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* emily looks around, bleary-eyed, and finds she has 6 font-related open PRs
<emily> I accidentally went on a rampage
<gchristensen> yeah I noticed :P
<samueldr> all hail the font queen?
<emily> gchristensen: look, there were Unicode blocks I didn't have fonts for, and this is clearly an unacceptable state of affairs
<gchristensen> :D
<samueldr> EBCDIC is more characters than anyone will ever need on a computer
<gchristensen> oh dear
<ajs124> understandable, who doesn't need to regularly read undeciphered ancient scripts?
<ajs124> then again. some people actually have keycaps for those, so what do I know (link for reference:
<emily> in this case the initial motivator was actually the terribly practical "people love to use silly compatibility variants of latin characters stylistically on Twitter and I was sick of not being able to see what they were saying"
<ajs124> What about just telling these people that they are wrong and should feel bad?
<emily> if god did not want us to use Unicode, they would not have given us it in all its horror and splendor
<ajs124> 何??
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<Profpatsch> quality shitposting
<Profpatsch> 何それ??
<Profpatsch> full-width question marks, important
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<thefloweringash> It leads to my favorite: what is 何。
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<Cale> 何って。。。何?
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<Profpatsch> what is ラブ?
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<aanderse> Profpatsch: lol <3
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<elvishjerricco> I'm curious. How hard would it be to build an alternate language for nix that coexists with the regular one?
<gchristensen> probably a bit tricky if you wanted to interop
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: Assume no need to interop
<gchristensen> if you just want to produce drv's, probably ... less ... tricky? see also guix
<simpson> Dhall already exists, too.
<elvishjerricco> Like can an arbitrary program just register drvs and get them built?
<elvishjerricco> Could you do Nix management in bash? :P
<gchristensen> /ban elvishjerricco
<elvishjerricco> Lol
<elvishjerricco> Glad you remembered the syntax to make that fake :P
<gchristensen> good *GRIEF* y'all, time curl => real 0m0.573s
<gchristensen> this query was taking 30s minimum on a regular basis, and recently had started taking 10 minutes to complete
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<gchristensen> I could literally cry
<tilpner> Is that hitting a dev instance via DNS redirection? It doesn't return here
<multun> same here
<gchristensen> tilpner: no it isn't
<gchristensen> interesting ...
<gchristensen> oh tilpner you know what, hydra is just slamming the database supremely hard right now. initial startup of hydra-queue-runner is a thundering herd of powerful beasts not to be trifled with.
<multun> you're probably getting a discount response time for being a regular customer
<gchristensen> lol
<tilpner> Okay, I'll try again later :)
<LnL> gchristensen++
<{^_^}> gchristensen's karma got increased to 207
<LnL> will that ship with 20.03?
<gchristensen> I guess that is up to lewo and ma27 :P
<gchristensen> (or other maintainers of hydra in nixpkgs)
<gchristensen> ehhh hydra seems sorta down. will look in a bit.
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<ma27[m]> gchristensen: well, on one hand I'm pretty excited about that improvement, on the other hand I'm pretty afraid of the migration that is necessary. In case I have the time (and don't forget about this - so feel free to ping me), I'll take a closer look at the changes and propose a solution :)
<gchristensen> sounds good
<{^_^}> #79834 (by grahamc, 3 minutes ago, open):'s webserver is struggling
<gchristensen> I'm hearing interest in from a company, wanting to create a group for their company. any thoughts or feelings on this?
<{^_^}> #72125 (by jtojnar, 15 weeks ago, open): lib: Add lib.maintainer-groups
<gchristensen> they have several people who collectively maintain a few packages
<niksnut> I think that's fine
<infinisil> Sounds good yeah
<gchristensen> probably would have some extra, special rules about how to review a PR which adds somebody to a company group
<gchristensen> I'll post some stuff to that PR about it :)
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<worldofpeace> yay ❤️
<worldofpeace> I love that
<gchristensen> btw Hydra is healthy again, switching to the new `jobset_id` meant the queries weren't using any of the indexes we had :x
<gchristensen> tilpner: and your curl check should be fast :)
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<multun> gchristensen: thanks for your work great work :)
<tilpner> Indeed, 0.35s after -LH 'Accept: application/json'
<gchristensen> =) relatedly, thank you to ikwildrpepper for taking over and finding the index we needed to create... and of course niksnut for holding my hand through the perl
<multun> gchristensen: are you working full time on nixos ?
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<gchristensen> pretty much, yeah! a lot of my time is consulting, helping teams use Nix/NixOS better, and also contribute their work upstream. some time for keeping the lights on, some time for writing proposals and code... some time for just being "part of the community"
<gchristensen> shooot gotta go!
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<LnL> ma27[m]: that's why I was asking, I have an instance I'm ok with breaking to help test/document
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