zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2019 is coming! https://2019.nixcon.org/
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<martyet-o> getting lanyards for badges was really hard, but finally made a deal with guy from china for 0.19usd/piece - they will be black and i will order more of them (black color because its universal, so next years we dont have to stay stuck on any colors basically)
<martyet-o> ordering in few days :) have to specify some more parameters (length, width..)
<samueldr> quick question, martyet-o, did I misunderstand something thinking that the dates might change, like be one day sooner?
<samueldr> I may have to book a flight ASAP considering that it looked like the price doubled for one of the possible trips today
<martyet-o> samueldr: yeah, its still on plan to discussion, if there will be not enough money for bigger (open space) room at friday
<martyet-o> but as there could be more like you - who booked flight, i would personally discard this idea..
<samueldr> still haven't booked, but it looks like this is the week to do it :/
<samueldr> (I have booking flights, I always feel like it's a bluffing game, and one that I can't win)
<samueldr> I hate*
<gchristensen> I'm worried other people may have already booked
<andi-> Last time we talked about money we had a larger surplus of money. What is the cost of the open space room?
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<martyet-o> open space at friday is about +800eur in price (total price 1400 eur, at week its 600 eur because non-working day)
<adisbladis> My preliminary budget calculations: http://ix.io/1Oaq
<adisbladis> I just added a fields so my formula indexes was off
<adisbladis> This one is correct http://ix.io/1Oar
<martyet-o> adisbladis: small fix, on friday in case we use open space, we cant book conference too
<martyet-o> because conference room will be used for their members which want to work at friday (how bad day for working friday is.. :-D)
<adisbladis> Ok, for simplicity: http://ix.io/1Oat :P
<FRidh> base conference ticket costs approximately the same as one hotel night?
<adisbladis> FRidh: Ticket prices are not finalised yet. I think it's likely we'll sell at between 50 to 80 euros but that's just my opinion
<FRidh> adisbladis: I understood that. It's just that, if the prices are in that order, then whether it's 50 or 80 euro's will likely not matter that much for the visitors considering the other costs will be much higher
<martyet-o> FRidh: other costs? By these you mean hotel? That is not required. You can book any hotel you want, we just made a deal with one, which is good enough (capacity,quality..)
<martyet-o> if its too expensive, no problem to use airbnb or any different hotel.. we just had to at least cover some hotel for visitors
<martyet-o> mmm
<martyet-o> anyone for call? thinking about i will attendee IRC only, if its fine
<andi-> adisbladis and I are on the hangout
<adisbladis> martyet-o: flokli: zimbatm: snajpa: ^
<zimbatm> link?
<adisbladis> (It's also in the invite)
<martyet-o> Guys sorry, had to reboot
<martyet-o> In few mins..
<andi-> I started writing some notes as we progress: https://hackmd.io/YPBB5vlbRLS6pUPUyXW2qg Feel free to add details
<martyet-o> okay..
<martyet-o> network is my enemy here..
<adisbladis> zimbatm: http://ix.io/1Oat
<martyet-o> Fuuuua
<martyet-o> I have to move to mobile network
<martyet-o> Sorry guys, network here is freaking
<martyet-o> What did you heard, before network killed me?
<martyet-o> zimbatm?
<andi-> martyet-o: we only heard you said the 1400€ difference
<martyet-o> Ah
<martyet-o> Price on weekend is half of that
<martyet-o> For open space
<martyet-o> On Friday it's 1400 eur..
<andi-> martyet-o: ok, but it seems like we would be able to afford that and do not risk people having to change bookings
<martyet-o> Okayt
<martyet-o> If so, I will handle with venue owner to book Friday, fine?
<martyet-o> Only difference is that on Friday we can have only open space
<andi-> martyet-o: hold on, monday you said would also be cheaper? There might be a chance to make that a 2nd hackdays
<martyet-o> And other smaller rooms
<zimbatm> martyet-o: since it's very cheap and we have the money, what do you think of adding monday on top?
<martyet-o> They will use conference room for their purposes
<martyet-o> zimbatm adding Monday on top is not bad idea, just hotel can't fully cover that
<martyet-o> In theory..
<martyet-o> In agreement with them is only these two days
<martyet-o> Monday is fine
<adisbladis> martyet-o: Where did you go?
<martyet-o> They are fine with people booking up to three days before and after action
<zimbatm> martyet-o: can we drop the hotel? last year we didn't have a hotel and it wasn't a problem
<martyet-o> adisbladis network here is not enough fast for call.. :-(
<martyet-o> Hotel is fine
<adisbladis> Try turning off video?
<martyet-o> It's just option for everyone
<martyet-o> I would rather provide at least option for booking
<martyet-o> Really optional
<martyet-o> Sorry for not being on call
<martyet-o> adisbladis are there any other things to discuss?
<goibhniu> should we have a quick chat about the video options? I can join
<andi-> goibhniu: go ahead, i think we can do that
<adisbladis> Ticket price at 50 euros. Anyone against?
<martyet-o> For one day or whole conference?
<adisbladis> Whole conference
<zimbatm> martyet-o: how soon will you be 100% sure that the conference location is booked?
