zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2019 is coming! https://2019.nixcon.org/
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<haslersn> Who is already at the NixCon location?
<Ox4A6F> martyet-o: We are at Impact Hub.
<andi-> Morning
<haslersn> We are inside Impact Hub
<gchristensen> morning
<gchristensen> (let's get some coffee before deciding it is good)
<etu> Time to wake up?
<etu> Maybe
<garbas> Morning
<gchristensen> rok!
* garbas just arrived
<garbas> gchristensen: want to join for coffee?
<garbas> I'm in café płaczę in the old town
<garbas> Cafe placzek
<garbas> And espresso is actually good. That was a random luck
<manveru> garbas: we went there yesterday :)
<samueldr> 'morning
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<asymmetric> will meals be served at nixcon?
<garbas> manveru: :)
<asymmetric> hey garbas :)
<garbas> asymmetric: heya! are you already going to the nixcon location?
<asymmetric> garbas: not yet but soon, will probably be there by 9
<asymmetric> the big quesiton is: should i have breakfast before? :)
<garbas> asymmetric: hehe, big problems. have two :)
<garbas> i'll skip the breakfast. food will put me straight to bed. had a "fun" ride with a bus :)
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<aanderse> livestream link available soon?
<l33[m]> Yes of nixcon 2020 (via a einsteine rosen bridge) ;-)
<aanderse> ...
<infinisil> Morning!
<aanderse> early morning here
<l33[m]> If your in a different time zone you either late for nixcon or from the future
<edef> good morning, friends
<edef> my throat makes me sound like i smoke a pack a day, and i've had more sleep on some flights than i had last night, let's do this :D:
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<aanderse> what? Friday October 5 starting at 9am....
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<aanderse> I'm not late, I'm early!
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<hexa-> hey, quick question. is streaming happening?
<srhb> I see a bag of gear being unpacked.
<srhb> Which makes me think yes. :)
<hexa-> that only means recording :p
<srhb> Oh, true.
<aanderse> srhb: its up to you to livestream it with your cellphone if they can't get the stream going in time
<aanderse> ;-)
<srhb> Sounds like a pl-- wait, no.
<hexa-> :D
<hexa-> so there is "NixCon2019 - Discovery Track" up on YT
<etu> srhb: You here? :)
<srhb> I am!
<srhb> Sitting in fourth row from the front on the right.
<etu> I'll drop by
<srhb> Somehow my boss flopped the ticket so my tag just says Sarah. Not srhb. :p
<etu> Hah
<johanot> WiFi password anyone? :)
<Ox4A6F> IFeelGood
<johanot> cheers!
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<arianvp> Hi is there a stream?
<arianvp> Saw one announced on YouTube but it disappeared
<hexa-> but none working yet
<aanderse> have things started yet?
<hexa-> I believe so
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<t184256> balsoft: I'm the guy with brightest hair, and it's dang hard to squint at the badges =) would be glad to meet you
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<srhb> hexa-: aanderse: I think the first item is 9:45, until then just coffee and chit chat :-)
<srhb> (ie. the important parts)
<aanderse> srhb: awesome, thanks!
<hexa-> okay :)
<tjg1> anyone driving from vienna today?
<balsoft> t184256: heya! I won't be there for the main conference thing, only the hackday.
<tjg1> or to vienna on sunday
<tjg1> i'm going back in a car with a friend from work on sunday, not sure if we'll have more space
<tjg1> need a ride today
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<loka> do we have a live stream?
<tjg1> if i dont find one here i'll be hitching from stammersdorf ca. 2.30pm if anyone wants to join
<t184256> balsoft: oh, fine
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<edef> mfw i'm an infrastructure *guy* now
<Ox4A6F> <loka "do we have a live stream?"> Not yet, but it is recorded for sure.
<edef> (it's fairly striking when Mutable's team is majority-female but we still get announced as "infrastructure guys" rather than just going for "folks" or sth)
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<samueldr> hah!
<samueldr> last year I had the stats generated during the hour before my talk
<samueldr> but did have a complete dump of the PR/issues to work with, so no rate limiting
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<hexa-> stream is alive
<globin> samueldr: yeah the issue was the data fetching, linus managed to get all my old stats stuff to work on the nixops repo, but was struggling all week with fetching all the data
<samueldr> yeah, that was what saved me last year; I had my own dump to work from
<samueldr> I wanted to output the stats myself, but had troubles + lack of time + lack of sleep
<samueldr> (I accidentally fell asleep at the keyboard working on that last year)
<leons> [0x4A6F]: Thanks!
