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<ngomes> hi ! is this a room for zx spectrum ?
<ngomes> no
<ngomes> sorry
<qyliss> ngomes: the zx spectrum is not a free software project, so generally wouldn't have a channel starting with a single # on Freenode
<qyliss> (as I understand it)
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<pie_> to be fair, how often does anyone actually check?
<Shell> never, lol
<qyliss> I think it really just comes up if there's a conflict
<qyliss> Like, somebody could make #spectrum-zx or something if they wanted and nobody would care
<qyliss> But that is actually my namespace, assigned by Freenode, and I could have the channel reassigned if I wanted to
<qyliss> (As I understand it)
<aranea> brb starting an open source project whose name is the empty string.
<FireFly> technically I think that'd only grant you # and anything starting with #- (not that we'd grant you # anyway :p)
<qyliss> Is # even possible?
<FireFly> I don't know
<FireFly> I think it would be, maybe
<qyliss> I can try to /join it but I get bumped over to ##unavailable
<FireFly> *nod*
<FireFly> so, it's valid as far as IRC and the ircd is concerned, but not really valid as far as freenode (in terms of policies etc) is concerned :p
<pie_> what about #&nbsp;
<FireFly> good question, I don't think that's valid
<FireFly> but it might've been in the past :p
<FireFly> the previous ircd before seven had more lax channel naming rules, so I actually have chanserv access in a channel that can't be joined anymore..
<qyliss> FireFly: do you have to go through all the channels and tell the owners of the ones that will become invalid when making a change like that?
<pie_> its more fun to let them panic
<FireFly> qyliss: I mean I wouldn't know, but I don't think so
<FireFly> (I don't think it's very common to have channel names like #<$+ anyway :p)
<qyliss> There's #!/bin/mksh
<qyliss> that's the weirdest one I know of
<FireFly> heh
<FireFly> that's a bit cute
<qyliss> ikr
<pie_> hehh :D
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