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<danielrf[m]> Pushed `vanilla-2021.05.04.03` tag. Tested working on sunfish.
<danielrf[m]> Also now pushed `grapheneos-2021.05.04.07`. Based on upstream `2021.05.04.01`. Tested working on crosshatch
<danielrf[m]> All kernels / browsers should be pushed to cachix as well
<jack[m]> Tested and working on redfin.
<danielrf[m]> Thanks for testing!
<danielrf[m]> Somehow just now became aware of this:
<danielrf[m]> Sure beats grepping through a checked out AOSP repo
<samueldr> those were things I had trouble to find using google!
<danielrf[m]> nice!
<samueldr> nice find!
<samueldr> (finding the fastboot in userspace parts of Android is my benchmark of hard to find inche info)
<samueldr> every results about fastboot assumes you want to use fastboot as the "client" :)