<goibhniu> Excellent job with the stream! <3<3<3
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<samueldr> good job repeating the question!
<samueldr> it is often forgotten for off-mic questions
<samueldr> (lol)
<globin> samueldr: if we can find a reliable way of exporting the data, we can actually auto generate the stats regularly and host them.. the problem currently is the python script not running in a stable way
<samueldr> my ruby thing looked stable enough
<samueldr> not sure if it still works
<globin> and it needing >10G of ram
<samueldr> last time it ran was now about over a year ago
<samueldr> it restarted the export from where it stopped
<samueldr> so after the first dump, it generally doesn't hit much rate limiting
<globin> samueldr: does it fetch the PR details too? i.e. comment count etc.
<samueldr> and it's economical in memory, its job is just to dump to an sqlite db
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> I was working on it with the goal of being able to automate stuff with that
<samueldr> it also has the diffs!
<samueldr> the sqlite db, last year, ended up being about 2~3 GiB if I'm remembering right
<globin> nice!
<samueldr> I think my main issue was that I kinda got stuck at "now where and how do I run it scheduled?"
<globin> if you're able to share feel free, I'd try and get my jupyter notebook hooked up to that
<globin> I think we could handle that
<samueldr> I did get (part of) your notebook going
<globin> I had a VM running for that already at mayflower, but giving it ~10G of RAM wasn't sustainable :/
<samueldr> I figure
<samueldr> I should dust it off
<samueldr> it also handled rate limits right, so at any time you can re-dump everything
<samueldr> ah!
<samueldr> there was one PR that 500'd at github, that really annoyed me
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<l33[m]> Hi pi
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<pie_> l33
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<manveru> zimbatm: are you coming?
<samueldr> :o eelco doesn't use the usual slides template!
<adisbladis> Note: We're taking questions on IRC too
<goibhniu> @video-team the camera for the main track has a "thirds" grid overlayed on it. Perhaps it's an unintentional effect in OBS?
<adisbladis> goibhniu: Fixed
<goibhniu> \o/
<adisbladis> It's a camera thing, but with magic lantern you can remove it
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<goibhniu> ah, nice!
<martyet_mobile> I have prepared mate for ya!
<martyet_mobile> It's on bar :)
<martyet_mobile> Does anyone need me? :D
<martyet_mobile> Like right now
<adisbladis> martyet_mobile: Can you bring me one?
<adisbladis> :)
<adisbladis> I'm next to the video streaming
<martyet_mobile> Original? :)
<adisbladis> Yeah
<martyet_mobile> Open space?
<adisbladis> Yah
<martyet_mobile> On my way :)
<adisbladis> <3
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<martyet-mobile> AndroIRC is such useless client..
<martyet-mobile> What kind of hdmi problem is at sky room? I bought two cables, we broke it?
<martyet-mobile> Anything else we need to buy? Heading to shop now
<andi-> martyet-mobile: i have a new cable. will swap in a bit.
<andi-> martyet-mobile: no need to buy anything
<martyet-mobile> Okay okag
<martyet-mobile> Cool then :)
<andi-> martyet-mobile: adisbladis: flokli: Can someone of you give megfault (at the registration) the pretixdroid QR code to setup her device? So far we have been going off badges IIRC
<adisbladis> I'll do it after the talk
<andi-> thanks
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<andi-> adisbladis: martyet-mobile: swapping the cable didn't do it :/
<andi-> We will have to figure something else out
<martyet-mobile> Mmm :/
<martyet-mobile> Emergency team on its way
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<adisbladis> Emergency team fixed it
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<martyet-mobile> Die you guys know.. That there is free green meeting room for hacking talking or just sitting?
<martyet-mobile> when entering to open space, just go by arrows signed by nixcon logo
<martyet-mobile> (literally upstairs)
<martyet-mobile> And go to green (meeting room) dot
<astrall33> sky room is getting hot!
<astrall33> as in content and temprature.
<martyet-mobile> So temperature?
<astrall33> sure....
<sphalerite> martyet-mobile: guys only?
<martyet-mobile> Everyone invited :)
<astrall33> we can open the doors, but there might be too much noise from the city?
<martyet-mobile> Okay I will solve with Radek
<martyet-mobile> In a sec
<astrall33> it's also very full.
<astrall33> we need a bigger room!
<astrall33> but that's harder to fix.
