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<samueldr> LineageOS 18.1 being released
<samueldr> >> The Calyx institute’s FOSS Seedvault application has been included as a built-in backup solution.
<danielrf[m]> Ah, nice. thanks for the heads-up!
<samueldr> I guess that means the options for seedvaults could conflict with LineageOS builds starting with 18.1?
<danielrf[m]> Indeed. A couple options: 1) warn the user if they're using lineageos + `apps.seedvault.enable=true;`
<danielrf[m]> 2) If using lineage + `apps.seedvault.enable=true;`, do nothing and rely on upstream LineageOS
<danielrf[m]> 3) If using lineage + `apps.seedvault.enable=true;`, strip out upstream's seedvault and use our own configs
<danielrf[m]> Currently thinking of doing 2.
<danielrf[m]> AFAIK they are using a prebuilt seedvault in LineageOS, but compiling from source
<danielrf[m]> *aren't
<samueldr> I don't like options "not doing what they say they do", unless "apps.*.enable" is "ensure any app being * is present"
<samueldr> would be interesting to see apps.*.force to force enable, and *somehow* break otherwise
<samueldr> BUT, I don't know if what I'm saying is even possible to know
<samueldr> at eval time I guess it's hard, could be impossible?
<samueldr> I'm not even sure you can break the build at build time with that
<danielrf[m]> That was my initial intention: "apps.*.enable" means ensure that app is present. But not a guarantee of how exactly it got there
<danielrf[m]> But then the question is does setting `apps.*.enable = false` mean that seedvault would be actively _removed_?
<samueldr> ooh
<samueldr> so in any case it doesn't help, you have the same issue in reverse!
<danielrf[m]> That is the case for some things that I currently do, where I strip out the upstream package and use a nix-built version of it instead
<danielrf[m]> e.g. webview in lineageos. Setting webview.chromium.enable = false; would remove chromium as a webview provider
<danielrf[m]> But it's a pain to strip out upstream stuff and replace them with robotnix-built versions, and ensuring we're not breaking anything and keeping any customizations they did upstream
<samueldr> (and all of the document)
<samueldr> I guess I'll writes something similar for Mobile NixOS
<danielrf[m]> good idea!
<lassulus> ups
<lassulus> sorry