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<henri> danielrf[m]: I'm glad that my PRs are helpful.
<samueldr> so yeah, at a casual glance, it looks like the lineageos system service for updates is quite different
<samueldr> https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/robotnix <- if you want to add it to the topic
<samueldr> (you probably should, so it's obvious this channel is logged)
<danielrf[m]> Will do
<samueldr> I wonder if forcing the "system update engine" from android_system_update_engine back to the AOSP one in a LineageOS build would be enough
<henri> Well, so far the evidence for it not working is mostly anecdotal.
<henri> I literally tried installing the OTA once and then gave up.
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<henri> danielrf[m]: btw, https://github.com/NixOS/nix/issues/4256 is a bit too reproducible for me. I still haven't managed to build the flake.
<danielrf[m]> Even repeatedly trying doesn't make any progress?
<henri> I've tried four or five times but it always fails on a different derivation. Probably I haven't tried often enough.
<danielrf[m]> yep, I'm fairly sure if you just keep trying it eventually works :)
<danielrf[m]> great user experience, I know :D
<henri> Or someone could just fix Nix :)
<danielrf[m]> I think I only started experiencing the issue after updating the flake.lock, which updated the nixpkgs--so everything had to be rebuilt
<danielrf[m]> Earlier, I had a bunch of derivations previously built using `nix-build` that it was using
<henri> Since it was so reproducible I built Nix with debug symbols yesterday and obtained a nice stack trace.
<colemickens> If it's just an issue with `nix build` you could use flakes-compat to build the derivation with `nix-build` first.
<colemickens> (not 100% up on the context, but just throwing that out there)
<henri> colemickens: robotnix implements its own flake-compat (sort of)
<colemickens> aha nice, I see, thanks for the pointer
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