<andi-> For temp we can turn the AC back on
<martyet-mobile> why you turned that off??!
<andi-> The control is behind the whiteboars
<andi-> Not me
<martyet-mobile> Radek is on its way to turn it on
<andi-> An attendee was getting cold ewrlier
<martyet-mobile> Aaah, okay
<astrall33> i think it's physics....lots of humans in a small space.
<astrall33> each giving of energy
<astrall33> total delegates*energy = ?
<martyet-mobile> Mmm
<martyet-mobile> Nice, I have broken my camera glass..
<martyet-mobile> Can someone later make some cool photo of open space please? :)
<astrall33> martynet...we can get this fixed.
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<martyet-o> astrall33, you mean my phone? i have quick solution - throw that from biggest building of Brno :-D
<martyet-o> adisbladis, what about that whiteboard in openspace?
<adisbladis> What about it?
<martyet-o> we can leave that on attendees/make some space on whiteboard for ultra light talks?
<martyet-o> im not sure, we were talking about that earlier
<martyet-o> tbh
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<andi-> We could need some signs to inform speakers about time left in their slot
<andi-> 15, 10, 5min
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<martyet-o> i can obtain paper
<martyet-o> will that help andi- ?
<martyet-o> at openspace they solved this trouble with some webservice for countdown
<martyet-o> mmmm, the fuck which pizzas should i order for sundays hackday
<craige> My vote's for anything with salami on it martyet-o :-D
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<manveru> zimbatm: yo
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<manveru> gchristensen: are you coming?
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<andi-> martyet-o: i think flokli printed some
<andi-> no idea where they are tho…
<flokli> they are on the table in the open room
<flokli> stupidly, they're printed on both sides
<flokli> so there's only one physical "10" mins left paper
<flokli> with a 10 on both sides
<flokli> meaning, we might need another set for the second room
<flokli> but the one unlocking the printer already ran away :-/
<flokli> gchristensen: zimbatm: do you need some upstairs too?
<andi-> so far they are doing okay. Since there isn't many other speakers I didn't interrupt them yet.
<clever> samueldr: one problem ive been thinking about solving before, was a network capable "bootloader" for servers, that will kexec to generations
<andi-> clever: samueldr: we should chat tonight :-)
<clever> with just a UI change, the above could also be used on mobile-nixos
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<yorick> can you increase the stream volume a bit?
<yorick> I don't have any volume sliders left to increase
<haslersn> Where did the logitech presenter go?
<andi-> yorick: which stream?
<andi-> Which track I meant sorry.
<yorick> main
<andi-> NinjaTrappeur: ^ can you increase volume?
<NinjaTrappeur> Better?
<NinjaTrappeur> andi- ^
<yorick> thanks!
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<LinuxHackerman> Does anyone have a screwdriver set with them? I'm looking especially for a small torx, but small phillips would be good too
<NinjaTrappeur> flokli ^
<srhb> LinuxHackerman: I don't see him right now but lejonet is wearing a pretty serious toolbelt which might be not just for show. :D Look for the orange pants and the colorful shirt.
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<etu> LinuxHackerman: lejonet is next to me in the sky room
<LinuxHackerman> ooh, cool, thanks!
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<etu> Way inn the back
<LinuxHackerman> I'll come up later, I'm following the NGI talk just now
<etu> Ah :)
<sphalerite> (also I'm LinuxHackerman and LinuxHackerman is me)
<niksnut> so if you're running nix-master or nix-flakes, you now need this in your nix.conf: experimental-features = nix-command flakes
<niksnut> or pass --experimental-features="..." on the command line
<haslersn> But the error comes already during the `nixos-rebuild`
<niksnut> what nixpkgs branch? it may need commit 52e739cc58e909f783a8bd3294307e554e35eaee to fix nix.conf checking
<haslersn> `nixpkgs-channels/nixos-unstable` a.k.a. `4cd2cb43fb3a87f48c1e10bb65aee99d8f24cb9d`
<niksnut> hm yeah, that one doesn't have it yet
<jonge[m]> Hey, is anybody here at the nixcon selling nix hoodies?
<haslersn> Yes, me. Currently second row, first person from the right when viewing from behind.
<jonge[m]> Can you scratch your head plz lol?
<haslersn> `52e739cc58e909f783a8bd3294307e554e35eaee` seems to work. At least the `nix.conf` built.
<haslersn> Maybe I should cherry-pick the change instead of checking it out.
