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<hexa[m]> I don't suppose anyone here has admin permissions to the room, so a tombstone redirect could be set?
<hexa[m]> Either way, by request of @hmenke there is now which is part of the and not bridged with freenode anymore
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<danielrf[m]> hexa: Hi. What would I need to do to set up the tombstone redirect?
<hexa[m]> you'd need to send a state event via devtools
<hexa[m]> with an empty (zero-length) State key
<hexa[m]> but I'm not sure if mod permissions are sufficient for that to be possible
<danielrf[m]> hmm, from reading it's not clear that I can get admin permissions.
<danielrf[m]> I only ever joined this channel from matrix as a "portal room"
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<hexa[m]> yup, probably best to talk to the people, they run the bridge
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