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<infinisil> Oh wow, our glibc build is a hot mess of patches!
<infinisil> Can't those be upstreamed?
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<clever> how would i go about making systemd not stop an interface at shutdown? i need it to leave eth0 up right until the system is halted
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<rnhmjoj> i'm trying to fix a package that doesn't cross compile (with pkgsCross). i found that if the package is called like `callPackage { inherit (xorg) something; }` it will get the something for the host (as opposed to build) platform. do you know to change that without taking in the whole xorg attrset?
<Synthetica> rnhmjoj: Sounds like `something` is in the wrong `inputs`
<rnhmjoj> Synthetica: it's in nativeBuildInputs, which should be the right one, if i understood the manual...
<globin> rnhmjoj: `newScope` needs to be made cross-aware, that's why xorg.* doesn't cross-compile properly
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<rnhmjoj> globin: i'm not much aware of the machinery of nixpkgs, is that part of how callPackage is implemented?
<globin> callPackage has logic to pass in the pkgs from the correct set of packages to each of the inputs lists, that doesn't work with newscope
<rnhmjoj> globin: ok, so I can just use buildPackages.xorg (given that those are only needed at build time) in the callPackage, right?
<globin> that won't really work as the xorg packages themselves will not be able to cross compile correctly until newScope is improved upon
<rnhmjoj> globin: well, my case is rather trivial because i only need a tool from xorg during the build, and this seems to work
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<jtojnar> rnhmjoj this has something to do with splicing
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<{^_^}> #49526 (by symphorien, 1 year ago, open): nativeBuildInputs gives non native dependencies when used with overrides in all-packages.nix
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<rnhmjoj> Jan Tojnar: indeed, that's exactly the issue here
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<niksnut> src/libstore/ internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
<niksnut> yay
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<LnL> hope that's not my fault
<niksnut> no
<niksnut> if gcc segfaults, it's gcc's fault :-)
<globin> or OOM ;)
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<jtojnar> worldofpeace_ RN-worthy?
<{^_^}> #78346 (by Infinisil, 2 weeks ago, merged): Don't set background to black if ~/.background-image not present
<infinisil> I think the correct solution to such a problem is to figure out which part is responsible for clearing the background (display-manager or wm), then figuring out why sddm + i3 doesn't do that, submit an upstream fix, or fix it in our sddm/i3 initialization
<infinisil> jtojnar: I don't think that's release note worthy, it's not something users should have to adjust in their config if this is fixed
<jtojnar> infinisil revert until then?
<infinisil> jtojnar: Nah, there's over a month to fix that still
<infinisil> And it's not a major problem anyways
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<worldofpeace> infinisil: I agree with what you said "submit an upstream fix, or fix in it sddm/i3 initialization". I believe that's what should have been done in the first place
<worldofpeace> just want to take note to #nixos-dev, I'm limited availability today
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<gchristensen> <3 worldofpeace take care
<{^_^}> worldofpeace's karma got increased to 62
<gchristensen> /!\ if you run a hydra, please look at this: /!\/
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<gchristensen> clever: I need your cleverness real quick. is it *mandatory* that the UEFI partiton be a separate partition, or could I make / vfat and install linux on it and have UEFI be happy?
<clever> gchristensen: i would think that would break +x and a lot of other linux things
<clever> gchristensen: i think the only hard rule, is that `efibootmgr -v` report a partuuid (the uuid in the gpt tables), and a path to a .efi file, relative to the root of that partition
<clever> and the firmware doesnt care what else is on that partition
<clever> Boot0004* UEFI OS HD(1,GPT,27c99b08-455d-4dfe-a44f-6150cbc09ef8,0x800,0x100000)/File(\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI)..BO
<gchristensen> hmm
<clever> /dev/nvme0n1p1: UUID="7DBC-2698" TYPE="vfat" PARTUUID="27c99b08-455d-4dfe-a44f-6150cbc09ef8"
<clever> the same uuid from the efi vars
<clever> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 120320 Dec 23 04:39 /boot/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI
<clever> the file from the efi vars
<clever> ignore the /boot prefix, thats just where the fs happens to be mounted
<gchristensen> right right
<gchristensen> so the only thing you can safely require is "a vfat partition exists"
<clever> it doesnt even need to be fat
<clever> it just needs to be an fs that the firmware supports
<gchristensen> nice
<clever> apple allows it to be HPFS i believe
<clever> there is also a project that converted all of the grub drivers into a single .efi file
<clever> which you can then load as a module (from fat for ex), and then gain the ability to read more FS's
<clever> this is also where nvme gets messy
<clever> grub, despite having the string "nvme" in its source, has zero actual nvme support
<gchristensen> lol.
