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<colemickens> can you force the commit manually?
<colemickens> like 'sync' or something?
<matthewbauer> yeah i think sync does that, so you could do `commit=86400` and only sync at shutdown
<samueldr> is there a difference with fsync and sync?
<samueldr> because I would have assumed most software that ends up syncing would sync and that would reduce the pros of that option
<matthewbauer> fsync/sync would both trigger the "commit" so this could be true
<matthewbauer> i would think there would be some savings though?
<samueldr> hopefully
<matthewbauer> another thing i saw was using overlayfs to delay writing until shutdown: https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Setting_up_overlayFS_on_Raspberry_Pi
<matthewbauer> similar caveats apply as with large commit values
<samueldr> I didn't check, but hopefully we have metrics from the kernel to know
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<hexa-> found a rpi2, so much fun
<hexa-> setting up the remote builder as we speak :D
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<hexa-> what would be the system type for a rpi2?
<hexa-> it's armv7l
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<samueldr> fun thing
<samueldr> late raspberry pi 2 models are actually aarch64, using the same cpu as the raspberry pi 3
<samueldr> I would like to have one of these on hand to test
<samueldr> though found no way to be sure what you're buying
<hexa-> oh, ok
<hexa-> is mainline aarch64 support available for those?
<hexa-> model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)
<samueldr> unknown, but I think it should work
<samueldr> though yeah, I don't know how common those are
<samueldr> so that was mostly a useless factoid
<hexa-> the label on the soc reads model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)
<hexa-> ...
<hexa-> bcm2836rifbg
<samueldr> ^ citation
<hexa-> so I'm probably out of luck
<samueldr> can be identified by the markings on the cpu https://raspi.tv/2016/new-raspberry-pi-2b-1-2-with-pi3-bcm2837-processor
<hexa-> remote builder be like while setting up the build environment: executing '/nix/store/w8mmqnbx2ybbax6vkbzm2866m03x8nn4-bash-4.4-p23/bin/bash': Exec format error
<hexa-> i tried system = "armv7l-linux";
<samueldr> is the running system armv7l? I think raspbian still builds armv6l, but I'm unsure
<samueldr> from what I can tell, only newark describes it properly on their store page
<samueldr> for shops geographically sane to order from
<samueldr> 2BJIbPHcLd73aU2fipIquChnADP7biBIIypYdojGDIlPXkBA768POwl39rRaZmtjZf70u7Tn7REnZ3UQ6hmfGDbWErwdECzXSap%2FhaC%2FOmOgS91LQ1p6RRk0UmUYPdIl0KwCwv7872EYW62MTjGv9QTz9rbjF7PWzX%2Fz%2BG7LcKvNlDwd4vy6O3GHSkmtx3sJm3jebD7vJBACmd1221p11IxlvjB0%2Blte4%2BElh45N1TZjpzUEjTI9FkmIk8ZdiSLMtZY1Zy%2BHvXZGeEz%2FOv2vwB6QAaSYNY3KHzG5%2FnLgRkV2%2FCwbMjyyq46h6FiZpuNMJuKlp5b3IQLRV7CrebJQ81J%2Bg%2BtD7BLrcPzcoHp048Z4dsmiV9%2BUcAlGglwzcBqofr9fK2PdtZYwLoRfQoY%2FpcMi23%2B9x7Qr
<samueldr> pf=813134097&krypto=2ekbKJAiu3imYL1LQj%2FlXqQ%2Br6%2B%2FElgxh8fCJh7H9MjbqM8RbMVR4ikcdOXPIdw626XA%2FapY19wamy5IQ2dGWV4RGWB4K13iWBEiKtvpuLhInnqYs1%2F5fE6sdqpTa3n3U3tqktUokBcFU1MmaRp0HXeBX2rjayuk9EQbmWm3RFrSrxLCjR3MJtvf00Hkf5524BAjp4ygMi9fTPHsSBmPtfY%2BEY9pApGKgWcTThSX4QbCjccZxNoqBqs8SeSi7W0sGM%2Fb93Us54qADOiM3yewvIV%2F9XbORAZOVucWL6NOGP7iLpRxsmUOGl%2FUHAt8YbtyuPksahVPLhFqSx2SU%2FjTGEZtPNUgOGT6OWy%2FT7ATwQCe95iUgAdvKSBo9vSd2RHq8O2BevArEgQpAaA8G%