<andi-> NinjaTrappeur: can you check for humming on Main?
<samueldr> clever, andi-, we have to get adisbladis in the discussion; and I think there's someone else interested in the same thing to
<samueldr> too*
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<hexa-> hi, the audio in main is buzzing
<samueldr> btw if anyone wants to chat me up, feel free to, even if I look asocial, I'll tell you if I don't want to talk :)
<samueldr> andi-: then I guess that didn't fix it
<hexa-> fwiw, I reported that to andi privately
<samueldr> oh, OH, I thought this was a reply _to_ Ninj*Trappeur about that, not a request for them to look into it, sorry
<hexa-> nothing has happened so far, stream is still humming :)
<NinjaTrappeur> The humming is also on the audio card feedbck
<martyet-mobile> Can we guys put nixcon channel into topic? I don't have privileges..
<NinjaTrappeur> seems to come from the audio system
<martyet-mobile> Liek YT channel
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<hexa-> NinjaTrappeur: has been around since nmattias talk, might be related to when you increased volume, idk
<NinjaTrappeur> Who's the audio system expert here?
<martyet-mobile> NinjaTrappeur in open space?
<NinjaTrappeur> right
<NinjaTrappeur> yup
<martyet-mobile> Radek kinda of
<martyet-mobile> I call him there
<NinjaTrappeur> thanks
<samueldr> fpletz, zimbatm, you are both listed as being able to +o someone for setting the topic :)
<adisbladis> NinjaTrappeur: I'll come and help after the talk
<samueldr> (hm, zimb* is probably doing a talk)
<NinjaTrappeur> <3
<adisbladis> fpletz is next to me
<adisbladis> He'll op me
<fpletz> oh, right, I created this channel, one moment :)
adisbladis changed the topic of #nixcon to: Nixcon 2019 is happening NOW! | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfg9ykBo9oM
adisbladis changed the topic of #nixcon to: Nixcon 2019 is happening NOW! | Main track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfg9ykBo9oM | Discovery track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbJkMl631FE
<adisbladis> fpletz <3
<adisbladis> fpletz: Maybe set me as a founder for the channel?
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<fpletz> just done that :P
<samueldr> <3 fpletz
<{^_^}> fpletz's karma got increased to 6
<adisbladis> <3
<hyperfekt> catching up on the livestream now, wish i could be there
<hyperfekt> i find the committers / year graph from the release talk very interesting, looks like growth has slowed down
<hyperfekt> we should think about why that is and how we want to solve that
<haslersn> So I got `nix flake` to work like so: 1. clone `nixpkgs-channels/nixos-unstable`. 2. in there, cherry-pick `52e739cc58e909f783a8bd3294307e554e35eaee`. 3. Use that clone as `nixpkgs` (for example by setting `NIX_PATH` accordingly). 4. run `nix --option experimental-features nix-command flake [...]`.
<martyet-mobile> Thanks adisbladis
<hyperfekt> i really don't think we've hit the theoretical limit of available committers for something like nixpkgs yet
<haslersn> Are the “Nix Flakes” slides online?
<sphalerite> hyperfekt: I don't think it's a problem.
<hyperfekt> sphalerite: you think nixpkgs couldn't benefit from more workhours?
<haslersn> If I have a repo with `flake.nix` that describes several NixOS machines, and I cloned that repo locally, how can I most easily deploy a remote machine using mentioned flake?
<NinjaTrappeur> adisbladis, we cannot find the source of the hum
<NinjaTrappeur> I'm wondering whether this is the microphone inherant static noise of a failed cable/connection
<NinjaTrappeur> :/
<samueldr> Could it be exacerbated by the volume being turned up to pick up the speaker?
<samueldr> (audionoob pretty much)
<martyet-mobile> mmmm anyone experienced invited in resolving this trouble of course :)
<martyet-mobile> It may be because of too high volume, but it doesn't make sense, if Radek decreased that volume already
<l33[m]> Where are u?
<martyet-mobile> And I'm sure he did that as first thing when he came
<martyet-mobile> Hidden, catching some energy.. I'm going to check :)
<martyet-mobile> Ctrl Alt Del
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<Profpatsch> Okay, I’m taking over the stream from NinjaTrappeur
<Profpatsch> Holler if something’s wrong :)
<NinjaTrappeur> :)
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<sphalerite> hyperfekt: sure it can. But I don't think a reduction in relative growth — it doesn't look to me like there's a big reduction in absolute growth either — is a reason to start sounding the alarm bells :)
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<samueldr> Q: were my slides easy to read from everywhere in the room?
