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<goibhniu1> hi martyet-o, I can send you the templates for the badges by email, they might be handy for experimenting with the laser cutting
* goibhniu1 is cillianderoiste2 on trello
<martyet-o> ooooh, gosh that will be awesomeee!
<goibhniu1> I can send a picture of what the badges look like tomorrow
<martyet-o> pls send me, martin@martinmyska.cz
<martyet-o> these for 3,6 ?
<goibhniu1> cool, I'll send you everything I've got
<martyet-o> okay :) cool
<martyet-o> manveru: it is mainly because of logistic, there will be at least one hotel, but with capacity of 70 rooms (but if you want, you can come with friend or anyone else and be on same room)
<martyet-o> there are also some cheaper hotels, with very small capacity, or not so much perfect quality - and as this conference is mostly paid by companies - we dont want to put everyone on cheap 15 euro colleges. But this decision will be about everyone. Im sure this will most likely fit for everyone
<goibhniu1> hrm, another option for the laser cutting might be to do blank badges in that shape, and stick on the names with a paper sticker. Then you don't need to program the laser cutter to do all the names. You could just provide people with the badges and stickers for them to apply.
<goibhniu1> would still be super cool IMO
<martyet-o> i think lasering most of things will be uber cool
<martyet-o> :-)
<martyet-o> and still doable
<martyet-o> but for rest of late guys, there should be of course printed stickers available
<martyet-o> im just not sure how the hell im gonna to make on that the dragon
<martyet-o> this will be really cool experimenting :-D
<goibhniu1> sorry if that's just giving you more work to do, but it will be awesome if you can pull it off
<martyet-o> noooo, actually this was my idea..
<goibhniu1> fantastic
<martyet-o> so dont blame myself :)
<goibhniu1> hehe
<martyet-o> if nothing goes from this in 1 month at max, i will discard it for this year and make it different way - maybe those badges you sent me
<goibhniu1> perfect
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<martyet-o> good news, guys!
<martyet-o> my friend with nickname "Z" will help us a little with wooden badges
<martyet-o> we will make it in FAB lab, here in Brno
<martyet-o> and right now we did some really not finished draft, but we now know how it looks like.. will send pictures :-)
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