm like behind and need to upgrade my whole system
<ldlework> makes sense, thanks for the information you two, much appreciated
<aterius> FWIW I keep all of the nix-community overlays on their own channel (nixos-unstable)
<aterius> All of my system packages are from either nixos's last release, or nixpkgs-unstable
<ldlework> My system is on nixos-unstable
<ldlework> I don't really understand nixos's channel stuff
<ldlework> I went to read about it once, and the text started explaining how the release process actually works and my eyes glazed over.
<ldlework> I'll try again.
<adisbladis> ldlework: Protip: Stop using channels
<adisbladis> Much less confusion like that
<ldlework> adisbladis: is there a good guide on the user-story for not using channels
<adisbladis> ldlework: Not that I know of
<adisbladis> But tbh, you barely need one
<ldlework> should be easy to write then
<ldlework> :P
<adisbladis> I have a nixpkgs git checkout and point NIX_PATH to it
<adisbladis> That's it
<ldlework> yes, but how do you bootstrap that
<qyliss> there are several
<qyliss> several user stories, that is
<qyliss> not several guides
<aterius> I should clarify I don't actually use channels, I use a system flake
<qyliss> ldlework: git clone?
<qyliss> if I'm understanding correctly
<qyliss> the installer has git in it
<aterius> And I maintain a fork of personal emacs-overlay where I bundle a nixpkgs version with the flake
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<ldlework> I don't understand flakes either.
<rajivr> When I was learning Nix, channels was very confusing to me as well. By accident, I stumbled upon which helped me understand how channel pinning works. Now I use flakes.
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<maddo> hello, I've been having problems with emacsGcc, basically it fails to compile on my machine (overlay via home-manager), I'm using a few epkgs, can that be related?
<selfsymmetric-mu> maddo: I'm not sure in your case, but I know that twice emacsGcc failed to build on my machine. I just fell back to emacsUnstable for a few days and then switched back.
<maddo> will try, btw is there a way to use telega? TDlib is outdated on 20.09, added the unstable channel and tried using to install but it still seems to be the old version
<selfsymmetric-mu> maddo: I think I may have made a ticket for that, actually...
<selfsymmetric-mu> maddo: Oh I fixed it:
<{^_^}> #101948 (by matthew-piziak, 10 weeks ago, merged): tdlib: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.9
<selfsymmetric-mu> hahahaha
<selfsymmetric-mu> Unstable didn't work? Maybe I messed it up…
<maddo> there is now 1.7.0 and it's required by new telega
<selfsymmetric-mu> Oh okay they're fast. :/
<maddo> thankfully, it seems the author intends to backport telega to work in 1.7.0 till 1.8.0 is released
<selfsymmetric-mu> You can copy this PR if you'd like to try updating:
<{^_^}> #101948 (by matthew-piziak, 10 weeks ago, merged): tdlib: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.9
<maddo> yeah, used to up the requirement every update or so
<maddo> fairly annoying tbh
<selfsymmetric-mu> Yeah, definitely.
<selfsymmetric-mu> Hope this makes sense:
<selfsymmetric-mu> Change unstable-2020-10-25 to unstable-2021-01-12, and rev to the latest tdlib revision hash. Then the sha should fail and tell you the correct one. Copy-paste that in and it should be done.
<selfsymmetric-mu> But yeah…I might if it keeps updating like this then it's not exactly sustainable, right?
<maddo> master is at 1.7.0, telega's author told that future telega versions will b backported to work on 1.7.0 till new tagged version is out on github
<selfsymmetric-mu> Ohhhhhhhh
<selfsymmetric-mu> Okay that's great to hear!
<maddo> added the channel, used unstable.tdlib in envirorment packages in configuration.nix and I still seem to have the old version
<selfsymmetric-mu> In the time it took me to fix it I decided to stay with Signal, but it's so nice to know that it will be more of an option in the future.
<maddo> I want to use signal as well but guess what, nobody in my circle uses it
<maddo> I either need a better circle or I should just not care ;;
<selfsymmetric-mu> You might try recommending it to people. You could be surprised.
<selfsymmetric-mu> I mean I didn't think I had any kind of sway there, but my texts now are 96% Signal.
<selfsymmetric-mu> I gently badgered people to move our group chats over, and here we are.
<maddo> brb gonna try
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<aterius> ldlework: Here are my dotfiles. I think they're fairly readable.
<ldlework> thanks
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