qyliss changed the topic of #spectrum to: A compartmentalized operating system | https://spectrum-os.org/ | Logs: https://logs.spectrum-os.org/spectrum/
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<qyliss> MAILING LISTS ARE GO: https://spectrum-os.org/lists/postorius/
<qyliss> URLs will probably move around a bit, and I want better archiving than hyperkitty, but the mailing lists themselves should be good now
<qyliss> I will also be disabling Gravatar on hyperkitty for privacy, but have not got round to it yet.
<ehmry> FYI, posteo complains that spectrum-os.org does not support TLS transport between it and posteo
<qyliss> err, okay
<qyliss> that's... odd
<qyliss> Oh fuck I forgot to open the port didn't I
<qyliss> ehmry: could you try sending me mail at postmaster@spectrum-os.org and see if it's happier now?
<ehmry> qyliss: still complains
<ehmry> posteo has the option to refuse to send mail over TLS, and occasionally this happens
<qyliss> hmmmmm
<qyliss> I would like it to support TLS
<lejonet> worst case scenario, put stunnel infront of it?
<qyliss> Then I don't get STARTTLS
<lejonet> True
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<ddima> protonmail also says DMARC failed: Authentication-Results: mail12i.protonmail.ch; dmarc=fail (p=none dis=none)
<ddima> header.from=spectrum-os.org
<qyliss> ehmry: okay, I've actually tested it this time, and I think it's working. Could you try one more time.
<qyliss> ddima: that's expected
<ddima> alright
<ehmry> qyliss: yep, works now
<qyliss> nice :)
<hyperfekt> welcome message references a password i will need for changes to my subscription despite never having set one?
<qyliss> hyperfekt: yeah I think you just "Forgot my password" if you ever need to in that case
<Shell> hyperfekt: I believe you create an account on the web interface if you want to make changes aside from unsubscribing, it's poorly worded.
<Shell> qyliss: you can change that wording in the subscription email template some time if you want, and include a link to Postorius.
<qyliss> https://gitlab.com/mailman/mailman if anybody fancies sending a patch to improve the default wording