<samueldr> first time I have time to make and *design* slides
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<Profpatsch> samueldr: was fine from the middle of the audience
<samueldr> thanks Profpatsch
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<samueldr> I was worried about making it too small, but I was like at the limits of where I started not worrying
<samueldr> but it didn't fit comfortably if I went bigger
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<t184256> Is anybody, by chance, willing to tell me how nix-darwin does stuff, in broad strokes?
<t184256> resolved
<martyet-o> mmm who said that there will be hoodies for sell? :)
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<haslersn> martyet-o: I did. I'm currently at the hostel though. Should I speek up to you later?
<martyet-o> haslersn, sure! you will definitely find me :)
<martyet-o> thx
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<sphalerite> etu: are you still there?
<sphalerite> (and lejonet)
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<etu> sphalerite: We have moved down to open space
<etu> sphalerite: left side about 6th row from front
<haslersn> Should we do a group photo for publication today?
<sphalerite> lejonet: I heard you might have a screwdriver set I could maybe use something from :)
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<lejonet> sphalerite: oh, not with me sadly :( (I didn't have any checking bags, so didn't wanna fuzz about it being a multi-tool with a knife...(
<lejonet> )*
<sphalerite> aw, ok
<lejonet> sphalerite: what you need a screwdriver for?
<sphalerite> let me show you, I'm right behind you
<lejonet> oh okay :P
<lejonet> Well, had we been in sweden.... xD
<sphalerite> fwiw, I've had a multi-tool _without_ a knife taken off me by airport security before, so good call there
<lejonet> You could definitively find something at base48 tho :)
<sphalerite> aah, that sounds like a good idea
* haslersn uploaded an image: IMG_20191025_164537.jpg (671KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/stuvus.de/leKfhaaZAHZWQmKKmmByqALp >
<lejonet> Yeah, I've lost a swag multi-tool that way, hence I don't feel like losing my actually quite expensive real multi-tool :P
<LinuxHackerman> haslersn: won't help for torx unfortunately. Thanks though!
<lejonet> But yeah, I'd be surprised if you can't find a small enough screwdriver at base48
<b42> yes base48 has all kinds of screwdrivers
<lejonet> Worst case scenario, I saw a whole bunch of power tools too... ;)
<sphalerite> guess I'll have to drop by there then :)
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<Profpatsch> sphalerite: Uh, nice, base48 visit this evening?
<lejonet> But otherwise, yes, I generally at least have a multi-tool screwdriver with me, and not uncommon that I have a more complete screwdriver kit with me... xD Once a Ops, always a Ops
<sphalerite> Profpatsch: maybe! :)
<martyet-o> haslersn, sent!
<Profpatsch> lejonet: devOps or specialOps? :)
<lejonet> Profpatsch: Depending on your view point devOps == "special"Ops ;) But initially a "old-school" ops, aka sysadmin, but I've worked as a devops engineer yes
<Profpatsch> opsOps
<lejonet> oopsOps!
<LinuxHackerman> chanOps
<lejonet> securityDevOopsOps!
<LinuxHackerman> kernelOops
<Profpatsch> cc adisbladis NinjaTrappeur The hum is back on the recording :(
<lejonet> The worst kind
<Profpatsch> A little more quiet, so barely noticable though
<NinjaTrappeur> Right
<l33[m]> Blimey... earth , or ground loops can be frustrating
<NinjaTrappeur> :(
<l33[m]> Thats the pleasure of you xlr cablrs
<l33[m]> Balanced ones
<l33[m]> However you need a balanced input...
<Profpatsch> l33[m]: Well, as far as I can see we are going into the Audio interface via Cinch :D
<NinjaTrappeur> + adapter :P
<NinjaTrappeur> l33, you seem knowledgable, do you have an idea about how to mitigate that?
<Profpatsch> it disappeared again
<aanderse> can someone ask if they have heard any work on a vmware backend for nixops at all?
<aanderse> Linux Hackerman: etu srhb ping if any of you could ask my question i would appreciate :)
<NinjaTrappeur> passed your question to the person holding the microphone :)
<NinjaTrappeur> /r/passed/forwarded/g
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<aanderse> NinjaTrappeur: thank you!
