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<Mic92> FRidh: how do we normalize pypi names, should it be tensorboardX or tensorboardx ?
<Mic92> Ah. found it. lowercase
<FRidh> latter
<ckauhaus> does anyone know why python3Packages.zodb is marked as broken?
<ckauhaus> I don't see build failures
<ckauhaus> (20.03 - master is different)
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<Mic92> ckauhaus: might have been fixed due to dependency updates.
<ckauhaus> yes, it is only in 20.03
<Mic92> Just sent a pull request to mark it not as broken than.
<ckauhaus> I'd like to backport the upcoming vulnix release to 20.03
<ckauhaus> yes, I'll check that out
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<manveru> niksnut: what do you think about changing the `<spath>` behavior within flakes to reference `self.inputs.<spath>` so you don't have to pass it around everywhere?
<manveru> right now that syntax seems pretty useless with flakes...
<manveru> not sure if that's technically feasible or you want to phase out that syntax altogether anyway
<Valodim> that sounds like a very confusing kind of syntax sugar
<manveru> at least it's simpler than what it currently does :P
<Valodim> "in *most* kinds of .nix files, that's syntax for resolving paths via channels, but in *those* kinds of .nix files, this syntax is only a shorthand for this slightly longer expression"
<manveru> outside flakes it does a lot more than resolving channels...
<Valodim> s/channels/NIX_PATH/ :)
<manveru> yeah, and NIX_PATH is no more
<manveru> so i find it suitable to provide equivalent functionality within flakes :)
<Valodim> well, it's going to be around for a couple years still
<manveru> well, then it should at least be a syntax error...
<manveru> right now it's syntax you can write, but never use
<Valodim> an error saying that that syntax can't be used in flakes (ideally pointing to a longer explanation why) is a good idea for sure
<ma27[m]> manveru: is it stated that somewhere that this will be dropped? What about non-flake setups?
<manveru> ma27[m]: i meant that NIX_PATH has no power over flakes, so it's kinda dead for me...
<Valodim> I wouldn't technically call it a syntax error though, unless flakes officially don't use regular nix syntax but a special version (which I don't think is the case?)
<manveru> no, it's not a syntax error, but uses the old code paths, which try finding an environment variable that can't exist
<manveru> given that no environment variables get passed into flakes
<ma27[m]> yes, but if you don't use flakes, the usage of NIX_PATH is still fine (even if `flakes` gets merged to master and will appear in a stable release)
<manveru> yes, i'm arguing for a change for stuff within flakes, not outside :)
<manveru> they're two pretty distinct worlds
<ma27[m]> speaking of which, can someone take a look at ? :)
<{^_^}> nix#3764 (by Ma27, 13 hours ago, open): Fix segfault if a file from an invalid searchpath-entry is attempted to get built
<niksnut> manveru: interesting idea but not so easy to implement
<ma27[m]> I'm aware of that. But this almost sounds like different syntax variants for flakes vs non-flakes
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<domenkozar[m]> I've made an attempt to save /r/nixos
<gchristensen> oh awesome thank you domenkozar[m]
<etu> ✨ domenkozar[m]
<{^_^}> domenkozar[m]'s karma got increased to 26
<gchristensen> domenkozar[m]: trying to help via the twitters too
<domenkozar[m]> it seems like @reddit is not responding to public tweets
<domenkozar[m]> but let's try everything :)
<gchristensen> yeah
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<domenkozar[m]> ah
<domenkozar[m]> oh well :D
<domenkozar[m]> I see they require 60 days without mods, so we have ~10 to go
<domenkozar[m]> yeah losing 5k subscribers is where most of the work is
<Valodim> it's ridiculous that this is even an issue. reddit doesn't respect official requests from projects to recover officially-named subreddits?
<infinisil> Well I hope they do
<infinisil> And expect them to
<FRidh> infinisil: once you suggested using makeScope. How well does overrideScope' work when having several overlays? Does it consider and extend each of the overrides?
<infinisil> FRidh: Afaik .overrideScopes just appends another overlay, it doesn't clear anything
<infinisil> Yeah
<infinisil> (not sure what you mean by "extend each of the overrides" though)
<FRidh> I meant that one can apply overrides sequentially, and not just applying the final set of overrides.
<infinisil> FRidh: I think that's always the case
<infinisil> (foo.override (...)).override (...)
