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<matthewcroughan> danielrf[m]: Do you think there's a way I could build my LineageOS system with kvm?
<matthewcroughan> Would be so bloody cool D
<matthewcroughan> ;D
<samueldr> not on qualcomm
<samueldr> the issue is that they disable the (standard ARM) stuff that allows KVM to work at a level that requires an exploit in early boot to avoid
<samueldr> (might be changing in fresh new hardware, when android will require it for some features soon)
<samueldr> (but don't _expect_ any existing devices to have the feature enabled)
<samueldr> [citation needed] for both
<samueldr> (I don't have any on hand)
<ajs124> what android features could possibly require kvm? o.O
<danielrf[m]> ajs124:
<danielrf[m]> security/isolation stuff I believe
<matthewcroughan> samueldr: even if we have access to the kernel sources?
<samueldr> it happens way before the device even thinks about booting an android
<samueldr> by the time the bootloader that understands about android is started, it's already too late
<samueldr> and even _that_ bootloader cannot be replaced with an unsigned one
<samueldr> and yeah, security/isolation things... IIRC about running an android on android?
<matthewcroughan> so there's a bootloader prior to the bootloader I have?
<samueldr> not really a bootloader, just "the firmware(s)"
<matthewcroughan> darnit ;D
<samueldr> e.g. what on your computer would be "the BIOS"
<matthewcroughan> thanks so much for that explanation
<samueldr> and sadly not something that can be changed
<samueldr> semi-related pair of articles