zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2018 is over. See you next year! https://www.youtube.com/c/NixCon/ - https://nixos2018.org
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<pie__> yo o/
<pie__> the topic is due for an update? :P
<andi-> probably, pie__ regarding the sponsors: there are no sponsors that I know of yet.. so we can fix once there is a list :)
<pie__> andi-, well...maybe a more prominent sponsors section would help with that? i honestly have no idea
<pie__> times a-tickin and i imagine companies might be slow..
<andi-> that is not the problem, I have to check what the status on on our legal entity to accept sponsorships/send invoices/…
<pie__> ah, well shit
<pie__> also some text better than become a sponsor
<andi-> kind no time right now / this week..
<pie__> i mean, you can still seek prospective sponsors while the receiving entity is up in the air no?
<andi-> ,nixcon
<pie__> yeah i understand, im saying "in general someone should..."
<andi-> If you have the capacity you can open a PR On the github repo :)
<pie__> ok i might attempt later today...
<pie__> lassulus, ^ theres the agenda
<pie__> i cant think of any good wording offhand though
<pie__> anyone have suggestions?
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