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<danielrf[m]> ajs124: I'm not currently running any hydra instance for robotnix, but I intend to look into that soon
<danielrf[m]> I had a couple concerns about running a hydra instance for a project like robotnix, and I kinda put it on the backburner for a bit hoping that I would have some good ideas.
<danielrf[m]> e.g. my main build machine is a workstation that isn't always on / publicly accessible. So it'd be nice if it could just be used to publish a static page elsewhere showing what builds had failed/succeded
<jack[m]> <danielrf[m] "Also pushed grapheneos-2021.05.1"> Works on redfin!
<danielrf[m]> Some recent work on supporting both recent branches of LineageOS (17.1 and 18.1) simultaneously:
<danielrf[m]> I kindof hate a lot of the updater scripts I've written :) But every time I work on them for some new feature I always tell myself I should refactor a bunch and add tests
<danielrf[m]> when my frustration with them exceeds some threshold I'm sure it would happen, haha
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<ajs124> danielrf[m] I was asking, because we recently moved our hydra to much faster hardware and I might want to set that up.
<ajs124> it's still not that fast, but at least it's a bunch of nvme storage and a ryzen 9 now
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