<clever> it relies on the efi in the firmware to give drivers
<clever> your motherboard must support nvme booting
<clever> so a grub on sda, cant pull kernels from a /boot on nvme
<clever> you must put the entire /boot on sata
<clever> if your bios isnt capable
<gchristensen> nice
<clever> this project wraps the grub FS drivers in a wrapper, that translates it to the EFI FS driver api
<clever> so if you load that .efi file at boot time, then you can boot from any fs grub supports
<gchristensen> amazing
<gchristensen> thank you a lot, clever! this has answered the question super thoroughly
<clever> i have also tried (and failed) to build an efi hello-world using nix
<samueldr> just saying, the spec mandates FAT32 IIRC
<gchristensen> samueldr++
<{^_^}> samueldr's karma got increased to 163
<samueldr> >> Since EFI firmware contains a file system driver, EFI firmware can load any file from the file system with out needing to execute any code from themedia.
<samueldr> this made me think "maybe it's not important which, but they must *at least* support FAT"
<clever> gchristensen: oh, and i have a systemd netboot issue, systemd is downing eth0 at shutdown, and then sda stops responding!
<samueldr> though other parts of the spec later in the same section do state that the UEFI must verify the FAT
<gchristensen> heh
<gchristensen> samueldr: maybe that is just an awareness of FAT's problems and "if it is FAT ... "
<samueldr> >> EFI bootable diskettes
<samueldr> what year is this?
<samueldr> >> System Partitions are discovered when required by UEFI firmware by examining the partition GUID and verifying that the contents of the partition conform to the FAT file system as defined in Section13.3.1.1. Further, UEFI implementations may allow the use of conforming FAT partitions which do not use the ESP GUID
<samueldr> basically requires FAT
<clever> samueldr: i think thats the auto-detecting ESP's, to present a menu of things not in the efi vars
<gchristensen> you don't know the things the UEFI spec authors have seen.
<clever> and the efi vars can force it to use a partition that is the wrong type?
<samueldr> clever: yes and no
<samueldr> it's really describing what are valid ESPs
<samueldr> in addition to how to detect them
<samueldr> but reality makes it that it's all implemented in the *as specced* filesystem drivers
<samueldr> so I believe it's a side effect of having lower level specifications that it can work
<samueldr> my take on that is that since the spec defines the ESP as being a FAT (12, 16, 32), it's not good to rely on any other FS being available
<samueldr> though, if it turns out that specific firmware, once modded, works, more power to you :D
<clever> gchristensen: would you happen to know how to configure systemd, to not stop eth0 during shutdown?
<gchristensen> unfortunately no :/ I don't care about shutdown for most of my machines
<clever> in my case, it never shuts down, and has to fsck on every boot
<clever> because the disk vanishes in the middle of shutdown
<gchristensen> I guess more what I'm saying is the disks get erased during startup, and the disks aren't networked :)
<clever> ah yeah
<clever> i'm using iscsi less as a permanent solution, and more as a way to swap the rootfs out easily, without having re-flash several gig of SD card
<gchristensen> yeah, that seems great
<gchristensen> I'm certain there is a way, just no idea what it is
<clever> most of the answers online are to do with connman and networkmanager
<gchristensen> you know what
<clever> which nixos isnt using by default
<gchristensen> scaleway's tiny armv7l machines are networked attached storage
<gchristensen> maybe you could get one running systmed and see its dependency tree
<clever> i might just find that its networkmanager though
<gchristensen> that is true, you might :)
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<ekleog> oops sorry, looks like mosh ate my alt+g during the connection loss
<qyliss> Remember when people used to play forum games that were just, like, "let's all count to a million"?
<gchristensen> lol
<jtojnar> are office hours today?
<gchristensen> unfortunately not -- worldofpeace and I are both in need of a break this week, I think the run-up to the release and other infra projects have been taking a bit of a toll on us :)
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<jtojnar> rnhmjoj using FODs for any kind of build is abuse
<jtojnar> you have no guarantee that the build tool will not change the output format in the next version
<jtojnar> better look at it as an escape hatch than a tool to save builds
<rnhmjoj> Jan Tojnar: yep, that's true. it's also rather annoying that ofBorg/hydra won't rebuild the fonts if something is updated
<rnhmjoj> so, are you for splitting the outputs?
<jtojnar> rnhmjoj sounds fine to me
<jtojnar> though it would be nice to fix the collision
<jtojnar> preferably by correcting the metadata rather than choosing a different name
<jtojnar> no idea how, though
<rnhmjoj> i've just opened an issue in pango about that. maybe they know more
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