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<samueldr> this is where it's already too late; jumpding down to EL1 means aboot couldn't be able to manage kvm; AFAIUI
<samueldr> you can't go back up into ARM exception levels, unless something running there gives you an API for it
<jack[m]> <samueldr "you can't go back up into ARM ex"> I don't even think that is possible in ARMV8.
<samueldr> well, you don't actually go back up, but you could make calls to something running in that EL
<samueldr> (might be wrong, it's still all fuzzy to me)
<samueldr> mainly because I haven't _had_ to deal with them yet
<samueldr> e.g. here an app at EL0 can talk to the OS, at EL1, which can do well... things depending on what the app asks for!
<samueldr> similarly, the OS could be asking for things to the hypervisor
<jack[m]> <samueldr "(might be wrong, it's still all "> Naw, that sounds right. I haven't work on any ARMv8 mask ROMs (but I did a couple of ARMv7 ones).
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