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<martyet-o> okay, i see opencollective as almost workable alternative, but as there are limitations regarding payments (time limitations - delays within few weeks) i would still better fit own non-profit organization
<martyet-o> flokli: do you want to keep in touch with them, or shall i manage contact with them?
<martyet-o> like we dont want to settle this all (in case of anything) lately.. it will be fine to be prepared :)
<flokli> martyet-o: from what I read, reimbursements will be done through PayPal, and pretty automated. It's only the crediting from external platforms (Pretix) that's a manual process. Are you fine with that? If yes, then I'd say I'll continue the discussion with them :-)
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<flokli> martyet-o: let me know whether I should continue
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<flokli> martyet-o: I sent opencollective some more questions about whether they could do crediting every 2 weeks, and for a bit more detailled cost breakdown when using pretix
<flokli> could you setup some rt/zammad/otrs on vpsfree infrastructure, so we can start promoting the 2019 website (and the email adress published there)?
<flokli> also spoke to the pretalx guys, hope pricing could get down a bit (don't know how much we should host ourselves)
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<martyet-o> flokli: we need crediting every week at max
<martyet-o> after conference we will have roughly about 1 week to pay this all :)
<martyet-o> there is just one very very big problem with hotel and that is they *require* full payment before the conference
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<martyet-o> and second one is, working on solution, that the biggest and probably most optimal hotel here in Brno (Grandhotel by main train station and main bus station) is going to give us no more than 70 rooms (and we can decide how much of them we want single or double bed - thats for ideal for partners for example)
<martyet-o> so as i see it now, it will be really best solution that visitor will be able to check if they want hotel or not, there will be 70 rooms for those who will be fast enough
<martyet-o> and the rest will be (i really hope so - still getting informations) able to buy another "recommended" hotel by orgs, where they will pay on place in cash/by credit card
<martyet-o> to be honest, not happy of this.. i will try to put the limit at least to 100 rooms.. will see
<martyet-o> about pricing Grandhotel (which is about 10 mins by walk to venue) costs 50 euro per night, Mariott (the second one) costs 80 euro..
<martyet-o> *per night
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<flokli> crediting shouldn't be a problem - tickets should already long be sold before the conference happens
<martyet-o> okay, in that case.. can we somehow put together numbers? like how much of fees will be there, when we do it this way?
<flokli> with all that hotel mess, what about asking hotels to block a specific hotel room count for some weeks for a fixed price (so people coming to nixcon can book using that keyword), but we don't need to worry about expensing all that?
<martyet-o> just to know and also this will have to be included in ticket, so later when we will do some summary on discourse..
<martyet-o> flokli: this is sadly possible most probably in that Mariott, which is hell expensive (80 euros per night)
<flokli> I asked for a detailled cost breakdown. we should do the math before deciding on ticket prices
<martyet-o> yeah, math before pricing tickets is important
<flokli> but we could already set up the mailbox, and ask people to contact us by mail for sponsor tickets
<martyet-o> yeah, to make all of you know - flokli got access to dedicated server for these nixcon things to host
<martyet-o> andi- + zimbatm please send me your public keys, i will add you into this new server :)
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