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<ehmry> I don' think a blockchain is necissary. if I am building and publishing software, then I should get as many third parties to sign my timestamped artifacts as soon as possible, and host the signatures myself
<ehmry> in the case of signing stuff there isn't a problem of forking network state
<ehmry> if half the notary network signs one artifact, and the other half signs a different one at the same time, thats not really a problem
<ehmry> ok, it could be considered a problem, but that a matter if you want a public log of build artifacts or just proof that a build occured at some point in the past
<ehmry> the are papers worth reading on this stuff but I can't find them right now
<ehmry> there is "the update framefork", which I haven't looked at thoroughly, but has a good list of package manager attacks https://theupdateframework.github.io/
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<tazjin> jpo: we met on the boat
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