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<Kranzes> Hello!
<Kranzes> I have just finished building LineageOS 18.1 for my device using this fork of lineageOS
<Kranzes> the build went successfully, i have signed it
<Kranzes> but it does not boot
<Kranzes> i can send the logfile
<Kranzes> it ends with "reboot: Restarting system with command 'boringssl-self-check-failed'"
<samueldr> not that it helps
<samueldr> but this is (maybe the wrong android version) where it reboots with that flag
<Kranzes> yeah that does not help me
<Kranzes> lol
<samueldr> still not helpful, but that's at the very least the cause
<Kranzes> hmmm
<Kranzes> i mean ive built this rom before without robotnix
<Kranzes> the standard way
<Kranzes> and it booted fine
<samueldr> this seems to imply it should be part of the vendor image?
<samueldr> really not sure though
<Kranzes> well i have only flashed the ota-update zip
<Kranzes> do i need to flash other stuff?
<samueldr> good question, in theory probably not
<Kranzes> im not sure how robotnix handles it
<Kranzes> i have always just used the ota image
<Kranzes> for everything
<Kranzes> from robotnix or not
<samueldr> though maybe this fork breaks some assumption?
<Kranzes> hmm i am not sure
<samueldr> did you factory wipe?
<Kranzes> i wiped/formated data partition
<Kranzes> which is what i do with every other rom
<Kranzes> and they always work
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> just the basic "no real clue" checklist, sorry :)
<samueldr> you seem to have your act together with custom ROMs though
<Kranzes> but this commit is from the official LineageOS source too
<Kranzes> the one i sent
<samueldr> yep
<samueldr> that's what I was sending :)
<Kranzes> i am really lost here then
<Kranzes> because like, it worked without robotnix
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<danielrf[m]> Kranzes: If you see this later, I'd be interested in your device name, robotnix configuration, and any modifications you made to use the ForkLineageOS repos
<danielrf[m]> If we're getting some weird interaction of improperly using different source repos then I could help with that. If it's something specific to your device/ForkLineageOS then I'll be of less help