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<naon> michaelpj: where would you put the xmonad test/how woud you call it? since it's essentially testing the mapping to nixpkgs maybe /test/cabal-mapping? or something like /test/(smoke|external)/cabal/xmonad?
<michaelpj> naon: I'd just test that it builds
<michaelpj> e.g. we have something like that for `hello` in `ci.nix`
<michaelpj> thinking about it, it maybe doesn't even need its own file or anything
<michaelpj> maybe we should have a list of "smoke test" packages we try and build...
<michaelpj> I'd just put it next to `hello` in `ci.nix` for now, and we can think about having a list later
<naon> michaelpj: alrigh thanks, means it's sufficient if i add it to ci.nix? what about e.g.
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<michaelpj> naon: I think it's fine. I think we should just have a class of tests that are simple builds of selected haskell packages, but we don't have that systematically at the moment, so just put it there and it will motivate me to tidy it up :P
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<naon> michaelpj: alright, i'll add it there with #988 once i get feedback whether the interface changes are fine
<michaelpj> sgtm!
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<naon> michaelpj: which code formatter does this project use? (it's not nixpkgs-fmt)
<naon> didn't mean to tag, sorry!
<michaelpj> none, I don't think
<naon> thanks
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