<martyet-o> Booked already.. :)
<martyet-o> Just have to change that open space
<zimbatm> and monday is guaranteed if we want to do it?
<martyet-o> Monday is pretty fine
<martyet-o> It's like week for them
<martyet-o> I can just say
<zimbatm> awesome
<martyet-o> And they will do it. But if more days, then more catering..
<martyet-o> And then bigger price
<martyet-o> :)
<zimbatm> adisbladis is suggesting we announce the tickets on monday then
<zimbatm> sure :)
<martyet-o> I will go for it, just that fucking hotel is slowing down, they will sign at Monday too
<martyet-o> So I would make it Monday out and hotel reservation will be available later, or..?
<martyet-o> We already delayed it once because of hotel..
<martyet-o> No more delays
<martyet-o> And if you think most of visitors will take care of hotel by own..
<martyet-o> But if you want to extend by Monday, I think it's big thing
<martyet-o> What will be on Monday then?
<martyet-o> Maybe we can change program later? Not sure if making hackday on Monday is okay, as many people will go back home at Sunday..
<zimbatm> fuck the hotel :p
<martyet-o> It's 160 people.. I'm little bit scared zimba :D
<zimbatm> monday would be just another hackday
<zimbatm> don't worry, it's 160 nice people :D
<adisbladis> :D
<andi-> (and only 80 on the hackdays)
<zimbatm> how much is the hotel per person per night?
<zimbatm> martyet-o: since the hotel is not part of the ticket price, let's decide that async
<zimbatm> if you get a discount, great. otherwise people can book on their own
<gchristensen> +1
<martyet-o> Well
<zimbatm> we can announce that we *might* get a discount for the hotel, if not then it's not happening and people book on their own
<zimbatm> we can say to people that it's underway and we will keep them posted
<martyet-o> Hotel room is 75 eur per night. It's per room, not per person
<martyet-o> So there can be two on one room
<martyet-o> Okay, I'm fine with announcing that we may get a discount
<martyet-o> We will get, for sure, just not in same day as we open tickets
<martyet-o> Not sure with numbers, but when there will be one more day with catering..
<martyet-o> Can we make it 60 eur?
<martyet-o> Any reactions?
<adisbladis> martyet-o: It doesn't make much of a difference
<adisbladis> We have enough money anyway
<adisbladis> zimbatm: andi-: Ticket sales 18:00 UTC on monday (15/7) ?
<adisbladis> (Just double-checking before I start communicating it)
<martyet-o> Hmm
<martyet-o> So still 50 eur?
<martyet-o> I don't know anything regarding sponsors and their budgets
<martyet-o> Sooooo
<martyet-o> I let decide you :)
<zimbatm> adisbladis: +
<martyet-o> Other things like mugs t-shirts and badges we know.. Expenses
<andi-> adisbladis: +1
<samueldr> Monday would be an additional hackday, from what I can understand, right?
<samueldr> (yet to be confirmed)
<martyet-o> Look so
<martyet-o> Pretty cheap to say not
<adisbladis> zimbatm: Did you configure the stripe webhook?
<andi-> samueldr: yes that was the idea so far.
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<adisbladis> Pretix is now in live mode
<adisbladis> All test orders are deleted
<martyet-o> Nice!
<adisbladis> I tested it by placing the first real order :)
<samueldr> >> 2019-07-15 at 18:00
<martyet-o> :)
<samueldr> is this local to me or time zoned for the server?
<martyet-o> That can be announced at
<adisbladis> UTC
<adisbladis> samueldr: ^
<samueldr> yes, thanks
<adisbladis> samueldr: It's not obvious from the UI. I'll put tz in the announcement
<samueldr> yeah
<andi-> adisbladis: looks good :)
<adisbladis> samueldr: In the admin panels it says it's utc
<adisbladis> flokli: Could you double-check the shirt size question?
<martyet-o> Also..
<martyet-o> That ticket must be divided
<martyet-o> To normal conference and hackdays
<martyet-o> Because of capacity
<adisbladis[m]> It is
<Ox4A6F> Is pretix/pretalx hosted on NixOS?
<andi-> yes
<Ox4A6F> Nice, is the code available somewhere or landing in nixpkgs soonish?
<andi-> Ox4A6F: https://github.com/nixcon/nixcon-vps proably not going upstream so sooooon
<t184256> If somebody told me a year that I would be able to attend NixCon for less than $100 I'd say he's out of his mind.
<gchristensen> what is a "supporter" ticket?
<Ox4A6F> Nice, thanks for sharing.
<andi-> gchristensen: if you have the spar bucks
<andi-> and would like to help beyond just paying your ticket
<gchristensen> help the foundation? help the conference?
<andi-> e.g. helping people attend that wouldn't be able to afford it on their own.. we haven't really announced anything but thought about it a few times
<andi-> no decision about the leftover money has been made. Donating to next year / the foundation sounds very likely
<gchristensen> cool
<gchristensen> I'd be inclined to do it, but do please write somewhere what it means and where the money goes :)
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<adisbladis> ++
<adisbladis> Ox4A6F: If you're interested in using it I could move it to an overlay?
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