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<rogerr> nicolas[m] ok i do see that. but that doesn't explain why extraConfig = ''set shortmess=I''; isn't honored?
<nicolas[m]> What is the content of the `init.vim`?
<rogerr> you mean the vimrc? because init.vim isn't created remember?
<nicolas[m]> it is created
<nicolas[m]> Like I said, the init.vim is passed directly to neovim in the wrapper script
<nicolas[m]> it should be after the `-u` flag when you execute the command I gave previously
<rogerr> with -u?
<rogerr> ya that's a vimrc
<rogerr> -u /nix/store/asdfasdfasdfasd-vimrc
<nicolas[m]> and what is the content of that file?
<rogerr> sec
<rogerr> ok it's:
<nicolas[m]> oh your command with nix-store is much better
<rogerr> set nocompatible \n set packpath=... \n set runtimepath=... \n filetype indent plugin on | syn on \n set shortmess=I
<nicolas[m]> Looks like it contains the line
<nicolas[m]> At this point though I can't provide anymore help, someone else will have to chime in
<rogerr> ok i found something crazy
<rogerr> if i run nvim, it starts without the intro, but if i start vi it does! i have the vi and vim aliases enabled in the systemwide neovim configuration.nix fwiw
<rogerr> what's the F??
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<nicolas[m]> there was an issue with the vi/vim aliases not working
<nicolas[m]> I think it was resolved in nixpkgs
<rogerr> so do i update or?
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<rogerr> there's 2 places to enable the symlink, in home manager programs.neovim.viAlias and also in the neovim package. im searching for it but don't see it in but my config has it so i know it exists (?)
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<superherointj> rycee, is it possible to use home-manager for root?
<piegames1> superherointj: Define "for root". For the root user or system wide?
<superherointj> root user.
<superherointj> Specifically root user, not system wide.
<superherointj> For example, I want to set '$PS1' for root (which is different than other users), or configure .vimrc in a specific way for root.
<piegames1> superherointj: The only thing that may hinder you from doing this is your Nix installation itself. Does it handle multi-users well?
<piegames1> When using Nix as root in a single-user install things can go horribly wrong.
<superherointj> How do I know which sort of situation I am in? I mean, to me it seems a 'standard' Linux. I have created a single user for now. But I am not sure I understand what you are talking about.
<superherointj> Why wouldn't it handle multi-users?
<superherointj> Did I get to choose this at some point?
<superherointj> btw, thanks for answering. I've been struggling with this problem for a while now.
<piegames1> superherointj: Yes, you did. There is the "single user install" and a "multi user install". I think there is a fancy command that tells you but I don't know it.
<piegames1> In a single-user install, the Nix store usually is created with user:users permissions. Running things as root will then create files with root permissions and everything will explode (at least it did for me)
<piegames1> In a multi-user install, I think there is some background service that all tools delegate to that runs the commands as a special nix user
<superherointj> '/nix/store' seems to be owned by root.
<piegames1> Do you run all your home-manager commands with sudo?
<superherointj> I have included home-manager in /etc/nixos/configuration.nix
<superherointj> so yes, `sudo nixos-rebuild switch`
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<Jezhehim[m]> Has anyone got org-protocol set up in nixos with firefox and emacs?
<Jezhehim[m]> I've set it up the same way as I've had it in other distros before but firefox doesn't seem to call emacsclient
<Jezhehim[m]> Doing it manually in the terminal by calling `xdg-open` with an appropriately formatted URL works so I'm wondering if nix's firefox doesn't see the `org-protocol.desktop` file I have set up
<Jezhehim[m]> Oh wow, well I thought I'd already tried setting `` to `false` in `about:config` but I did it and it finally prompted me for the scheme handler so it seems fixed now...
<Jezhehim[m]> I should probably get that in my home-manager config so it gets set up for me in future!
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<maxsc> Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right channel to ask: I'm using nix-darwin as a flake and want to make the system config available in home manager modules, but I can't figure out a way to do so. I created a short example flake where I try to set the hostname from a hm module:
<maxsc> Can somebody tell me what is wrong with this code?
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