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<jpo> ehmry: what do you mean by routing across domains? (context)
<ehmry> qyliss: if a bunch of toolchain patches appear for every odd OS and CPU arch its going to be maintanence hell
<ehmry> I can already imagine the drama when there are a dozen RISC-V variants to configure
<ehmry> jpo: routing services between system services and VMs
<ehmry> jpo: I saw a talk on formal methods at amazon and it was mentioned that they use this for expressing and validating security policies, but there were no details
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<qyliss> ehmry: how likely is it though that a dozen different RISC-V variants are going to need different configure options, etc for lots of packages though?
<pie_> i suppose ehmry has some personal experience with this given genode?
<qyliss> that's why I'm asking!
<pie_> btw was this the talk? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lPR0d2uijo
<pie_> (i just googled it)
<ehmry> qyliss: I don't actually know, genode was only tested against softcores
<ehmry> its offtopic anyway
<qyliss> fair
<qyliss> Let me post some on topic stuff then!
<ehmry> yes please :)
<qyliss> I am still setting up a mailing list. It is taking this long mostly because it is a learning exercise for me. I could have gone with lists.sr.ht, etc, but independence is nice and also I just really wanted to learn how to run a mail serv.r
<qyliss> jpo kindly reviewed my post-Camp blog post and sent some clarifications and corrections, so I'll be updating that.
<qyliss> Having been annoyed by DNS-over-TLS/HTTPS discourse making a comeback, I am right now composing a blog post containing an idea for how we might provide nice DNS privacy in Spectrum
<qyliss> (I would like to explore routing DNS over TCP over Tor, even for otherwise clearnet domains)
<qyliss> I also need to write some emails to NLnet / NGI.
<qyliss> Pretty soon this month of initial setup should be over and I should be able to get started properly on actually working on, y'know, making an operating system.
<qyliss> The aforementioned DNS post: https://alyssa.is/proposing-dns-over-tcp-over-tor/
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