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<Kranzes> Hey i was wondering how i can use proton-clang for my kernel build?
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<jack[m]> <danielrf[m] "Just pushed grapheneos-2021.04.1"> Built and tested OTA `redfin` (the updater started before the upload finished! Next time, I'll upload somewhere else and `mv` the files over..).
<danielrf[m]> jack: Thanks for testing. I just added a note to the docs about your issue
<danielrf[m]> I use a symlink into `/nix/store` to expose the `otaDir` to nginx for that reason
<danielrf[m]> Kranzes: (If you see this later) It would require modifications to `modules/kernel.nix`
<danielrf[m]> If you're lucky, then just changing this line to refer to a checkout of proton-clang:
<danielrf[m]> But it wouldn't surprise me if it ended up being more involved than that
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<Kranzes> danielrf[m] i just saw you message about using proton-clang, that requires me to use the kernel module which i dont quite understand how to use, so i just used source.dirs."kernel/xiaomi/sm6250"
<Kranzes> im trying to build with this kernel, if that matters
<Kranzes> i want to use lld and proton-clang
<Kranzes> just not sure how to go about doing that
<Kranzes> some docs on the kernel module would be nice!
<Kranzes> or examples
<danielrf[m]> The kernel module isn't currently very extensible. It just implements what I needed for vanilla and grapheneOS
<danielrf[m]> With a couple places to easily apply patches, etc.
<danielrf[m]> But it would be nice if we could make it more generic to support other uses like yours
<Kranzes> hm
<Kranzes> then what would be the best way for me to use proton-clang when building LineageOS
<danielrf[m]> I don't know. You'd have to research or ask someone more familiar with it
<danielrf[m]> If you figure out how to do it with a regular non-robotnix build of LineageOS, then I could help translate that into nix expressions for robotnix.
<Kranzes> yeah i do know how to use it with non robotnix
<danielrf[m]> But I don't know enough about the internal kernel builds in LineageOS to know how to swap out clang
<Kranzes> take a look at this
<Kranzes> thats what most people do
<Kranzes> (not my maifests file btw)
<Kranzes> just an example
<Kranzes> i tried just using source.dirs."prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86/clang-proton"
<Kranzes> but i got permission denied
<danielrf[m]> Can you give the full error message?
<Kranzes> imma try that give me a sec
<danielrf[m]> So the manifest would add prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86/clang-proton to the build, but I wonder how it should know to use that clang instead of any of the other prebuilt clangs under `linux-x86`
<Kranzes> yeah there is also that
<Kranzes> but since im using a custom kernel, it might automatically know to use that
<Kranzes> since that kernel requires proton-clang i think
<danielrf[m]> Ah, perhaps.
<danielrf[m]> Makes sense
<Kranzes> mkdir: cannot create directory 'prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86/clang-proton': Permission denied
<Kranzes> when running nix-build --arg configuration ./devices/miatoll.nix -A ota
<danielrf[m]> Hm, so that's because 'prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86` is another repo that is already bind-mounted read only
<Kranzes> sounds about right
<danielrf[m]> This is the first time it'd be convenient to bind mount a repo inside another one..
<danielrf[m]> I'll have to think of the best way to do that
<Kranzes> (y)
<danielrf[m]> in the meantime as a workaround, you could use `source.dirs."prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86".postPatch` to copy the contents from `clang-proton` into the containing directory
<Kranzes> so i only need to fill in there the github fetch information and enable the module?
<danielrf[m]> Yeah, I believe that should work. No need to enable any module though
<danielrf[m]> This is doing a kernel build inside the android build, so not using `kernel.enable` at all
<Kranzes> no i mean have source.dirs."prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86".enable = true
<danielrf[m]> Shouldn't be necessary, it's already enabled by setting `flavor = "lineageos";`
<Kranzes> right
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<Kranzes> danielrf[m] im currently running the build with the proton clang patch, the build still hasnt reached a point where it usually fails, but i am looking at the process with htop and it seems like its using clang-r383902b1 rather than clang-proton
<danielrf[m]> and it's building kernel-related stuff, not just android stuff?
<Kranzes> oh that i am not sure lol
<Kranzes> i will let it run for now, will update you if it works or not
<Kranzes> well the build failed at the same spot but i dont think it was related to proton-clang in the first place
<Kranzes> make[1]: clang: No such file or directory
<danielrf[m]> any more context about where in the build that failure might have occured?
<Kranzes> yeah sorry the freenode webchat buged
<Kranzes> it isnt send my msgs, or showing them at least
<Kranzes> give me a sec
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<Kranzes> "/build/kernel/xiaomi/sm6250/scripts/ line 26: clang: command not found"
<Kranzes> "/build/kernel/xiaomi/sm6250/scripts/ line 27: clang: command not found"
<Kranzes> these  lines
<Kranzes> i am using hmenke's lineageOS 18.1 robotnix if that matters
<Kranzes> not the latest commit of it because it doesnt work
<Kranzes> the first ones that did work
<Kranzes> im not sure if that would matter
<Kranzes> i did manage to compile a kernel before on 17.1 which had that exact script too
<danielrf[m]> I think the next thing to look into would be how the `clang-proton` you're using is supposed to end up in `PATH`
<Kranzes> i mean i dont think that this error is even related to proton...
<danielrf[m]> There's `/` in that kernel source tree, but it really looks like an ad-hoc build script, and not supposed to be part of the android build process
<Kranzes> yeah, which does name proton
<danielrf[m]> Were you ever able to get this building outside robotnix?
<Kranzes> i have not tried no
<danielrf[m]> Like, if the problem is robotnix-specific then I can help out
<Kranzes> yeah i get that
<danielrf[m]> But if it's just a general problem with the kernel dirs / hooking up with proton-clang then I"m not as much help
<Kranzes> yeah it might also just be this kernel specifically or something, i will try other stuff, i will tell you again if need help with something related to this with robotnix or whatever, Thanks anyway!
<danielrf[m]> Sure thing, good luck on your project!
<Kranzes> seems like every kernel i ever built with robotnix, successfully, also had that script so i will see what is up with this
<danielrf[m]> Oh yeah, if you can reproduce that issue with an officially supported device then we'd interested to know
<Kranzes> i was able to build LineageOS 17.1 for my sm6250 device which isnt officially supported, the kernel that was used in that build also had that script
<Kranzes> so it could possibly be something or with the ArrowOS kernel, or with LineageOS 18.1
<Kranzes> Ok im almost 100% sure its not related to proton-clang, since i just tried building a kernel which does not require or mention proton-clang even once and it failed at the same spot
<Kranzes> it might also just not be related to the kernel at all
<Kranzes> you can take a look if you want
<samueldr> Cannot use CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR_STRONG: -fstack-protector-strong not supported by compiler
<samueldr> make[1]: *** [/build/kernel/xiaomi/sm6250/Makefile:1307: prepare-compiler-check] Error 1
<samueldr> sure looks like it's related to the kernel build
<samueldr> I would then assume `make[1]: clang: No such file or directory
<samueldr> are calls to `clang` to try and detect the feature
<samueldr> (I have no idea what to do with that knowledge)
<Kranzes> got the same error on this too
<Kranzes> i am trying a different one now
<Kranzes> i will let it run over night, i am going to sleep now