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<IdleBot_bf4161f7> Yeah, if we want safety, we should not use any part of the C protocol implementation code that we can avoid (we cannot do much about Linux kernel, of course)
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<pie__> so are we just at some point going to yell "spectrum meetup" in the hall and sww who comes running? :P
<lejonet> s/yell/hack the PA system and announce/? ;)
<qyliss> I have no idea
<qyliss> we'll figure something out
<qyliss> if I was actually organised I'd have a speaking slot
<qyliss> but I didn't apply ;_;
<qyliss> IdleBot_bf4161f7: I've been going through all your feedback -- do you want to be CCed on patches? (And if so what email?)
<IdleBot_bf4161f7> qyliss: re: patches — yes, if it is email, I would like to use my Nix-oriented 7c6f434c@mail.ru address
<qyliss> Cool
<qyliss> I’m just fixing up the issue you identified with the list archives, and adding all the lists, and then I’m going to start posting patches to devel@
<IdleBot_bf4161f7> Technically speaking I hope to be subscribed to the mailing list, but I will believe it when I get multiple emails via the list
<qyliss> Cc-ing will let you filter better and stuff, in principle
<qyliss> Mailing list seems to work :3
<qyliss> Big relief
<qyliss> Especially that archiving works from the start
<qyliss> Was worried about messages getting lost.
<qyliss> In all the excitement I did manage to spell jpo_'s name wrong :x
<qyliss> Pushed some minor website fixes: https://spectrum-os.org/git/www/
<IdleBot_bf4161f7> Interesting approach to welcome messages (yes, the patch email did also arrive via list)
<qyliss> Sorry, not sure I understand
<IdleBot_bf4161f7> List archives do carry the welcome message (that I expected to be un-archived implementation detail of subscription process)
<qyliss> Oh, right.
<qyliss> That was an accident, but I decided it wasn't doing any harm.
<qyliss> (Since Mailman 3 doesn't send the password in plain text anymore, finally)
<IdleBot_bf4161f7> Hmmm. I wonder what is the proper way to quote patches in email discussion…
<IdleBot_bf4161f7> Should I quote the - and the + part in sync?
<IdleBot_bf4161f7> And how much context to leave…
<qyliss> It really doesn't matter
<qyliss> Enough context that it makes sense without having to go refer to a previous message
<qyliss> But you don't have to try to move bits of patch around -- you're quoting for humans