<infinisil> FRidh: Ah I think you might be asking about e.g. pythonPackages.override (old: { packageOverrides = ...; })
<infinisil> Which unless you use `lib.combineExtensions old.packageOverrides (self: super: ...)` would only use the last packageOverrides
<infinisil> But if you use makeScope, you don't need to use .override packageOverrides, but can instead do `.overrideScope (self: super: ...)`
<infinisil> So `pythonPackages.override (old: { packageOverrides = lib.composeExtensions old.packageOverrides (self: super: ...); })` becomes `pythonPackages.overrideScope (self: super: ...)`
<FRidh> The question was confusing. Basically, what I'm concluding now is that overrideScope' works great if you want to extend the package set for a single version, but does not help if you want to modify all python sets. I'm inclined now to add a pythonPackagesOverrides = [ (self: super: {}) ]; to all-packages.nix. Still, I would prefer if we have an RFC on this topic in general.
<infinisil> Isn't your about something like this?
<{^_^}> rfcs#67 (by FRidh, 14 weeks ago, open): [RFC 0067] Common override interface
<FRidh> I kept package sets out of that
<FRidh> That would increase the scope significantly.
<infinisil> I think we might have to include this, because otherwise we end up having to bolt whatever we need to make package sets works to the solution we end up with
<FRidh> it's just annoying that every package set does this differnetly because there are no guidelines whatsoever
<infinisil> But also many are hard to override
<infinisil> Very convoluted
<FRidh> which is probably because many (including myself) don't know well how to implement such feature.
<infinisil> I have thought about this for a bit, I'd be interested to attempt this
<FRidh> with package sets it is imporant to consider the different types of sets though, e.g. packages versus plugins, and whether the set should contain only the selected packages (e.g. python) or should be an overridden version of another set (e.g. qt)
<infinisil> The qt thing of essentially using `pkgs // pkgs.qt` as the argument feels very bloated to me
<infinisil> Wouldn't mind replacing this with something else
<infinisil> The whole pkgs set is very bloated too anyways, I think a good solution would also not expose different versions of packages as top-level attributes
<FRidh> Aside from the fact we try to avoid multiple versions, where would you keep those versions if you do not expose them in the top-level?
<infinisil> One way is to expose them as passthru attributes of the main version. E.g. pkgs.linuxPackages.version."4.8"
<FRidh> That's a way. I don't think this really is such a big problem, considering the huge amount of packages there are already, although some structure wouldn't hurt
<infinisil> Another would be to have `pkgs.versioned.linuxPackages."4.8"`, and `pkgs.linuxPackages` just being an alias to that. Then you could have all specific versions in pkgs.versioned, but also default ones in pkgs.*
<{^_^}> karelzak/util-linux#1081 (by smcv, 1 day ago, open): enabling libcryptsetup dependency (for verity) causes conflicts with other libraries
<adisbladis> infinisil: I tried to message the /r/nixos mods multiple times -.-
<adisbladis> One of them even posted a few times after my contact attempts
<abathur> anyone have strong opinions on the right place to discuss the future of travis-ci support?
<adisbladis> ajs124: I saw, that's why I commented.
<ajs124> Yeah, it's pretty annoying. The seem to have turned of submissions a few weeks ago, but not been active in any other way and ignoring messages and requests -.-
<ajs124> Why would you do that? Just hand it over, it's not high traffic, there are enough people that would mod it.
<FRidh> abathur: no strong opinion, but discourse likely reaches the people you need to reach
<Profpatsch> For backports, do I ping the release manager of that release?
<ma27[m]> Profpatsch: usually not unless you're unsure if a backport is sensible. Also, we have @nixos/backports (or something like this to ping)
<Profpatsch> It’s a nonbreaking release of lorri that people will want to have on 20.03
<Profpatsch> Although I’m not entirely sure if that’s against policy
<Profpatsch> The nixpkgs manual is not really specific about what the backporting policy is
<ma27[m]> I'd say it's fine then, it's a leaf package in the end, right?
<adisbladis> We don't even have a backporting policy?
<Profpatsch> I guess
<Profpatsch> yeah, leaf and dev tool at that
<adisbladis> Profpatsch: You're the maintainer, so I think it's at your discretion
<Profpatsch> cool
<ma27[m]> I fully agree with adisbladis , a maintainer usually knows the package best (especially since Profpatsch is the author here :))
<worldofpeace> hmm
<worldofpeace> the discretion of the release manager seemed to be customary during beta and final release, I'd think the same during the rest of the lifetime of the release. but tbh that doesn't scale well at all
<worldofpeace> since it's a leaf thingy, I think it would be fine
<Profpatsch> worldofpeace: I like the idea of the @nixos/backports team
<qyliss> Yeah I'd always defer to RM
<Profpatsch> Should we put it in the manual?