<samueldr> MNSwYNkhe4kmx7r06Qm8UYcSq45aO2BQO%2BYG8C3VWZVes%2B3Trerk1jrpL8WVHd0c2N4r5B2Tq4yoz8HubWJ%2BDCUV2uhe6nwumv1OnsE9YNT8zsexEDaiiBKiFJnRjjE3JhNpi0DskWZw44W6mcn0KM9umAkIPSjhOSTKBxWOUnDOZZh1GlTOk0itBPM3zWXExdoKwzXOhZ%2Fz3yYdKWZkhcO4%2F4yOGzh70o1nwuxLCo3bTle0CjcAvtyLVVyC3XghSEwE95V6aQyAVrNCas76h6axwOHORb%2BTQ2MS%2BDNdPuvscTsx%2Bvp4CSKr0OJfiFCEv8jPFO%2FTRgwdumBsIQ80MuPRopWqB9FKyQRr%2FA%3D%3D&ddkey=https%3Aen-CA%2FElement14_Canada%2Fw%2Fc%2Fembedded-
<samueldr> computers-education-maker-boards%2Fraspberry-pi%2Fembedded-single-board-computers-sbc-raspberry-pi
<samueldr> oh, that's not a good url
<gchristensen> samueldr: very cool URL, I bet that one won't change :D :D :D
<gchristensen> (that is a prod towards newark, not to you caring about cool URLs - I am glad you care about cool URLs)
<hexa-> samueldr: it's running nixos armv7l
<samueldr> oh
<hexa-> > Linux Wohnzimmer 4.18.6 #1-NixOS SMP Wed Sep 5 07:29:56 UTC 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'Linux' at (string):306:1
<hexa-> trying to get that upgraded to something sane
<hexa-> my remote builder has the qemu-user setup for arm and aarch64
<hexa-> but i'm getting the exec format error, so I guess one of two things is happening
<hexa-> a) my system definition for the remote builder is wrong. nix.buildMachines.{...}.system = "armv7l-linux";
<hexa-> b) qemu-user.arm does not support armv7l, which sounds very unlikely
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<hexa-> oh right, that thing has 1GB of memory
<hexa-> basically useless then
<samueldr> as a builder, possibly
<samueldr> as a target for fun? no
<hexa-> i'm just doing a rebuild with a remote builder
<hexa-> and the "machine" craps itself during downloads
<samueldr> thinking these kind https://github.com/matthewbauer/nixiosk
<hexa-> it's only supposed to be a snapcast client
<hexa-> receive audio via network, dump it to your stereo jack
<samueldr> probably worthwhile to invest in having it cross-compile and use nixiosk
<samueldr> (or plain cross-compiling)
<hexa-> that or invest 35ish euros on an rpi4 with 2gb
<samueldr> heh
<hexa-> nah, I'd never go for 2gb :<
<hexa-> 60 € for 4GB
<hexa-> rebuilds on an rpi4 are fun
<samueldr> "fun"<
<hexa-> interactive
<hexa-> with a remote builder :p
<hexa-> the rpi is running some configure script, and prints a new line every ~0.7 seconds
<hexa-> rpi2^
<samueldr> >> The highlight, to me: 720mA on load (CPU Stress with performance governor).
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<hexa-> so 3.5 Watt under load
<hexa-> the rpi4 i have needs ~3.8W when idle
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<lordcirth> That's impressive
<hexa-> oh well, I'm powering the pi through a hifiberry amp2, so numbers might be off
<samueldr> yeah, sounds not bad
<samueldr> and amlogic AFAIK ends up with generally acceptable support on the mainline kernels
<samueldr> I think the main turn-off, from a quick glance, is the lack of firmware storage (e.g. SPI flash)
<samueldr> so you have to build images with dumb gaps, and espercially for amlogic, can't use GPT
<samueldr> for some, not sure if it's for all, it looks at the 2nd sector, so 512 bytes in, for the loader program
<samueldr> which is bam, right in the primary gpt header https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GUID_Partition_Table#/media/File:GUID_Partition_Table_Scheme.svg
* samueldr sighs
<samueldr> >> In the late 1990s, Intel developed a new partition table format as part of what eventually became the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface
<samueldr> late 1990s
<samueldr> 2020 and we still have "new" hardware designs that can't use GPT
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<hexa-> yeah, sad.
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