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<adisbladis> dash: You're gonna have to specify the overlay in that incantation too
<adisbladis> nix-env -iE "with import <nixpkgs> { overlays = [ (import /path/to/overlay) ]; }; emacsPgtkGcc.pkgs.withPackages(epkgs: [ epkgs.vterm ])"
<adisbladis> But really, once you start doing anything remotely interesting I think nix-env falls apart completely
<adisbladis> It was clearly not meant for installing arbitrary expressions
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<etu> Bit of an odd question, I have pgtk emacs compiled and installed, works fine. Is there a flag I can set to get it to *not* run in wayland but in X11 :D
<etu> ?
<qyliss> good question!
<qyliss> surprisingly it seems to run in Wayland for me even if I unset WAYLAND_DISPLAY
<etu> The usecase is... I have an ultrawide screen, and I have working screensharing in chrome, but full screen sharing is *useless* on ultrawide because nobody can see anything.
<etu> But chrome runs in Xwayland, and it seems to be able to share other Xwayland programs
<qyliss> I think we have a Chromium with Wayland patches, if that helps?
<qyliss> idk if it'll support Wayland screensharing
<etu> On tuesday we have a conference at work where I'm supposed to present some slides. And I want to share a PDF that looks fullscreen enough
<etu> So I was thinking to use Emacs as PDF reader and just share Emacs, since I've hidden all menu bars and such
<qyliss> ah actually that might be the default in chromium now
<etu> Currently I have the google version installed because at some point it worked better with google meet for me. That one has pipewire as a flag and has been able to screenshare for me. But now it can only share a tab or other xwayland programs.
<etu> I could just nix-shell an emacs and run that...
<qyliss> GDK_BACKEND=x11 just completely breaks pgtk emacs for me
<etu> yeah, I've tried that as well.
<etu> Nix-shelling an emacs doesn't give me pdf utils... hm
<etu> maybe I'll just change the emacs package in my config and "nixos-rebuild test" and launch it then revert the config changes :p Then I have one instance of x11 emacs.
<etu> Ok, that works, I can build my system with an x11 emacs, start that, share that, that'll do on presentation day on tuesday, no need to stress out about this anymore :D
<etu> This is the downside with a ultrawide monitor I guess.
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