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<nerdypepper> hiya, which option sets the base maildir path? i read about the base maildir path in this option: accounts.<name>.maildir.path
<nerdypepper> link to the same:
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<pumpy> why home manager tell me 20.09 for home.stateVersion not of accepted type?
<pumpy> i an running nixos 20.09
<cole-h> It needs to be a string.
<cole-h> `home.stateVersion = "20.09";`
<pumpy> ya it is
<pumpy> it says valid values are 18.09 19.03 19.09 20.03
<cole-h> You need to update your home-manager to 20.09, then.
<pumpy> but this is fresh 20.09 install why it not get right version?
<cole-h> Because NixOS != home-manager
<pumpy> so 20.09 systemPackages for home-manager gets 20.03 version of home-manager by default?
<cole-h> No
<cole-h> Your home-manager channel is out of date
<cole-h> Oh wait
<cole-h> Yes, I don't think home-manager was updated in Nixpkgs yet.
<pumpy> heh
<pumpy> man that suck
<pumpy> rycee pls dont abandon home manager i just started using nixos and it
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<piegames1> pumpy: ?
<Dandellion> don't use home-manager from nixpkgs pumpy
<pumpy> why not?
<pumpy> Dandellion
<Dandellion> it doesn't as fast I assume
<Dandellion> update*
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<pumpy> why i get error pls?
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<Dandellion> [pumpy]( wrong channel
<Dandellion> Follow the installation instructions on the GitHub repo
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