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<pushqrdx> hey there
<pushqrdx> few month ago i switched from macOS to linux because i have been wanting to use emacs for so long but on macOS it was just unusably slow for me, but i learned about the native compilation feature and someone said that on linux emacs doesn't suffer from all this slowness
<pushqrdx> and with the native compilation it became even faster
<pushqrdx> fast forward few month, i am now on nixos and finally at a state where i can tinker with switching from vim to emacs
<pushqrdx> but i want some help as i have specific needs
<pushqrdx> i want emacs 27 or 28 with gtk3, x11, native compilation, libjansson, and light weight lsp configuration for c/c++/web, i wonder if someone has this exact setup and can save me some time :D
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<pushqrdx> ah, and the doom ui (theme and statusbar)
<pushqrdx> with evil mode
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