<worldofpeace> and as adisbladis said, if you're like the maintainer, and at times, if you're like a maintainer of a whole ecosystem, I don't think many people are going to be able to audit better than you. (especially since we don't really have a backports policy, but rather a backports word of mouth best practices)
<worldofpeace> Profpatsch: I might have wrote something in the updated RM docs, can't remember (there could actually be something in there, though I haven't memorized it yet)
<worldofpeace> and also in the case of @nixos/backports team, the scope of it really isn't so clear, and I also happen to be on that also 😸
<worldofpeace> releases.xml "decide which bug fixes, features, etc… get backported after a release"
<ma27[m]> worldofpeace: does that scale though? I think that especially for low-risk packages it's fine if the maintainer themselves takes care of it.
<worldofpeace> ma27: "the discretion of the release manager seemed to be customary during beta and final release, I'd think the same during the rest of the lifetime of the release. but tbh that doesn't scale well at all"
<worldofpeace> I think that's what has been going on tbh
<worldofpeace> I will say, for any PR labeled [20.03] I've been sorting through them
<worldofpeace> so yeah, not enough rm to go around for that obviously, else we'd have patches for security not get merged timely
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<aszlig> oh geesh, this dns thingy is opening up a can of worms...
<aszlig> does *anyone* think *any* of these approaches here is a good idea?
<gchristensen> aszlig: since serial is inherently stateful, no
<gchristensen> serial should be calculated by something outside of nix
<aszlig> gchristensen: yah, that's why there is autoSerial and a way to add a custom command to calculate
<aszlig> if you even need them to change, i leave them at 0 for all deployments
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<gchristensen> I think the code there isn't so bad, though maybe not my taste
<aszlig> gchristensen: which code?
<gchristensen> the abstraction
<niksnut> good use case for turning into a flake
<niksnut> then we don't have to agree on whether it's a good idea
<gchristensen> yeah!
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<aszlig> well, sure, that's why i never contributed my implementation
<gchristensen> aszlig: I really appreciate how clear and direct your comment is
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<aszlig> gchristensen: well, i've had exactly those kind of reviews several times, where nobody actually said it clear enough and people tend to somewhat "silently" be against it
<gchristensen> right
<aszlig> but maybe it's just me who is unable to parse the meaning of people's sentences
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<c00w> Anyone know what the current status with SRI hashes is?
<c00w> It looks like we have support - should all the hashes in nixpkgs be rewritten?
<c00w> Should new hashes only be allowed if they're in the new format?
<c00w> Should nixpkgs-updater be taught to use SRI hashes?
<qyliss> Older nix versions that people still use don't support them
<qyliss> AIUI
<samueldr> and that's important to eval unstable or upgrade
<samueldr> though that's my understanding too
<niksnut> they're safe to use on nixpkgs master
<niksnut> because the minimum required version is 2.2
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<infinisil> #89476 for reference
<{^_^}> (by edolstra, 3 weeks ago, merged): Bump minver.nix to 2.2
<samueldr> nice, didn't know it had been done since the last time there was discussion about that :)
<c00w> So it sounds like we can use SRI hashes everywhere. Was someone coordinating the effort? Is that the long term desired direction?
<kloenk> I remember of something where the nix-daemon needs much ram while importing NARs from a client. Is this because the use of TeeSink? or did I mix something up?
<samueldr> is there any reason we would like to make an automated change for that?
<samueldr> a net negative is that all PRs touching hashes would be in conflict
<manveru> what's the benefit of SRI hashes?
<manveru> doesn't that stand for sub-resource-integrity?
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<samueldr> correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's because it is borrowing the scheme for the hashes
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<samueldr> where you have the hash type as part of the hash string
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<manveru> yeah... so the attrname is always the same now?
<manveru> i've just been converting my hashes to the old format, it's a bit annoying :)
<c00w> samueldr: Well at a bare minimum if we're trying to go towards SRI hashes, then I can add support for it to go modules, then teach nixpkgs to use them when it updates stuff, which would eventually migrate that corner of nix
<c00w> I can also bulk migrate them, but that's a cleanup step once nixpkgs-updater understands it.
<manveru> i just don't see the need to migrate if nothing has changed about the content itself :)
<samueldr> c00w: that's a perfectly fine approach if SRI hashes are now okay to use
<samueldr> but bulk in non-automated parts of Nixpkgs is simply rude :)
<c00w> samueldr: AFAIk they are ok to use - minimum nixver on master is 2.2 which supports them.
<samueldr> yes, as niksnut stated
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