zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2019 is coming! https://2019.nixcon.org/
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<andi-> We have a new version of the schedule at https://cfp.nixcon.org/nixcon2019/schedule/. The formerly called `beginner` track is from now on called Discovery :-)
<gchristensen> +1
<andi-> If nobody opposes I'd ask the community if there is someone that is willing to be hour stage herald. (For intros, announcements and such)
<gchristensen> sounds cool
<gchristensen> get some people involved, then can sucker them in for more help next year :)
<andi-> Any other volunteer positions we are looking to fill right now? We need people to operate OBS for the two recording/streaming stations.
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<zimbatm> andi-: did you confirm nicola's new talk already?
<andi-> zimbatm: I accepted it
<andi-> confirming is for him
<andi-> I think I also replied via mail to him
* andi- checks open tabs for pending messages
<andi-> message went out to him.
<martyet-o> guys im sick and probably not able to talk tomorrow
<martyet-o> but still, have to visit space and talk with venue owner - any new questions?
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<martyet-o> just an idea, but.. wouldnt be better to buy (along with power plugs reductions) directly eu power cord cables attachable into power supplies (like, for notebooks)?
<martyet-o> that will be cheaper and probably easier to manage
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<samueldr> my notebook power brick isn't a figure-eight nor mickey-mouse type, it's solidly attached and can,t be changed
<samueldr> even though it is a universal power supply and the other country's models have the same
<gchristensen> figure eight? mickey mouse? :o
<gchristensen> oh!
<gchristensen> haha!
<gchristensen> :D
<samueldr> they have a proper IEC nomenclature... but yeah
<gchristensen> do you have a name for this one? https://images.anandtech.com/doci/10002/apple_adapter_678_678x452.jpg
<samueldr> technically figure eight
<samueldr> it works
<samueldr> it follows the standard by design AFAIK
<gchristensen> oh right
<samueldr> I would hazard a guess that a percentage (might not be that high) will be in a similar situation... and then, how many figure-eight vs. mickey-mice?
<samueldr> though, owners of notebooks with such power supplies probably should look into those cables; much more convenient than an adapter :)
<martyet-o> hmm
<martyet-o> so far i was online shopping right now..
<martyet-o> my cart says its worth 270 eur
<martyet-o> and there is 20 reduction plugs (for anything)
<martyet-o> 15 three-hole plug (IEC C5)
<martyet-o> 15x those mickey mouse
<martyet-o> 5 of IEC 320 C15 (some weird, not sure if will be even used)
<samueldr> martyet-o: can you link to a "reduction plug"?
<martyet-o> 5x of three-hole plug (IEC C5) but 3 meters
<martyet-o> suuure
<samueldr> martyet-o: I think we're having language/regionality issues with that :)
<martyet-o> google translator can be your friend
<martyet-o> you think samueldr?
<martyet-o> its standarded
<martyet-o> like.. that IEC
<samueldr> ah, travel adaptors
<andi-> goibhniu: do you have the YT account credentials for me?
<martyet-o> yeah :)
<martyet-o> but i really cant say if these numbers of cables and reductions are enough
<martyet-o> but im pretty sure we want to spend more on good video and audio recording setup
<samueldr> I know I'll have my own travel adaptor; I would have assumed most travelers needing one would too
<andi-> samueldr: surprisingly the x220 is able to record FHD without issues... I am now trying to add streaming and did add some weird effects.
<martyet-o> andi-, i would rather make graphic stuff during rendering after conference (during post-processing)
<martyet-o> i can help with this :)
<samueldr> not saying anything against or for; though just saying I'm not sure
<samueldr> for GFX, there's one thing that's kinda required, a lower-third / chyron thing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lower_third
<martyet-o> well, in numbers, every cable is about 5 times cheaper than adaptor.. sooooooo, its still worth it :)
<martyet-o> samueldr, thats what im counting with - does have anyone in here someone who likes photo studio or anything like that? :)
<samueldr> I handled last year's lower thirds
<samueldr> and haven't still, but am about to do this year's :)
<haslersn> Is it already known if there will be t-shirts and hoodies at nixcon?
<andi-> haslersn: still yes
<andi-> t-shirts that is
<martyet-o> haslersn, tshirts will be there :)
<martyet-o> samueldr, cool!
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<martyet-o> or, as there are few of power cords from last nixcon, can anyone give me product code/name or something i can look it up?
<martyet-o> we can buy the same, if it was last time fine..
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