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<haslersn> I sell T-Shirts and Hoodies in the chill area
<l33[m]> Ninja... grab me and ill look at the problem . I cant guarantee a fix, but i wont make it worse ;-)
<l33[m]> haslersn: id like one , do you have xxxslm
<l33[m]> (Size)
<haslersn> No. S, M, L, XL, XXL
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<l33[m]> If i fix the sound do i get one for free ( or a small discount) ;-)
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<haslersn> What's wrong with the Sound?
<goibhniu> NinjaTrappeu l33, I see you had some issues with ground hum. Be sure that audio cables don't run parallel to power cables and that all the AV devices are grounded properly.
<goibhniu> If you happen to have a socket tester handy, that would be good for testing.
<goibhniu> Ah, is the problem on the discovery stream? I don't hear a ground hum there, but the levels seem low.
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<martyet-mobile> That's me
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<dolanbatar> yolo!
<l33[m]> Whats the faster internet pipe in town? ( need to shift a vm up to the internet) my hotel wifi is a joke
<dolanbatar> hmm
<dolanbatar> there are some gig pipes on univ. dormitories
* dolanbatar doesn't have access
<dolanbatar> i'll try to figure out what our speed in hackerspace
<dolanbatar> brb
<LinuxHackerman> l33: the venue internet is pretty good, I can get ~7.5MiB/s up
<dolanbatar> been told it's 300/300
<dolanbatar> in venue
<dolanbatar> hackerspace in just 50/50 now
<dolanbatar> is
<astrall33> 50 will do
<astrall33> is it open? gonna grab a vegan meal...then head there.
<dolanbatar> irc channels topic says it is open
<astrall33> cool I'll bring some b33r
<dolanbatar> nice
<dolanbatar> do you know how to get there?
<ddima> some of us are going to schrott.
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<drakonis_> the main track stream is still running
<drakonis_> shouldnt it end?
<martyet-o> l33[m], faster internet? thats in base48
<martyet-o> (like faster internet is name of provider)
<martyet-o> mmmm
<martyet-o> drakonis_, you dont want to watch epic party?
<martyet-o> :-D
<martyet-o> il take care of it
<drakonis_> oh an epic party?
<martyet-o> suuuure
<martyet-o> people talking each to other, beer flows down the stairs at lightning speed, everyone is happy and there is so much food that even catering is surprised we are not good enough to eat everything :-D
<l33[m]> Where? Im staving
<martyet-o> l33[m], goot to say, its mostly meat here
<martyet-o> on the bar
<l33[m]> Ahh
<l33[m]> Not my thing tonight
<martyet-o> ahh
<martyet-o> not meatitarion right?
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<l33[m]> Im q beeratarion
<rycee> astrall33: For vegan food I recommend Kabinet Muz in the center. I've tried a few places and they have the beat food :-)
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<l33[m]> rycee: its all good.. but for future reference to thanks
<clever> samueldr: maybe tomorrow, or during the hackday?
<samueldr> clever: definitely, kinda forgot about that (as probably you all did)
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<martyet-o> yeah, hackdays dinner will be not managed by catering, so there is space to taste anything you want from Brno :)
<martyet-o> even order from wolt.com or damejidlo.cz services
<martyet-o> thats door-door delivery service
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<clever> samueldr: crazy idea, can i dual-boot between android and nixos?.....
<gchristensen> adisbladis: does that I think
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<samueldr> clever: maayyyybe, but not trivially as of now
<samueldr> adisbladis' device supports it in a different way
<gchristensen> ah
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<clever> samueldr: it would maybe rely on my bootloader idea
<clever> samueldr: and ensuring the android rom leaves the nixos partition alone
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<gchristensen> when does coffee start tomorrow?
<andi-> I am guessing at around 8 to 8.30
<andi-> and then at the first break ~11 IIRC
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<l33[m]> Ive been out looking for a the fastest internet bandwidth in town .... all i found was b33r. Still need to upload :-(
<andi-> l33[m]: just do it a the venue in the morning?
<andi-> There is network plugs and cables
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<infinisil> Nice meeting so many people today, hopefully a bunch more tomorrow, good night everybody!
<l33[m]> I need 10gigabit dwdm
<l33[m]> Nothing else will do
<l33[m]> The venue network is full of lizards... i think its faulty
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<flokli> l33[m]: here be dragons
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<srhb> Google maps has approximately no idea what Brno is.
<srhb> I did get a very interesting tour of a construction site though.
<srhb> Would have been nice were it somewhat on the way to my hotel.
<srhb> Tl;dr: "turn left" is a lie.